Fashioneyesta’s Scented Candle Favourites

Greetings Readers! 

Still we are in the full front of these cold, wet Winter months.

As the rain batters down on the window pains and many are still feeling as if they are not ready to gear up for Spring.

One may feel a lack of inspiration for how to uplift your spirits, but never fear all is not lost!

The Vernal Equinox is approaching our corner of the Planet and as for the now there are many things that you can do in order to uplift your mind and to perk you up so that you can get through these harsh Winter days and look forward to the awaiting glow of your scented candle or the smell of your wax tart melting with a warm aroma in your home.

Fragrance to me has always been one of the most important aspects to the way I live my everyday life and it is one of the most predominant things that I spend my spare funds on.

Whether it be a flower, plant, spice, perfume or scented candle I am a keen lover

Recently I was asked to attend a brand meeting in which i was interviewed by a number of people from a very prestigious company about scents and how my visual impairment affects my sensory experiences of fragrance.

But, this got me to thinking, what is it I love so much about fragrance?

Of course there are many answers to this burning question that my mind conjures up now….

Ones sense of smell, I believe, is one of our most powerful scents that we possess, but also one of the most ambiguous ones. It is one that can lead us into curiosity, confusion or excitement, smells can take you back instantly to your childhood or a fond memory. It is something that our mind impulsively stores and that we will always remember.

One example of how scent for me triggers memory is one of the products from Lush known as the Grass scented shower gel, this product smells like fresh spring mornings when the grass has been freshly cut or when an April Shower seems to make everything new again. It is the smell of new beginnings, wet grass reminds me of endless strolls in Greenwich Park or mornings walking with my Guide Dog when the sun is beating down on the still damp lawn.

Being severely sight impaired, i believe that using your scents of smell is important for not only your mood but also for creativity. Being a writer, I compensate for my lack of sight with using different scents and fragrances to create scent image in my minds eye.

One question that I was asked at the interview was…

‘What is the smell of beauty?’

Beauty means different things to many people, but in terms of smell it is an area in which people do not think about largely. But in answer to this I replied

Beauty is a scent that is not overpowering or offensive to the noise. It is something that does not try hard to please you, simple things in life are usually the most beautiful. Take a tall sky scraper against the delicate bloom of a Rose, many would argue that this self same bloom is the more beautiful. This is largely because it is akin with nature, it is organic, simple and marries in with the environment. This also applies to scent, it is not like the over-processed scents of cheap end perfumes, but something natural, the fresh scent of Roses, the woody tones of Juniper, the light scent of Lotus or the timeless scent of Lilly of the Valley.

To me beauty is nature, in all senses of the word. Because it is what life naturally gives us and is not exclusive to anyone.

That is the smell of beauty.

The reason why I love scented candles so much is because it consists of being in the home environment, many would argue that there is more sensory experience to be found outside of the home. Of course, yes, this i know to be true. But what poeple do not seem to grasp is that the home is where you are a sensory artist, you are truly liberated from the tyranny of the outside world, the manmade barricades and the constraints of everyday life.

 In the home you have a simple blank canvas, it is a place where you may taste what you like, feel what you like, look at what you like and smell what ever you like. 

It is a place that you can fill with your little treasures, exotic foods, vintage dresses, canvas paintings, soft cushions, silk kimonos and scented candles!

So, come with me and we’ll delve into the world of scents and discover how you can take your sense of smell of a wild adventure to far away places.




Yankee Electric Tart Burner

Yankee Candle Gold & Pearl Electric Tart Burner UK

Description: A light cream tart burner or ‘warmer’ as they are better known which is eletrconically powered with a muted multi coloured mosaic design on it.

Link:  Click here 

Price: £35.99

Ville De Fleurs Jasmine and Honeysuckle Candle 


Description: This fragrance is the epitome of spring and new beginnings, a light floral smell that would make you feel as if you had walked straight into the classic tales ‘Brmabley Hedge.’

Link: Click here 

Price: £20

Yankee Scents: Autumn/Winter Favourites 

Please not all of the following items are currently available to purchase on the Yankee Candle store.

Yankee is also sold in QVC, Clinton Cards, B&Q, Homebase, Ruxley Manner and many more.

All available in tarts, diffusers, candles and tea lights.

Fireside Treats

Yankee Fireside Treats Review (3)

Description: Sweet and woody, this scent is one that has captured my heart this autumn with a rich marshmallow and ceaderwood like scent. it is a complete must have throughout the Autumn/ Winter period.

Salted Caramel 


Description: A sweet delicious scented candle which is almost addictive in its scent, it has been one of my firm favourites.

Christmas Cookie 


Description: Despite the fact that this candle explicitly states ‘Christmas’ this is a very comforting sweet scent that reminds me of walking into a bakers during the winter months a concoction of cinnamon and a sugary sweet undertone. It is intoxicatingly good!

Mulled Wine 


Yankee Scents: Spring Summer Favourites

Lake Sunset 


Description: Clean and fresh, with a slight undertone of floral, this scent reminds me of delicious Summer evenings spent by the Five Arches just a few miles away from South East London. Where the water runs in a small stream and where children and dogs paddle with the sun on their back.

Complete bliss!

Fresh Cut Roses: Mothers Day Gift Idea 


Description: A truly amazing scent, a combination of gentle smelling Roses. Easy on the noise and would be great for any female member of the family. This scent reminds me of many Summers spent with my mother at Chelsea flower show smelling the roses and enjoying the hubbub of excited gardeners and flower enthusiasts alike.

Garden Sweat Pea: Mothers Day Gift Idea 


Description: A light and floral scent which is like many English country gardens, a smell of spring mornings and Summers days.

Yankee Scents: All Year Favourites 

Clean Cotton 


Description: A fresh, clean and purifying scent. One that would be perfect for your bathroom or Kitchen, smelling completely fresh and akin to Spring cleaning!

Vainilla Cupcake


Description: A creamy, sweet smell that any lover of confectionary, baking or all things sweet would adore. This is my all time favourite Yankee Candles and one that would make an excellent addition to your  collection.

Midnight Jasmine

regular_Yankee Candle  midnight jasmine 3.7oz Jar £8.39

Description: A soothing floral concoction, perfect for all those bad days, sleepless nights, quiet night inns and even for all of you mothers t be who may be reading this. Jasmine is one of the best fragrances that is sued for holistic properties and this is one of my must haves that I always stock up on.

Camomile Tea: Exam Stress Essential 


Description: Like ‘Midnight Jasmine’ this concoction is a soothing, calming candle which is perfect for all of you stressed students who may be reading this! It is part of my exam survival kit!

Brand Focus: Boots Own Range 


Boots offer a range of scented candles available in a range of different scents which are titles NO.1, N02, NO3 and so on. They are inspired by floral fusions and are all equally delightful!

Boots currently offer a set of 5 for £12, so why not get trial sizes and see which one you prefer. The large sizes currently cost £5.

Link: Click here 

Brand Focus: Scentsy 


Another company that has recently caught my attention is scented candle company ‘Scentsy’ which I had the pleasure of trying briefly at a local event in Blackheath.

I am hoping to conduct a full review soon, so if you would like to hear more scented candles please comment below with your thoughts!

Click here to view the Scentsy website

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