BaByliss New Big Hair Spinning Brush 2885U


Greetings Readers!

Today I have yet another review for you today, however this one is going to be on something a little different from my conventional cosmetic reviews.

Over the past few months my readers have contacted me with specific requests to review more products that are related to hair styling. With the growing haircare industry there are now a flourish of styling tools out there, so many in fact that the regular consumer may find daunting and even more so when you have the consideration of accessibility to consider.

And so today I bring you the first of my hair styling tool reviews and this one is around a revolutionary tool on the market from Babyliss.

Product Information

Name: BaByliss New Big Hair Spinning Brush 2885U

Brand: Babyliss

Price: £44.99

Link: Click here 

Available at: Boots, Tesco, Argos, Babyliss, eBay e.t.c

Introduction: This hair tool is a great item to have in your collection to take you through day to day or even to travel with you on holiday. It screams utility and easiness, no longer will you have to use the old method of using a rounded brush and a hairdryer to style your hair.This rotating brush has the additional feature of a hair drying facility, so it’s a hair drying, hair styling tool all in one!

Accessibility 4/5: Although the packaging itself is not as accessible as one would like, for example the lack of braille on the packaging. The product itself has a distinctive shaped the switches are easy to locate and use. There are three buttons on this feature and an option of which way you wish to rotate the devise making it easy to use, although I feel that some tactile element could be incorporated on the rotation system.

Ease of Application 5/5: This is a fantastic devise for anyone who wants to achieve a hairstyle with body and shape but who does not have a lot of time. It would also be useful for someone with restricted movements, as you only require the use of one hand. The device is also a valuable tool if you have sight loss as it does all of the hard work for you. So you will not have to worry about styling that dreaded back section of hair.

Value for Money: 5/5: If you are aquatinted with the prices of hairdryers on the market I am sue you will appreciate the very reasonable price of this styling tool. It is well worth the price as you get two utilities in one along with a guarantee.

Overall Quality 5/5: For me I found this product easy to use and it delivered fantastic results! Having layers it is important to style my hair when leaving it straight, so this product was fantastic for achieving body, texture and sleekness. I would highly recommend this to someone with thin hair or who finds it difficult to style their hair. It is a great device and it is highly recommended here at

All Hail Babylss!

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