Going Full Circle

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Greetings Readers!

Welcome to yet antoher fashion filled feature from yours truly!

Today is a very exciting and long awaited feature on one of the hottest and most popular Spring/Summer trends for 2014.

In the year of 1947 designer Christian Dior launched a design of clothing that would revolutionise fashion as we knew it. The ‘New Look’ dress was a dress that highlight the waist and the curves of women. It featured a nipped in waist and large, full skirt, this same ‘circle skirt’ has been an adored style for many decades after Dior’s first collection and is one of the most sought after designs in Vintage fashion. And now it is back with vengeance!

A black and white image of the Christian Dior New Look dress
A black and white image of the Christian Dior New Look dress

One of the most famous examples of this classic, beloved trend is when in 1950 Walt Disney released one of the best loved films of all time ‘Cinderella.’  From rags to riches, Cinderella’s simple and somewhat damaged dress (curtosy of her two mean spirited step sisters) was transformed into a dazzling blue gown in the style of the New Look dress.

Image of Walt Disney’s Cinderella

The skirt was an icon of the optimism that was 1950, having been liberated from the hardships of World War II, Great Britain and her allied countries enjoyed many luxuries that had not been allowed to them before. One of of the key aspects to this new found freedom was the luxury of having more fabric and material to design and make clothing. It is safe to say that Dior aspired to create an icon of the new decade with this elaborate design, for me this dress represents freedom, hope and a new and brighter Europe post war.

Join me as we go ‘full circle’ to explore into what the modern fashion world of 2014 has to offer, I will be showing you some of the hottest looks around and how to recreate this timeless, classic style. Featuring designers such as Emily and Finn, to high street favourites such as Dorothy Perkins, ASOS and our beloved Primark! 

So, sit back relax and enjoy another glimpse into the world of fashion made accessible with me Emily, from fashioneyesta.com! 

Fashioneyesta’s Full Skirt Favourites

To begin with, I have some of my personal favourite versions of the full circle shirt which are timeless classics and perfect for recreating the 195os vibe.

Look One


Dress: Navy blue dress with a full circle skirt, nipped in waist and 3/4 sleeves. There is also a gold shooting star print and a n neck.

From: Emily and Fin

Link: Click here

Price: £59.99

Worn With: A black and white polka dot headscarf, black tights and a pair of navy blue court heeled shoes.

Image of Emily holding a vase of flowers
Image of Emily holding a vase of flowers

photo 1Image-1photo 3

Look Two

photo 1

Dress: Navy blue dress with a full circle skirt, nipped in waist and 3/4 sleeves. There is also a gold autumn leaf print and a v neck.

From: Emily and Fin

Worn With: Olive green chunky woddern beads,black tights and navy blue t bar shoes.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

Look Three

photo 5

Skirt: Plum purple full circle skirt with a vibrant floral print in the style of an english country garden and white small flowers dotted around it.

From: Primark (Old Stock)

Top: Dark purple long sleeved top

From: H&M

Cardigan: 3/4 sleeve black cardigan with button detailing

From: Next 

Worn with: Black tights and navy blue jelly t bar shoes

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Top Picks

Here are a selection of my top picks that you can currently pick up from the high street and online…

Pick One 


Description: White full circle skirt dress with cap sleeves and a light blue willow pattern on the dress.

Timeless and classic this dress would make a great edition to your Spring wardrobe.

From: Hell Bunny

Link: Click here

Price: £59.99

Pick Two


Description: Full skirt, sleeveless dress in a base colour of nude and with a Vintage inspire lolly print on the front.

This dress is the epitome of quirkiness, individuality and is almost good enough to eat.

From: Emily and Fin

Link: Click here

Price: £69.99

Pick Three


Description: Full circle skirt in a scuba material (available in tomato red and nude pink)

From: ASOS (Available in Petite and Average)

Link: Click here

Price: £35

Pick Four


Description: Pink rose print full circle skirt that reaches just above the knee, a timeless classic that will take you from season to season.

From: Ted Baker

Link: Click here

Price: £129


So, that concludes todays feature on full skirts, I hope this has inspired you to go fourth and check out what the stores will have to offer in salute to the great Christian Dior.

Stay tuned for more exciting features here at fashioneyesat.com!


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