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Over the past few weeks, in between the many long hours spent labouring on revision and essay writing, I recently signed up to a 5 week course at Greenwich Community College to learn all about how to make natural cosmetics.

During exam revision constantly looking over notes and pouring over revision books can really become a monotony. So, to break that I decided that a course in which I can learn how to make different products in which I could present to my readers in an accessible format would be just the ticket!

So now that the course has drawn to a close, I thought it was high time that articulated my thoughts and feelings on the course and how I found it from the stance of someone with sight loss.

Read on the find out more…

The Course



The course was run by a very knowledgeable, friendly and informative teacher named Penny Halford who is trained as a professional Beauty Therapist and Aromatherapist.

The course has been provided by Greenwich Community College and they plan to run the course again later on this year due to its popularity.

The course costs £55 (with concession available) and a carer is able to accompany free provided that the college are notified of this.

The course ran from 10am-12pm on a Saturday morning at Greenwich Park Centre and was held in a large spacious room in which the students were able to carry out practical task easily and effectively.

The course was a mixture of discussion, demonstration and particles in which we were required to work in small groups after learning about the ingredients we were going to be using.

It was a five week course which covered a wide variety of different products that we were able to make and learn about the ingredients. From bath salts, face creams to hair products we were able to learn the different properties of ingredients and the manner in which to use them.

What I Learnt


During the course I learnt a variety of skills, during the first week we specifically addressed general safety around creating ones own cosmetics.

These things ranged from learning about the general safety of handling cosmetics sic as what oils to avoid, what oils to use on certain medical cases such as pregnancy, homeopath and epilepsy. We were also able to begin to make products such as nail treatments and face serums in which we began to learn the different types of carrier oils such as Almond oil, Evening Primrose Oil and Jojoba oil and learn some of their benefits when using them in natural cosmetics.

During the second week we began to address other aspects of making products and focused our attention on using fresh ingredients such as yogurt and fruit to make fresh face masks. As well as learning about how to make different scrubs and the number of very average products one has in their Kitchen in which you can use to make different scrubs. Whats more, we also addressed how to cater for different skin types and to construct products that would suit different purposes such as cleansing, moisturising and revitalising.

On the third week we began to turn our attentions towards scent and were able to make different products such as a solid fragrance or alternatively a lip butter. However, I chose to make a solid perfume and by doing so learnt more on how different perfumes utilise different notes to create a blend and thus focused more on how to make a unique personalised fragrance.

On the fourth week our attention was focused on developing bath products and soaps in which was a more fun aspect of the course in the sense that it gave me some great ideas for making gifts for friends and family members.

Finally, on the fifth week we were truly able to put all of our knowledge to practice and thus create a base cream but add different vegetable oils, essential oils, preservatives and other ingredients to make a personalised cream that would suit the face, body, hands or feet. It was a great opportunity to develop a product that would be totally unique to every individual and would be carted to their needs and their skin type.

The overall purpose of the course was to enable the students to learn different basic recipes and to thus be equipped with the knowledge and the skills to tailor make products to suit particular people.

I truly felt that as a visually impaired person, I gained a valuable insight into the world of cosmetics and making eco friendly, cruelty free products.

We were all encouraged to develop different learning objectives that we wished to fur fill, from my perspective I really wanted to gain an insight into what different products would benefit the skin and learn more about developing products that would cater to different peoples tastes and personalities.

For myself, the course was an interesting, insightful sensory experience in which I gained confidence in making my own products and will continue to venture into making new recipes and creating new products in which I will report back to my readers.

Practical Work


The practical side of the course was fun, varied and really gave me a chance to practice my skills hen working with different products to make cosmetics.

I believe that the tutor was conscious of my disability and tried her best to cater towards it, I was always permitted to work with my carer (my mother) and another member of the group and thus the practical was more intimate and gave me the chance to practice the practical side of making different products.



In terms of accessibility, I found that the course was a very easy course to become accustomed to. Whats more, I had a very experienced tutor who was able to fully explain the ways in which different products would be used and who ensured that everyone was using the products correctly to prevent and incidents occurring.

Whats more, the room was of a large size and would cater for someone with a wheelchair or an assistance dog. The practicals were not to physically demanding and were as safe as possible, the tutor was constantly nearby to ensure that everyone was receiving the right support they needed. The room was also bright and airy and this made it easier for my to see what I was doing a I carried out practices.

The venue in Greenwich Park centre has good facilities and a good transport network for disabled people.

Finally, Penny was also incredibly helpful when providing me with the right literature needed in different formats and regularly ensured that large print and digital copies of the recipes and guidelines.

All in all I would highly recommend this course to someone with sight loss as it was one that was very insightful and gave a really sensory experience.



What Other People Said…

‘I thought the course was brilliant! Being a mother with two small children who suffer from severe nut allergies the course really enabled me to gather some ideas for both myself and my friends to be able to make feminine, non medical and safe products for our children.’

‘I really enjoyed the course and the sheer aspect of how easy and cost effective it is to make products just using things from your Kitchen.’

‘I really loved how the course equips you with the knowledge to make your own products that are unique to you.’

So, as we draw to a conclusion of this latest feature on, I can happily announce that I will be launching a series of features and videos on how to make different cosmetics based on what I know and have already learned.

The features will be around making different products that you can easily adapt and whats more I will ensure that they are made fully accessible.

I bid you all adieu…until the next time!

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