An Aladdin’s Cave of Scents in Bromley Market



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Now I wonder which of you readers has ever before heard of a literary classic known as One Thousand and One Nights (otherwise known as The Arabian Nights) by Tahir Shah. 

Well if you have I am sure you will be familiar with the many mysterious, intoxicating and rich scenes that surround the Middle East. Magic carpets, flea markets, exotic animals, arabian princesses and of course caves of wonders.

2014-06-20 16.15.25

The book reveals a series of different tales told by the cunning wife of a rich and powerful Sultan who intends to make her his wife for a time and when the signs of age begin to show he will kill her and remarry has he has done so many times before. But, instead of despairing and pleading, she begin to tell the most amazing stories of the Middle East to her servant. Stories of magic and heroism and each night her husband returns to listen to another with the idea that he will end her life after the story. But, each night she begins another story and the Sultan is forced to wait another night until eventually he revokes the idea of executing her.

2014-06-20 16.16.06

Even if you have never read the many tales that surround the Middle East remain a prominent part of our culture and oral tales of the Easter World have spanned for many years. But for many one residing factors of the Middle East that beguiles and entrances us is the sights, sounds, tastes and smells. The exotic cushiness, the rich architecture, the music of the flea markets and the striking smells of incense.

Look at the picture below, you would think that the gold burning lamps with sweet jelling incence and the wooden bowls holding brightly colour incense powders in colours of deep purple, yellow and pink is straight from the markets of Dubai or Morocco. But, you may be surprised to learn that this both multi sensory appealing scene actually resides in South East London in Bromley high street an is run by a lovely individual by the name of John, a local crafter and Ronnie Barker fan.

2014-06-20 16.17.23

The other day when I was casually walking along Bromley High Street on a little shopping trip my nose began to twitch as I smelt the wonderful sensual aromas that I now know to be Jasmine and Frankincense.

On turning my head a fraction and then retracing my steps I came across one particular stand in Bromley high street which was decorated with deeply coloured Arabian rugs, wooden bowels and golden lamp burns. It was as if I was no longer in Bromley High Street on a hot humid day, but instead in the markets of the Arabian World. To me, being someone with a visual impairment fragrance has always been something of profound interest. I was so engrossed in smelling the different fragrances that I didn’t notice the friendly stall owners walking back towards his stand.

The seller was extremely friendly and allowed me to smell and trial different incense sticks and powders that he himself made. He was also kind enough to give me a number of different samples to trial and spent a great deal of time with me talking about what he made and his interests in fragrances.

2014-06-20 16.19.03

After trailing different scents, I finally decided on some Jasmine essence as it is one of my firm fragrances and is perfect for the evening. I also chose some Frankincense Incense which is a family favourite and its rich scent. In the middle east it is a known fact that many Arabian women would waft the incense around them an utilise it as a perfume. It is true that this applied for me as after walking away from the stall with my purchases stored in my bag I raised that I could still smell the aromas of Frankincense and Jasmine in the air and to my delight I realised that they were actually coming from my hair and clothes. So, if you are short on money or just prefer not to use perfume buying inscence is a savvy way of perfuming oneself.

2014-06-20 16.15.42

All one simply has to do with the powdered incense is burn it in an oil burner with no water and the smell begins to spread around the room and out into the house.

2014-06-20 16.15.31

My personal favourite scents were Jasmine, Frankincense Banana and Custard and another floral scent called Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamonds.

2014-06-20 16.15.34

A bag of powdered incense costs £3 as does a pack of incense sticks. All in all I think that they give a really wonderful scent to your home, they are long lasting and are excellent value for money. Whats more, all the products are handmade so you can be sure that they are organic, cruelty free and whats more they support a local trader.

This is something I love to write about on my blog, as supporting local crafters and raiders is something that for me is highly important to ensure that creativity prevails and that individuals have the means to express it. I suppose one could say that this is the Classical Liberalist in me.

2014-06-20 16.19.06

So, if any of you find yourself in Bromley high street on Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays simply follow your nose to reach the little cave of fragrance owners that lies just around the corner.

So, thats it for todays feature, join me soon as I will be sharing with you all my top tips to avoid something I like to call The Fake Tan Apocalypse!

I will see you all next time!

Thank You For Reading!


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  1. If anyone could find out this guys name it would be great. I’ve been searching for him for months as I’ve run out of the rocks!

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