Thomas Ankin and The Scroll of Mentality and Solidarity

Hello Everyone!

My names Thomas Ankin and i join you all today to tell you a little bit about the launch of my new blog here on WordPress.

Some of you may know me as a contributor here on with Emily Davison talking all things fashion and lifestyle for the men here!

But now I have launched my very own blog which will concentrate on topics related to mental health and politics.

Come and visit me at…

Below is one of my most recent posts and serves as a sample of what to expect on my blog…

On the 10th of April approximately 25 young and eager activists met at Goldsmiths University of London to partake on what would be a fun, interesting and emotionally realising day.

As a mental health campaigner i was excited to get together and work with an organisation whose purpose is to do everything that i am passionate about; support people and tackle stigma head on by challenging pre-set perceptions. Only by tackling stigma will we ever truly implement change.

Our trainer Petra was an absolute star and was able to bring her expertise as a councillor and use them to help us to not just see this as a training day, but to realise that we are in fact talking about real people’s lives and issues that young people face on a daily basis.


The day allowed us to share our experiences as campaigners, or, if this was your first time at a campaign, your thoughts on what you would like your campaign to look like or how you felt about coming to the training. That way, everyone had something to bring to the table and no two persons experience was the same. I had the opportunity to do a short presentation about my job as a Disabled Students Officer both for Goldsmiths UoL, and the University of London, where i played a slideshow of pictures taken from the #startingtheconversation campaign in the background.

What was really interesting was looking at the five areas that young people highlighted as their main areas of concern which were Sexual pressures, Bullying, Unemployment, School stress and finally No help due to issues such as government cuts to the NHS particularly the mental health areas. It is imperative to remember that this list is by no means exclusive and our work will not be complete until these, and other areas, and dealt with effectively and the right support is in place!

What was lovely to see was that everyone in the room was interested in different aspects of the campaign. I, for example, am interested in all of the areas, however, i am particularly interested in the No Help section of the campaign due to my own personal experiences. This showed how diverse our team was and that was a beautiful thing to see.


By the end of the day it was clear that everyone had gained something from this imperative training. It baffles me how academic institutions have not done this themselves; it’s amazing how much you can change in a short space of time if you put your mind to it. It was also clear that everyone had made friends and comrades to take with them upon this journey.


Moving forward i cannot wait to continue to work with Young Minds as i really feel like i have found an organisation who stands for the same thing as me. As i said it’s amazing how much you can change, or learn, in a short space of time.

So please join me in the fight by ensuring that you tag #fightthepressure so that we can continue to fight until the government and other organisations ensure that young people receive the care that they not only want, but deserve.

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