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Welcome to a new blog post from me here at, today I call on you all to help me by taking part in my new online petition to encourage companies to add braille to their products and end the inaccessibility of cosmetics for people with sight loss across the UK.

Please read on for further details of my petition and a link will be added below for any of you who wishes to sign.

In the UK alone there are currently an estimated 2 Milion people with sight loss and and over 360,000 of this number are legally registered as blind or partially sighted.

A great deal of the visually impaired population in the world today use braile as a vital life skill and a way of navigating their way through daily routines. Medicine currently encorperates braille on their products, but the world of cosmetics when catering to braile readers is not as promising.

When visually impaired individuals cannot access cosmetics through the use of braille which is a vital life skill to them, their ability to use cosmetics is hindered.

Every consumer who purchases from a cosmetics company is entitled to equal treatment, accessibility is one way of esuring that this is ensured. Accessibility ranges from ensuring that their website is compatable with voiceover technology, to ensuring that shops and stores have wheelchair accessibilty. But, the majority of cosmetics companies across the world do not encorperate braille in their products and thus are not ensuring that their company is accessibily.

All disabled customer who accesses a brand is entitled to be treated equally by their service providers, however brands are not treating those visually impaired customers who require braille ad equals to their other customers.

To end this unaccessibility Emily Davison blogger at fashion and lifestyle website for people with sight loss and other disabilities and disability rights campainer is calling on all of YOU to sign this petition today. To ensure that cosmetics companies treat their visually impaired customers who use braille equally to their fully sighted customers.

Sign the petition, spread the word to encourage The CPTA to in turn encourage cosmetics companies to notice of the need and importance for incorperating braille on products.

Lets make the world of cosmetics accessible and equal for people with sight loss!

Please click here and spend a few moments of your time to sign the petition and spread the word to all of your friends and family!

I thank you all for your support!

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