Get Romantic with Grabble: Top ASOS Picks ‘Meeting Price Charming’

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Searching for new fashion trends can be a stressful affair at times, not only does one have to search the internet for items for new events, new seasons or holidays. But, we are also called upon to remember what we choose, writing lists or saving pages onto a bookmark is all very well. But wouldn’t it be easier if we had an application that with a simple click of a button, made saving our fashion choices or categorising them an easier process?

Well shopaholics, fashionistas and fashion bloggers alike, here I come to you today with a remedy to your shopping woes.

Grabble is a fantastic application which allows you to use a simple button on your desktop page and save, categorise and document any fashion item that you take a fancy too. Whether you are looking for a new holiday wardrobe or are planning on creating a new lookbook. Grabble is a fantastic way to save all of those gems that you would rather not forget!

Click here to be directed to the Grabble Page.

Meeting Prince Charming: Charm Your Prince with Fashion 

Image of a fairytale castle
Image of a fairytale castle

As I am a member of the etailpr Blogging Newark I have been asked to take part in a competition in which I share with my readers a selection of my top Valentines picks which are available on ASOS. It requires me to become somewhat of a fashion designer and create a valentines collection, giving it my own name.

My collection is called ‘Meeting Prince Charming’ and is a collection inspired by femininity, nature and Vintage designs. I have chosen to use a selection of prints and styles that speak fairytale style in relation to my upcoming Fairytale Lookbook.

There is a mixture of items varying in price, style, and category and whilst Valentines Day has passed, this is a collection that is wearable for the new season and for any Romantic Occasion.

Click here to view the collection

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 15.51.49Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 15.52.10Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 15.52.26

I hope you have enjoyed this feature today and that you too will find the utility of using Grabble!

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