Eastern Fashion: To Celebrate Chinese New Year


Greetings Readers!

Today is a very special day for many people across the world, today is Friday 31st January and this marks the Chinese New Year!

oriental fash

So I extend my warmest wishes to all of my Eastern readers today and I hope that this year brings you prosperity, happiness and health.

In celebration of this decedant, colourful and very special occasion I thought I would share with you all my top picks to celebrate the Chinese New Year weekend in style!

fashion oriental

But of course if you, like me, are already a fully paid up member of the ‘I Love Oriental Fashion’ club then I am sure you will take pleasure in wearing these treasures all year around!

Last year Oriental fashion was on the rise in the industry of fashion, below is a video of the Eastern Promise fashion show at London Fashion Weekend 2013.

And another video covering Oriental fashion with yours truly!

chineas zodiac

i, being the sign of the dog in the Chinese Zodiac am allegedly renown for being artistic, intelligent, loyal, warm hearted, rather straightforward and stubborn in the right context, and know how to keep a secret!

If you wish to find out what your zodiac sign is click here to find out.

You can also find out what your full name would be in Chinese by clicking here.

Mine would be Tang En Ming and the context is intelligence and wisdom.

Now, let us move on to even more exciting matters concerning Chinease New Year, that is, fashion!

When one thinks of this occasion I am sure to many the words colour, light, beauty, decedance, theatrics and nature would spring into the minds of many.

When thinking of outfits for Chinese New Year think boldness, embroidery, decadence, red, butterflies, dragonflies and be as bold or as understated as you wish.

The catwalks are paying tribute to the Chinese New Year with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Smythsons London featuring exclusive designs for Chinese New Year.

Fashion composite - red

Leading shoe designer, Charlotte Olympia, has created a range of pumps and box shaped clutch bags known as ‘The Pandora’  all in different colours featuring a gold detailing with the different Chinese zodiac signs on it. They retail at £565, so if your feeling a bit more adventurous than most then why not opt for a timeless shoe design that represents an ancient feature of eaten culture.


Click here to view the range

My Top Oriental Fashion Picks

Oriental Shift Dress



Price : £15 (also available in curve and maternity)

Link: Click here 

Description: A navy blue shift dress with long sleeves and a golden orange floral Oriental pattern. This would take you through all the seasons and looks great paired with black tights or jeans for a warmer ensemble.

Oriental Print Dungarees 


From: ASOS

Price: £13

Link: Click here

Description: This dungarees is perfect for all seasons and great value or money. The garment is in a base colour of black with long stemmed oriental flowers in colours of light yellow and pink as the pattern. It features an open back with a zip closure.

Oriental Joggers


From: Bohoo

Price: £20

Link: Click here

Description; These would make a comfortable but fashionable addition to your wardrobe in a black base colour with a vibrant Oriental floral pattern that really stands out from the joggers. They would be perfect for going to the gym, for a casual day or for a day that you feel that you would benefit from a little comfort.

Red Dragon Shaped Necklace 


From:Lady Muck of Whitstable 

Price: £43

Link:Click here

Description: Nothing says Chinese New Year like some eye catching peice of jewlerry and the marvelous Lady Muck of Whitstable has created a stunning dragon shaped neckalce with flames coming from the fail and a bronze chain for the Chinese New Year. The dragon is depicted in all his glory curling inwards with his tail flexed

Hand Embroidered Red Butterfly Cuff 


From:Heather Everitt Embroidery 

Price: £32

Link: Click here

Description: Red, red is the colour of the Chinese New Year in all its glory from the spectacle of the red dragon that one sees in many parades, to the glowing lanterns in the night, to the red and gold envelopes that are given with a sum of money each Chinese New Year. Butterflies in Chinese culture are said to be sacred creatures and are revered throughout the eastern world. So, what better way to salute to the Chinese culture than with a beautiful hand made cuff bracelet from Heather Everett. This is a one off piece and is extremely tactile for those with sight loss.

images-font-b-Red-b-font-font-b-envelope-b-font-paper-cutting-cutout-yasuiqian-fontClick here to read my previous review on Heather Everitt’s creations.

Red Horse Print Scarf 


From:Disaster Designs 

Price: £6 (also available in a clutch bag and a purse)

Link:Click here

Description: Now we could hardly have Chinese New Years fashion without any horses! This is a simple bright red scarf with a grey horse pattern featured on it, these are perfect for  the colder months and for adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe they are also available in other animal patterns including a hare, a deer, a wolf and a tiger.

So, that wraps this instalment up for another day, I would like to extend a thank you to everyone for reading this feature and a welcome to my new followers!

An image of the Chinese horse zodiac sign
An image of the Chinese horse zodiac sign

All that is left  to say is….

Zhōngguó xīnnián kuàilè

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