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I hope this blog post finds everyone happy, well and prosperous. Before we begin, I would like to say a huge welcome to my new readers and a welcome back to my older ones. I

Now I’m sure some of you have been recently wondering why my blog has been a little more vacant than usual, of course there have been many reasons recently due to University, work and other such things. But very recently I can put my absence down to helping a charity that is and will always be very close to my hear and that charity is…Guide Dogs!

Yes, I’m sure it comes to not a huge surprise to many of you as if you have been reading my blog for some time or if you follow me on twitter (which is @DavisonEm if you are not) you will all be aware that I have a beautiful Guide Dog that goes by the name of Unity!

Now I am very passionate about helping different charities and supporting those that make changes to benefit others, from WWF, Peta, Great Orman Street to the less known ones like the Fox Project. I am a big supporter and endorser of charity work but Guide Dogs comes about many because they have change my life beyond all compare. So, today I thought I would share with you all some of the recent work I have been doing for the charity which I hope serves to keep you all satisfied and clears up the reason for why I have not been on this space raving about shoes or mascara!


Guide Dogs Moments Campaigns 

Now one of the most exciting things that has recently happened to me in tendon with Guide Dogs is being a crucial part of their latest fundraising campaign known as the ‘Moments’ campaign. Which is aimed at showing the public the special moments in time that are only made possible with the help of a guide dog. I have recently appeared in many different things including their latest radio advert which can be found on Absolute Radio and I have also appeared in a number of billboard and online adverts which can be seen below…

An image of me and guide dog Unity walking
An image of me sitting on a chair stroking my guide dog as she lays down licking a paw
An image of me and unity walking down a corridor

What I’m Wearing

Dress: A navy blue full circle skirt 50s dress with 3/4 sleeves and a v neckline with a gold star pattern.

From: Emily and Fin

Shoes: Navy blue pumps in a velvet like material

From: Primark 

Bag: Light blue boxy shaped large tote bag with gold detailing.

From: H&M

Price: 34.99

Necklace: Bronze dragonfly pendant necklace with gem detailing

From: Pia (old stock

I wanted to keep the look simple so I curled my hair and applied a natural looking makeup look with attention on the eyes. But I really wanted the message to speak loud and clear so I chose an outfit that was stylish but classic.

These adverts also appeared at a recent fundraising event that I attended known as Dogs Unite, an event in London and that will occur in other parts of the UK which dog owners can bring their dogs to take part in Sponsored walks to raise money for guide dogs. You can also watch a variety of shows, find out more about the amazing work that Guide Dogs do and meet the people who make it all happen.

Click here to find out more and to see when one will be coming to a city near you.

My image and my story of how Unity changed my life was also featured and published in The Daily Mail on Sunday both in the News Paper and online! But, what was most exciting about this amongst the coverage for Guide Dogs was that the reporter was kind enough to mention my blog in the article!

Click here to see the online spread on Gudie Dogs from The Daily Mail. 

Special thanks to Karen Kay for mentioning in the spread!

Image of the newspaper spread

Working with Guide Dogs Campaigns 

Another very exciting aspect of working with Guide Dogs is that I have recently been working with Guide Dogs Campaigns as a volunteer every week over the Summer. I have always been an avid campaigner and it is something I am extremely passionate about doing. I have been helping the team with a lot of different aspects of the campaigns that we are currently running.

One of them is in relation to the current Streets Ahead campaign, aimed at tacking the issue of street clutter from wheelie bins to pavement parking.

On twitter we have launched a social media campaign known as #fromthestreet.

The campaign is aimed at getting all of YOU to send in your images of street clutter and send them to us under this hashtag. The campaign focuses on raising awareness of local street clutter and as a team effort we want you to tweet this to us and your local councils to establish the importance of keeping our streets clear for not just visually impaired people but for all pedestrians.

This campaign was designed by me and it is one I bid you all to get involved in.

So all you have to do is…

1. Take an mage of local street clutter on whatever device you want.

2. Send them via Twitter to @gdcampaigns under #fromthestreet.

3. Or you can email them to 

So, whether its hanging branches, cars, wheelie bins or road works send them in and lets put a stop to street clutter for good!


Another project that I am currently working on is the development of the Guide Dogs Campaigns and Blind Children UK Audioboo channels in which I will be planning and recording content for.

For those of you who are not aware Audioboo is a great social media network similar to YouTube which allows you to create media content in the style of chats and podcasts and follow and get followers. So, for those of you budding broadcast journalists be sure to check out the site.

You can also find me on Audioboo by searching ‘fashioneyesta’

We are currently working on a number of different content features which include interviews, live coverage at events, discussions, news topics and recordings of speeches.

So, to find out more and to hear the latest content from the Guide Dogs Campaigns official audioboo account click here.

I have also written a number of blog posts on behalf of the campaigns team which describe some of the daily struggles I have as a Guide Dog Owner and my experiences of growing up with a visual impairment.

They will appear shortly so watch the Campaigns Blog to read them when they are launched.

Click here to view the Campaigns Blog

The other aspect I love about working with the Campaigns team aside from the work and the amazing people I meet is going to different political events to lobby MPs and local councils to make a change.

Two of the most recent events I went to was a Parliamentary reception in relation to the Talking Buses Campaign where I saw a beautiful puppy named Bobbi!

The other was the LGA Conference in Bournemouth, which is an annual conference for council representatives in which different organisations and charities events.

I attended the event as a representative of Guide Dogs and Blind Children UK. I was very privileged to take part in a speech in which a describe my experiences of growing up with sight loss and the importance of Habilitation workers in councils for visually impaired children so that they too can grow up with the same confidence and opportunities as their peers.

Me and Guide Dog Puppy Bobbie
Me and Guide Dog Puppy Bobbie
At the Downing Street stand discussing politics
At the Downing Street stand discussing politics
Me and Unity waiting for the speech to begin
Me and Unity waiting for the speech to begin
Here I go...
Here I go…

The speech is averrable to view (partly) on my blog but my camera did fail so only half is available to listen to. But it will also be going live on the Guide Dogs Campaigns audioboo account, so be sure to follow the account to listen to the speech in full if you are interested.

Watch the blog of the event below…

ITV Filming 

The final thing that I have recently been getting up to with Guide Dogs and the most thrilling of all is that I embarked on a little trip clan in my make up finery, Vivienne Westwood Shoes and Guide Dogs T shirt to the ITV Studios in London!

But, alas for the time being this is all I can say on the matter as it is rather hush hush for the moment and ITV have specified that no one is to disclose anything about the filming until it is aired.

So, until later this year this is all I can say for now, but you will spot me, Emily from fashioneyesta and guide dog Unity on TV!

I will be sure to notify you all of the date in which it will be aired.

Selfie of me in my Colbalt blue Guide Dogs T Shirt
Selfie of me in my Colbalt blue Guide Dogs T Shirt
An image of me and my two pals with Unity at the ITV studios
An image of me and my two pals with Unity at the ITV studios

So, that sums it up for todays blog feature my dear readers, I know a break away from fashion. But I think it is important for you to know what I get up to when I am absent from my beloved blog.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already and never fear fashion features will be revealed soon. So, sight tight and be prepared for my latest blog posts, YouTube videos and project news coming very soon!

Don’t forget to sign up to the Fashioneyesta Newsletter by clicking here to find out the latest news and updates on what I am getting up to.

Thank you for reading!

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3 thoughts on “It’s All About Guide Dogs!

  1. I’ve shared this post on a Facebook page I’m following called Badly Parked Cars to help highlight street clutter 🙂 hope it can help in some way.

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you so much for your support in this issue! It’s so great when people like yourself share and spread the word of this. The smallest thing can make such a huge difference!
      So thank you!

      1. You are very welcome. I’m not the kind of person to follow bandwagons, I only support causes I full agree with. 🙂

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