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Welcome back for another exciting review from me at fashioneyesta,com.

Today is March 21st 2014, the first day after the Vernal Equinox, we are entering from the dark Winter Months into a time of new beginnings, spring cleaning and all things new and fresh. So, what better way to commence this then with a review!

With Mothers Day fast approaching I’m sure that many of you are beginning to feel the mounting stress of considering what to buy your mother that isn’t that self same bunch of flowers or that box of chocolates that are a rudimentary custom of the modern day.

Today, I believe that I have for you a remedy to your present buying woes. What about considering the option of home fragrance?

Lets consider this option, it’s affordable, it can be personalised, it doesn’t wilt like a bunch of roses would and it does not make you put on weight or gain any unwanted cellulite for the Summer Months. Home fragrances, or scented candles, is an excellent way to go and would make a gift that any mother would be proud to own.

Today we shall be delving into the world of Scentsy-a brand home to the most amazing fragrances for your home.

With sales of scented candles escalating each and every day and many leading brands producing scented candles it can be a daunting process to decide which brand to choose.

But, I’m here to give you a full seven day trial of different scents from the brand and why shopping with Scentsy should be something high on your list for this Spring season.

The History Behind the Brand

From humble beginings, Scentsy is an American based company that was founded in 2004 by budding entripeneers Orville and Heidi Thompson who grew their business idea from a small investment made at a trade fair and Scentsy was born and has developed into a leading brand that is known on an international level.

Their story is inspirational and is one reason why I now choose to shop with Scentsy.

Top Wax Warmers 

Scentsy offer a wide variety of different wax warmers to choose from, whether you are traditional, modern, eclectic or quirky you will find a warmer that works with your decor and one that you will love.

From ones with famous art paintings that glow with the light, or ones that are in novelty shapes such as crowns, teapots or space ships there is truly something for everyone!

The majority of the warmers are powered by electric, however please confirm with the consultant before purchasing.
Below are a selection of my top picks…

Pick One: Love Element Warme


Description: A cream wax warmer in a small size with the word ‘Love’ in narrow rustic red writing with detailing to the edges on the front.

Price: £25

Link: Click here

Pick Two: Cupcake Shaped Warmer


Description: A cupcake shaped warmer with a pastel green base and a pastel pink top which is the colour of the swirled icing. There are also holes in the base to allow the fragrance to distribute into the air.

Price: £35

Link: Click here

Pick Three: Green Watering can Shaped Warmer 


Description: A light green watering can shaped warmer with a yellow sun flower in the centre.

Price: £35

Link: Click here

So those are my three top picks for you to choose from, but there are plenty more to see via the website click here to view.

The Scentsy Six Day Diary

For six days I recorded my thoughts and initial reactions to each individual scent that i had been given to trial, from the sweet to the fresh this diary was a total sensory journey with a variety of wonderful fragrances to experience.

Read on to find out more….

Please Note: Individual Scentsy waxes are on sale for £5 each with nine individual cubes in each box which make these products long lasting and highly accessible.

Day 1: Coconut Lemongrass 

Image of product
Image of product

Price: £5

Link: Click here 

This fragrance is a very sweet and fresh, a pleasant combination between floral and citrus. This fragrance I found was one of the more stronger in scents, which is why i personally would  recommend using this fragrance in the bathroom or kitchen area to give the room a fresh, clean scent.

Day 2: Red Candy Apple

Image of product
Image of produc

Price: £5

Link: Click here 

This fragrance is my firm favourite out of the entire variety of Scentsy products that I have.

It’s sweet, it’s fresh, it has that familiar scent of Summer fairs and cold iced lollies. It reminds me of being at a fair ground in the Summer and in short I have never had the pleasure of smelling any other home fragrance quite like it.

Day 3: Silk and Ivory

Price: £5

Link: Click here 

This scent I found to be very relaxing, renewing and a clean scent. It has

a scent that is akin to fresh linen and a light floral scent similar to white lotus.

Image of the product
Image of the product

This scent is one that would make a great scent to have on during the upcoming month spring cleaning sessions to come this month..

Day 4:Simply Black Cherry 

photo 1

Price: £5

Link: Click here 

One word that I have to describe this fragrance is delicious!

This fragrance has a sweet, enticing scent which would make one feel as if they had just set foot into a sweet shop or perhaps even Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory if your imagination is vivid enough.

It has a scent like the cherry flavoured sweets that are a firm favourite of many different  people and just makes me crave a rusting paper bag full of a certain cherry flavoured sweet!

Warning: If you are on a diet, beware of this fragrance!

Day 5: Pure


Price: £5

Link: Click here

Evening walks, Summer days on the beach, relaxing spas….

That is what this fragrance reminds me of, I cannot put my finger on for certain what is smells like but it has a scent similar to the fragrances found at spas and has a smell like a summers day.

This fragrance is simply perfect for the Spring/Summer months and an absolute must have to your collection!

Day 6: Black Raspberry Vanilla 

photo 4

Price: £5

Link: Click here 

This is yet another enticing scent and one that really makes me want to

break the ‘mind forged manacles’  of my healthy eating diet.

It has a delightful smell of fresh baking, the vanilla and raspberry scents work to create a smell of fresh baked cakes full of jam and cream.

This is a quintessential scent for the Summer if you have a sweet tooth and crave a scent that reminds you of the culinary delights that Summer has to offer.

My Verdict 

I found all of the scents individual, unique and all with something very special about them that made me reflect on bygone times and things that I personally love about living. They all had very delightful scents and I found them all perfect for the Spring/Summer months.

I am sure that many people would also become a Scentsy convert, just as I have done and would all find a fragrance that they adore!

I am very keen to also try even more than i have already and will be making a purchase from Scentsy from a variety of their ranges including the spa range, the bakery corner and more!

And of course, I would also share my Scentsy haul with all of my dear readers!

Accessibility: 4/5

The waxes are accessible for a number of reasons, firstly the products all have distinctive colours which define each fragrance from the other at a first sighting. The fragrances all have distinctive scents which further the accessibility.

The products are also easy to open and easy to access with one being able to take a small amount of the wax from the packaging without making a mess.

The warmers are also highly accessible due to the fact that there are a large variety of them that are electrically powered, meaning that there is no threat of being injured by using this product.

They are also child and pet friendly due to the fact that the warmers are specially designed to only warm the wax to a certain temperature, Scentsy as a rand is very user freidnly and would make a great brand for anyone with sight loss.

However, one way in which Scentsy could improve their brand would be to have braille on their products and have a more accessible version of the catalogue.

But on the whole, Scentsy is a fantastic brand!


Find Your Nearest Consultant


Click here to find the Scentsy catalogue …

I would personally recommend Christine Jolley as for a Scentsy consultant, as she is extremely knowledge about the brand, personable and is fully aware of how to assist customers with a visual impairment.

Christine is based in the South East London area, however you can still order any items that you wish from her online store, the links are listed below.

Website: Click here


Telephone: 02086921815

Facebook Page: Click here

Twitter:  @LDNwickless

If you would like to find a consultant in your local area, click here to find out your nearest representative via the Scetnsy website.

Have A Scentsy Party 

Something else that Scentsy as a company offer is the opportunity to host a Scentsy party with you and a group of your friends. It serves as a chance to trial the brand in the comfort of your own own, it’s fun, it’s easy and whats more you as the host are entitled to some perks!

For anyone with sight loss who may struggle to find new brands via the internet or by shopping in person, having a Scentsy party would be a great way to find out more about the brand and to shop for presents or even to just treat yourself.

Get in touch with your local consultant to find out more

I myself am going to be hosting a party in June which will also be featured on

So, that wrapps it up for another review from me here at fashioneyesta,com, please feel free to request any further reviews via the comment box below. I hope you have enjoyed finding out about Scentsy and for further information on the brand please visit

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