Vanilla Fudge Natural Beauty Gift Set: Review

Greetings Readers!
I bid you all a warm welcome back to and I am pleased to share with you get another review today on a range of exciting, organic and cruelty free products with you.
Recently I made a purchase of a natural beauty gift set featuring five products from different companies  in  which the products are made from natural ingredients and combine to create the ultimate pamper experience.
This also forms as part of my gift ideas range in time for Mothers Day and will be sure to make any mother smile with pleasure.
So, join me today as I proclaim my verdict on this little bag of delights and my thoughts on the treasures that lie within…
What You Ge
The set includes 5 different pampering products which originate from many leading brands such as The Celtic Herbal Company, Melt, Labyrinth and Living Nature.
The set is packaged in a small jute tote bag and is on sale for £21 which is a complete bargain considering how much the products cost individually.
Click here to access the git set via eBay.
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The Seller 
The seller who produces these individual gift sets using natural ingredients is known as vanilla_fudge_1 and is a first rate seller on eBay who has excellent communication and a highly reasonable postage rate.
Vanilla_Fudge offers a wide range of gift sets at different prices, including different products that will suit every individual.
Click here to be directed to the eBay store.
Click here to be directed to the Vanilla Fudge Cosmetics Official Website.
Click here to be directed to the Vanilla Fudge Cosmetics Facebook Page.
All products that the company sell and promote at 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan.
Melt Silver Tin Candle in Shine – scented with Armoise, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin with Woody Florals, Rich Amber and Warm Musks / 25 hour burn time 
photo 1
Price: £7.95
Accessibility 4/5 
The product is easy to open and has a distinguishable scent which makes it highly accessible. The packaging is metal which makes it safe to use if you have a sight impairment.
Ease of Use 4/5 
The product has a long wick making it easy to light, however the candle causes you to use your breath to blow the flame out!
Value for Money 4/5 
The candle has a delightful scent, however I would advise you to use this product very sparingly as it only has 25 hours burning time. But this would make a great travel candle .
Overall Quality 5/5 
This candle has an excellent scent and contributes to make a sensational relaxation experience.
Labyrinth Peppermint & Cucumber Handmade Natural Soap / 100g
photo 2
Price: £4.95
Accessibility 5/5 
The product is easy to use and has a distinguishable scent and texture.
Ease of Use 5/5 
The product lathers up extremely well and is one of the best soaps I have used for this reason.
Value for Money 5/5 
The product is in a rather large portion for the price and you only need to use a small amount of this product.
Overall Quality 5/5 
The product has a delightful, fresh fragrance with is perfect for the Spring time and leaves the skin feeling cleansed and nourished.
Living Nature Lip Balm with Manuka Honey / 10ml 
photo 4
Price: £8.15
Accessibility 4/5
The product has a very good colour contrast of a white background with black text and the contents itself has a distinctive fragrance.
However, the product could be improved by incorporating braille and larger text.
Ease of Use 5/5 
The product glides onto the lips and absorbs into the skin easily. The product is also very easy to open and leaves no excess stickiness on the area so perfect for those occasions where you intent to use a lipstick or lipgloss over the balm.
Value for Money 5/5 
Excellent value, the product has real longevity and only a small amount of the product is required.
Overall Quality 5/5 
This product is simply outstanding! It produces excellent results and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and smooth. It is entirely one of the best products I have used.
Labyrinth Yellow Clay & Calendula Dry Face Mask – Soothing and Balancing / 3 x 15g sachets  
photo 3
Price: £8.95
Accessibility 4/5
The product has good colour contrast and bold lettering and there is a good tactile distinction on the packaging which is a fastening with the Labriynth logo, however one way that the product could be improved on would be to incorporate braille.
Ease of Use 4/5 
The product requires you to gradually add water to a powder substance that you pour into a container and stir through. This may cause some difficulty so seek help or be sure to do it in an area that you can clean easily. The product is easy to apply to the skin and is similarly easy to wash off, but be sure not to use this product when wearing certain clothing as it may leak onto your clothing.
Value for Money 5/5 
This product is excellent value for money as you get three individual sachets in each paper wallet, but I would advise you to only tip half of the contents into the container to get six uses out of the product as you do not require a lot of the facial mask especially when water is added.
Overall Quality 5/5 
This product a fantastic product to use on your face, it leaves the skin feeling cleansed and renewed and leaves you with a brighter and more vibrant complexion. Perfect for those rainy days!
photo 5
Celtic Herbal Company Lavender & Mandarin Bath Melts / 4 x 10g 
photo 3
photo 4
Price: £4.50
Accessibility 5/5 
The bath melts have a distinctive texture and scent and would make a distinguishable product in your bathroom amongst others.
Ease of Use 5/5
It couldn’t be more easier to use this product!
Simply add one melt into the bath and allow for the water to fill, the melt will absorb into the water allowing the petals inside to float in the bath tub and to work their magic on your skin.
Note that you may need to wash down your bath and yourself after using this product as there are quite a lot o petals and leaves in such a little melt!
Value for Money 5/5 
For £4.50 you are receiving four luxury baths that will give you a relaxing experience and will leave your skin feeling conditioned.
Overall Quality 5/5 
This product was one of my firm favourite from the entire beauty set, the smell is extremely relaxing and de-stessing, whilst it nourishes your skin and combining to create a holistic heaven!
And now my friends another feature draws to a close, but never fear I will be back soon with more exciting features that you can enjoy!
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See you all next time!

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