Dr Organics Bioactive Skincare Snail Gel Review


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Welcome back to yet another feature from me here at fashioneyesta.com, in todays feature I will be talking about my latest review of the Dr Organic Snail Gel.

Snail Gel has been a product which has been highly talked about my beauty bloggers and enthusiasts alike.

But what is it that makes snail gel so amazing? What is the cause of such an immense amount of hype around the product?

Dr Organics contains a conjunction of different ingredients such as Litsea, Aloe Vera and Proteins to moistuize, reguvinate and balance the skin.

It is acclaim to help signs of maturing skin, acne, dry and irritated skin. It boosts the skins immunity, plums up the skins upper layers leaving you with replenished skin.

So with all of these wonderful things that people claim Snail Gel to do, I finally succumbed to the hype on visiting me local Holland and Barrot and discovering free sachets of Dr Organics Snail Gel to trail.

So, read on the find out my verdict on what I thought of the protein, plant infused slime that one finds from our Mollusc friends.

Product Details


Name: Dr Organic Snail Gel

Price: £14.99 (usually £19.99

Link: Click here

Free from:
Free From Parabens, SLS, Artificial Colours, Fragrances, Harsh preservatives.
Suitable for Vegetarians
Against animal testing

First Impressions

Listen to the audio below

Accessibility 3/5: 

Of course, due to the fact that the Snail Gel was stored into a sample sachet i cannot give a full verdict on my thoughts of the product. However, i did find the product to have a rather distinctive texture and scent which is very much scented of Litsea in which smells rather like lemons. The brand has good colour contrast, however the lack of braille deducts the brand a mark.

Ease of Application 4/5:

The product applies relatively easily to the skin and only a small amount is required which ensures no drip occurs. However the product does not seem to have a large ‘slip’ which is a technical term in the cosmetics industry, meaning that the product does not spread easily. The product requires you to apply it relatively quickly. However it dries very quickly leaving your skin feeling smooth. To use this product you are required to apply it to the skin before your moisturising routine.

Value for Money 5/5:

The product comes in a large pot and due to the fact that you only require a very small amount of the product I believe this product would last you a long period of time.

Overall Quality 5/5:

All in all I found the product to be a surprisingly pleasant experience, it smells extremely sweet, absorbs quickly into the skin and is perfect for different seasons and skin types. This product has left my skin feeling smooth and more revitalised after just two uses of the product. It is quick to use and provides swift results, I will definitely be purchasing this product in a larger size in order to see the results over a longer period.

And once again folks we draw to a close, but never fear, I will be back with more reviews and features very soon.

Until them my dear readers, adieu!


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