Fashioneyesta at London Fashion Weekend 2014

Greetings Readers!

It’s been an eventful week in the world of fashion has it not? London Fashion Week, followed by the grand and glorious London Fashion Weekend!

On Thursday of last week I was lucky enough to score tickets with me and my two friends to visit Somerset House for the opening night of London Fashion Weekend (better known asLFWend) 2014.

So, come and join me and my four legged guide dog friend as we recount are fashionably fashionable adventures at Somerset House and find out the hottest trends for the Spring Summer Season.

Kick back, relax, have some tea and enjoy!


Outfit of the Day

Now you wouldn’t expect me to head on up to LFWkend in any old thing now would you? Vintage being the only acceptation to that rule, find out what I wore along.

Image of Emily and guide dog Unity standing outside Sommerset House
Image of Emily and Unity standing next to the poster for LFWend

Coat: Dark red, long sleeved swing coat

From: ASOS (Tree People)

Price: £60 reduced from £190

Dress: Navy blue tapestry print, cap sleeved dress


Price: £25

Link: Click here (also available in red)

Shoes: Navy blue, t bar, jelly shoes

From: Vivienne Westwood (old stock)

Earrings: Gold heart shaped earrings

From: Accessorize

Ring: Bronze leaf shaped ring

From: Pia Jewellery (old stock)

Necklace: Bronze dragonfly pendant necklace

From: Pia Jewellery (old stock)

Bag: Navy blue mari tote bag in moc snakeskin material

From: Accessorize (old stock)

Scarf: Burgundy velvet scarf with paisley pattern

From: Miss Selfridge (old stock)

Nail Colour: OPI Big Apple

Note: My Guide Dog Unity is wearing a matching red dog collar with white floral detailing from Pets at Home. 


The Venue

Sommerset House is the prestiogous place for all of London’s top fashion and culture events and it is the anual place where London Fashion Week and Weekend are held. The event was booming with activity featuring designers present in many of the wings and in the main tent including, Lulu Guinness, Amanda Wakerly, Toni and Guy, Mayberline and many more. 

Hair and Make Up

The make up for the event was performed by leading companies Toni & Guy and Mayberline. The models hair was styled in an elegant straight, sleek look, the hair being pinned back to draw attention to the face.

This season there is a huge focus on the lips with many different colours and looks to choose from. This is a particular beauty trend that i myself intend to cover soon.

But, in short the looks are focused around berry red lips, peachy lips, full lips and orange coloured lips. This Spring/ Summer is all about those lips, so invest in as many good lipsticks, glosses, liners and lip primers as you can!

Image of the Union Jack flag  on Somerset house roof
Image of the Union Jack flag on Somerset house roof




This year I was overjoyed to find the reception I received having brought my Guide Dog an a sighted guide with me to the event. In previous years I had not brought my Guide Dog, however this year I thought it necessary to act as a somewhat of a Genuine Pig to test how the staff responded to accommodating my needs as a visually impaired observer.

I was delighted to receive a warm and inviting welcome for every single member of staff at the event who were eager to assist me and knew the proceedings of how to best facilitate me.

I was given a free carer pass for my sighted guide and we were entreated to extremely fantastic seats directly in front of the catwalk and in a spacious area where my guide dog could sit peacefully. They also offered to care for my guide dog whilst I was in the catwalk as they understood that the music may be too loud for a guid dog. I of course declined and thanked them for the offer, but for any of you with a more anxious pup this is knowledge worth knowing.

In comparison to a previous year in which i did not bring my Guide Dog, I found that if you bring a Guide Dog youget extremely well taken care of. So, I would highly recommend that you bring your four legged friend along if you yourself are thinking of attending next time.

The event is fully accessible and easy to negotiate. With a ramp for wheelchair users and on hand staff all the time.

What also struck me was how every member of the public at the event did not seem the least bit shocked to find a Guide Dog owner at London Fashion Weekend. Something that i have experienced with previous events (none being London Fashion Weekend.) This year I also noted some wheelchair users at the event, which I did not see in previous years. This fills me with an overwhelming sense of hope for the future of not only fashion and visual impairment, but fashion and disability in general. The event gave me a sense of elation and i have high hopes for the future!

Who and What?

Below are a list of designers and compaines who were responsible for the outfits and make up during the catwalk…

-Amanda Wakerly

-Farhi by Nicole Farhi

-Julien Macdonald

-Maria Grachvogel

The Tote

The tote bag this year was designed by Julien McDonald and was in a black base colour with an intrecete dragon design in white on the bag.

The bag itself was stuffed with goodies such as free make up and beauty products from Mayberline, Label Me and Essie as well as containing health food and promotional vouchers.

Image of Emily standing outside the catwalk tent with tote bag for LFWend

The Trends (Catwalk Show)

Below are the four trends that were featured on the catwalk during the event, all of them have images, videos and a full audio description for my VI readers, making them fully accessible.

In each trend i have selected my top three looks from the catwalk in which i fully describe to you al.

Precious Metals

The look ‘precious metals’ is a look that is all about embracing metallic pigments, sequins, shine and all things that make a true statement. It is a fresh take on Spring/ Summer fashion and a pleasant change to see metallics on the catwalk for the Spring/Summer Season.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Look One: Model is wearing a pair of light grey skinny jeans with glitter detailing paired with a pair of light grey court heeled shoes. Combined with a white shirt top with 3/4 length sleeves and a pussy bow neckline. The look is finished with a black boxy clutch.


Look Two: Model is wearing a pair of silver sandal shoes paired with a silver, cap sleeved high necked shift dress with an intrecute aztec print in metallic shades of red, green and black.


Look Three: Model is wearing a pair of nude sandel heeled shoes, combined with a gold pencil mini skirt. Paired with a turquoise sweater with 3/4 length sleeves and glitter detailing in bold colours of gold, light blue, sea green, dark blue and a lighter gold in a lined pattern on running vertically along the top and on the sleeves.

Flower Power

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Audio Description 



Look One: Model is wearing a pair of nude gladiator style heeled shoes, combined with a white pencil skirt with a bold rose print on it in colours of red, yellow and lilac. This is combined with a light pink v neck sweater with 3/4 sleeves.


Look Two: Model is wearing a pair of white sandal style heeled shoes, along with a pair of mint green chinos  with upturned cuffs. This is combined with a bright pink, long sleeved round neck top in a floral print which appears to be a spherical flower, this is accessorised with a pair of dark aviator sunglasses.


Look Three: Model is wearing a pair of black heeled sandal style shoes, along with a cap sleeved shift dress reaching just above the knee in a white base colour featuring a peachy rose floral print.

Lace Embrace

This look plays host to lace by utilising the trend to portray femininity and classic style to suit different women and their bodies. The look is versatile this season, so whether you wish to sport a lace peplum top or even a pair of lace trousers there is something for everyone this Spring/Summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Look One: Model is wearing a pair of black sandal style shoes, along with a dress in a base colour of light blue/grey. The dress features a pattern which is in two different sizes, from the wast upwards the lace material is smaller and more detailed and spreads across the entire dress right up to the rounded neckline and capped sleeves. But then, from the waste downwards the pattern is larger and more distinguishable and ends at the hem which ends below the knee. This dress puts me in mind of a beautiful gothic chandelier.


Look Two: Model is wearing a pair of nude strapped, heeled sandals along with alight blue pencil skirt which has a split at the back and is paired with a light lemon yellow lace peplum top with 3/4 length sleeves and a rounded neckline.  The look is accessorised with a nude clutch bag and a pair of dark aviator sunglasses.


Look Three: Model is wearing a pair of white sandal style heels, along with a pair of sheer trousers with a lace pattern in a diagonal pattern running the entire length of the full length, tailored trousers. The model is also wearing a blazer style top with detailing to the collar, lapel, buttons and pockets. It is in a tailored fit and finished off with a nude quilted clutch bag.

Good Sport 

Ladies ladies, get out your statement necklaces, find those formal joggers from last year, dust of those wedged trainers. Because the sporty trend is back in business!

This is a great look whether you want to work a bomber jacket, football tee, formal joggers or even a bowler bag. This is a casual, fantastic look for the Spring/Summer and one that will see you right no matter where your feet may take you (even if it’s not related to sport.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Look One: Model is wearing a pair of nude sandal style heeled shoes along with a white mini/ pencil skirt. This is combined with a round necked sweater in a two tone colour aspect, the 3/4 sleeves are in a light grey, where as the body of the top is in a black. The look is finished with a tomato red bowler bag.


Look Two: Model is wearing a pair of nude sandal style shoes, combined with a pair of black jogger style 3/4 trousers. This is teamed with a black cap sleeved, round necked top with red detailing to the sleeves and matched with a statment necklace and a black leather jacket. The look is finished off with a pair of tan sunglasses.


Look Three: Model is wearing a pair of nude sandal like heeled shoes,  along with a bodycon, cap sleeved, round necked dress in a base colour of black. But with an ornate pattern in colours of dark blue, green, yellow and black running vertically down the dress.

Listen to a Live Recording of the Catwalk Trend Show 


Fashioneyesta Meets Lulu Guinness

Now, something else very special happened last week.

Finally after 7 years of admiration and a lot of money spent on her creations, I finally got to meet my designer idol…do you know who?

Known for her lips trademark, she’s an icon in English design and has been recognised by her Majesty for her creations…that’s it Lulu Guinness!

I met the one and only Lulu Guinness.

She was at the event, giving a one off talk about her designs, her career and what it felt like to receive an OBE from te queen and of course it is her 25th anniversary.

At the end of the talk she was taking questions and my hand shot high into the air like a rocket, my question was..

‘When you think of your new bag collection, what do you first think of the visual aspect of a bag or it’s shape, size and practicality?’

She answered…

‘When I think of a new collection I do more so than I did at the begining. When I first started out as a bag designer I could think of nothing else but than how to make my bags more and more abstract and unique, hand the practicality side of things. But, as I got more experienced and learned that I am making things for people to use. I found that I did have to consider practicality and shape more, but still with my own personal touch on the bags. I started to work with QVC on brining my more wearable bags to my customers. And of course I have a great team around me who encourage me to make my bags practical, but from time to time I do still get carried away!’

Fashioneyesta (Emily) with bag designer Lulu Guinness

Special Thanks 


Image of Emily with Alice
Image of Emily with Alice

Special thanks to my friends Alice and Seina for the photography of this event!

Click here to visit Alice on Tumblr.

DSC_0141 DSC_0140 DSC_0139 DSC_0138 DSC_0137 DSC_0136 DSC_0135


And that wraps it up for another day!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this feature today and tune into the RNIB’s Insight Radio this Friday at 2.15pm to hear more on the trends from London Fashion Weekend 2014.

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