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Greetings Readers!

A Very Happy New Year To You All!

An image of the numbers 2014 in fireworks
An image of the numbers 2014 in fireworks

2014, a brand new year, full of great fashion sales, new years resolutions and brand new hopes for the future.

So, to kick off the New Year in true fashioneyesta style, today I bring you a brand new review on one of the most popular and talked about products on the current beauty market.

SteamCream is a revolutionary new product, a 3 in 1 moisturiser in which you can use on the face, body and hands. Winner of the Beauty Insider Choice Award, this product has taken the UK by storm and can now be seen on many leading online websites and stores. This natural, organic, fair trade, vegan friendly, cruelty free product is handmade with natural products such as Lavender Essential Oil, Orange Flower Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Rose Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute and Organic Jojoba oil.

For more details on the ingredients and they’re therapeutic properties click here.

The product is designed using the unique STEAM process, creating a lightweight product that absorbs into the skin. Unlike other creams that are made of molecules that are bonded together in a emulation process which only gives the appearance of healthy skin.

SteamCream is unique because it’s naturally beneficial products combined with it’s multitasking properties makes this products one of the most popular beauty products. 

Whether you are a 91 year old gentlemen or a 9 year old girl, SteamCream is a product that can be used on all skin types, it is gentle on the skin and the product is designed to work on different skin conditions.


The product is neatly held in a tin, but not just any conventional tin. The SteamCream comes with another added bonus, the packaging for SteamCream comes in a wise range of designs to suit different seasons, trends and styles. SteamCream has also collaborated with others to create aesthetically pleasing designs such as UK fashion designers Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker.


The designs range from prints inspired by nature, animals, Japanese Anime, Seasonal themes, shoes and handbags designs, patterns and many more. SteamCream is versatile in the sense that  it comes in designs that will suit a range of people. They would make excellent birthday gifts that any individual would be proud to own.

I currently own a tin in which it is decorated with an Autumn Harvest Pattern featuring a pattern full of ripe Autumn crops in colours of burnt orange, red, oxblood purple, deep green and gold.


Accessibility 5/5

The product is extremely easy to distinguish amongst other products, the texture of the packaging, combined with the embossed letters spelling out SteamCream in which you can feel makes this products one of the most accessible products I have come across.

The product also has a distinctive scent, the lavender sent in which is highly distinguishable again makes this product accessible.

Ease of Application 5/5 

The packaging is easy to open and when applied, distributes evenly on the skin leaving no oily or sticky deposit. The product has a pleasant consistency that does not drip or stick to surfaces.

Value for Money 5/5 

Excellent value for money! The product is on sale in many leading retailers and online store that offer discounts, promotions and offers such as Hair HQ, ASOS, Feel Unique, Active Beauty and many more. 

The product is on sale in the region of £12 and has real longevity. The fact that you can use the product for the skin, the face and the hands makes this the essential Winter product and the prefect travel sized product. Whether you are going on holiday, to the gym or on a long trip, this product would make a prefect accompaniment to your make up bag.

Overall Quality 5/5 

I was completely amazed by the quality of this product and it’s effectiveness. I used some of the product on my face where I had extremely dry, damaged skin in a patch that simply would not relent, despite the multitude of lotions and potions I applied to the skin. However, I resolved to apply a small amount of SteamCream on my face and left it to work overnight. On the morning after to my delight I fond that my dry irritated skin ha disappeared!

SteamCream is an excellent product and one that will be a permanent fixture to my skincare collection!

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