The Launch of Fashioneyesta’s Cruelty Free Campaign #‎fashioneyestacrueltyfree‬

Greetings Readers

I am delighted to announce that today is the official launch date for a brand new campaign that I am running on to support Cruelty Free Products.

Whats the Problem

Over 80% of the world allow thousands of animals to be tested on, mistreated and eventually killed all for the reason of making a new cosmetics problem.

These animals are forced to undergo severe brutality from being force-fed, injected with chemicals, gassed, and exterminated afterwards.

From rats, mice, rabbits, fish, to even cats and dogs many different animals across the world remain to be mistreated for the cosmetics industry despite the fat that there mare many other alternatives to using animals to trial new products.

It’s the harsh fact of our modern world, but with a little understanding and one snapshot we can begin to globally eliminate animal testing for good!

Cruelty Free by definition is when a product has not entailed the testing of animals in the making of a product and that it is certified by a reputable animal rights company such as PETA, Leaping Bunny or Cruelty Free International

Thomas Ankin, our lovely male contributor is the first person to share with us his favourite cruelty free product.
Thomas loves the Bulldog facial wash…

‘I love it because it’s very gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling cleansed and undamaged like so many products do.’

Thomas Ankin

Today we at are calling on all of you to come forward and to join the campaign to support Cruelty Free products and to end testing on animals for cosmetics globally.


How You Can Help

What we are calling upon you to do is to send in an image of yourself holding your favourite cruelty free product and give us a reason why you enjoy sung it.

Companies such as Marks and Spencer, LUSH Cosmetics, Paul Mitchell, Superdrugs own brand,Vanilla Fudge Cosmetics Company Ltd, Neal’s Yard Remedies and many many more!

To find out if your product is free consult their website, refer to PETA or Leaping Bunny.

Click here to visit PETA’s cruelty free shopping guide.

Click here to visit the Leaping Bunny Website.

-Send it to us either by email at

-Tweet it to @DavisonEm under the ‪#‎fashioneyestacrueltyfree‬ 

-Share your image via instagram to me @fashioneyesta2012

Please do get involved and share your products with us and together we can help to put a permeant stop to testing on animals in cosmetics around the world!

So come on everyone share your Cruelty Free product fashioneyesta style!

Thank You All For Your Support!


One thought on “The Launch of Fashioneyesta’s Cruelty Free Campaign #‎fashioneyestacrueltyfree‬

  1. I can’t wait to read this Emily. I’ve been on the prowl for cruelty free products although I’ve also found that some companies aren’t as transparent about this issue as they would have the public believe. ~Steph

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