The Body Shop Instablur: Review

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Well I must say my friends, it has been such a long time and no see has it not!

I thank you all very much for joining me today here on

First things first, a tad of administrative and informal information is underway due to the fact that I have been absent for quite a while due to Degree Examinations.

But, I would like to thank you all for your patience and reassure you that I am back and I am here to stay!

So, you are probably wondering what new tricks that Miss Fashioneyesta has in her handbag for you all, well I can safely say that I’m sure you are going to thoroughly enjoy it all/

I will be creating a number of YouTube videos from tags, blogs, tutorials and other videos some of which are related to visual impairment and others more generic.

I am of course keeping my ideas under wraps for now, but until that time in which i can securely reveal to you all my videos here is my new schedule that will be running from next week.

Videos on my will be appearing on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays with other blogs appearing more sporadically on my new vlog channel which is a sister channel to my main one.

Find links below

Main Channel: Fashioneyesta

Vlog Channel: FashioneyestaExtra 

Whats more, I am also going to be writing a number of reviews, trend covers, requested features and a whole lot more on my blog.

As some of you may be aware I also currently work on a number of social media and publication sites such as VI Talk Podcast, The Huffington Post UK and Insight Radio (every Friday at 2.15pm) which you can expect to see more over the next few week.s

So, I will reveal more very shortly more on what to expect with some other exciting news that may have a certain relation to Guide Dogs UK.

Bring on Summer 2014!

Anyhow, as you may have gathered from the title of this blog post, todays feature is a review on one of the latest products from The Body Shop known as the Instablur!

Product Details


Link: Click here

Price: £14

Retailers Description:

This all-new face perfector blurs imperfections, giving you flawless photo-perfect skin in an instant! With Community Fair Trade marula oil.
Five action perfector:-
Shine Controlling 12h
Reduces appearance of pores
Blemish Hiding
Complexion Unifying
Make-up Extending


Caption: A heahopt of myself with an adorned face of make up and the instablur
Caption: A heahopt of myself with an adorned face of make up and the instablur

On arriving at the Body Shop store in search of a new bronzer (review to follow soon,) the make up artist presented me with a new product that the company ha just launched. Of course I did purchase it having developed a sudden interest with primers and products that enhance and extend the longevity of your make up with Britain’s sudden spontaneous and somewhat humid seater.

At first I thought I had made a rather impulsive purchase, but my good gracious was I so incredibly wrong!

I have been using this product over the past few days and one event of which was a recent photoshoot I did for an upcoming major Guide Dogs Campaign/ Appeal and I was mesmerised with the results.

So, here is my verdict on the latest wonder product by the company.

Accessibility 3.5/6

The product had very good colour contrast of a white background and black text, however due to the fact that this product is not fragranced and that the company does not use braille the product does not receive full marks.

Therefore, I suggest the possible use of assistive technology such as the Pen Friend or the iPhone app Tap Tap See. 

Ease of Application 5/5 

The product is great to use at any time of the year and glides on smoothly on the skin, giving you excellent results in a minimal amount of time. This product works bet under cleansed, moisturised skin and can be work under any make up. The product is easy to open and does not leave any deposits or residues on the skin. It’s a great time saver and perfect if you want a smooth finish to your make up that does not take an extensive period of time.

Value for Money 5/5 

The product is available in a 25 ML bottle for £14 and you do not require a large amount of the product when applying. Use around a portion of the product that is smaller than the size of a pea as this product spreads evenly and utilises fair trade Marula oil to give a flawless finish to your make up that will last an exceedingly long time. Whats more, by using this product you will no longer had to use excess make up for those aggravating touch up sessions at any point.

Overall Quality 5/5 

All in all I found the results of this product to be incredible, it brightened up my complexion gave my foundation a flawless air brush appearance and my make up remained in place desire the fact that I was constantly on the move, going from wind, rain to warm humid air. This is truly a product of endurance and it is the perfect product for those who are looking for something that is long lasting and adds to achieving a smooth, brightened even complexion. For those nights out, long days, photoshoots, fashion bloggers and bloggers this is the perfect primer for you and I strongly urge every single reader to trial the product.

I guarentee you will not be disappointed with the results!


So, that wraps it up for my returning blog post, I hope you enjoyed my verdict on this new wonder product and please be assured that this is the first of many to come soon.

I bid you adieu my dear readers and will see you all next time!


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