A Sweet Tooth For Fashion: Celebrating 50 Years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

‘We are the the music makers…and we are the dreamers of dreams’

Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to another blog here at fashioneyesta.com!

In todays feature I will be discussing something in fashion thats a little more novelty and quirky to the everyday fashions that I report on.

This one, suffice it to say, is not for the faint hearted and it is one dedicated to those of my readers who truly invest in their fashion to represent their personality.

As some of you may know, if you like me are a complete and utter Roald Dahl fan, this year marks the grand and glorious anniversary of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. A tale that has captured the nation for decades and still has children thrilled and excited to this day.


Now, it is one of the best selling works of children’s literature of all time, has been made into numerous TV adaptions and is now live to see on stage.

So, with all this into account, I thought that the perfect way to salute this amazing work of fiction was to showcase with you all today some of my top picks for how you can make your wardrobe as sweet as can be!

So, if your brave enough to live on the quirky side of fashion then keep reading and find out how you can achieve this ultra fun look that you can wear again and again even after this special anniversary.

Colourful assorted childrens sweets and candy

Fashion and Accessorise 

Pick One


Description: Red heart shaped lollipop necklace. A truly fun and easy way to incorporate this sweet fashion into your wardrobe without looking too overly dressed.

Price: £35

From: Tatty Devine

Link: Click here 

Pick Two


Kimko-_Shot_87_016Description: A light blue scarf with a cupcake pattern in different pastel shades and alternating angles. A cute, but casual way to salute the 50th anniversary of the book.

Price: £17

From: Scarves of London

Link: Click here

Pick Three


Description: A navy blue top with cap sleeves and a ice cream in colours of yellow, orange and lilac. This is an adorable top and is perfect for anyone who loves wearing their jeans, shorts and cute heels or converse. The same print is also available as a top.

Price: £18 (sale price)

From: Sugarhill Borique 

Link: Click here

Pick Four


Description: A cute min coloured ice cream pendant necklace with a lifelike 3d detailing to it. This item is absolutely perfect for the Summer and reminds one of summer holidays and British Seasides.

Also available in cream and brown.

Price: £6

From: Lisa Angel 

Link: Click here

Pick Five 


Description: A lolly shaped iPhone 5 case made out of a starchy plastic material with colours of yellow, orange and red running in three horizontal lines.

Price: £8 (was £12)

From: ASOS

Link: Click here

Pick Six: Fashioneyesta Loves 


Description: A make up and toiletry bag duo in bright retro design with all the different famous british lollies such as a fab lolly, a rocket lolly, a 99 and a fruit pastel lollies with background colours of blue, yellow, white and pink. If you are a regular sports enthusiast, attend a lot of sleepovers, are planning a holiday or are a bit of a traveler this would be the perfect accessory for you! This bag screams to me memories of the british seaside and Summer holidays!

Price: £12

From: ASOS

Link: Click here

Pick Seven


Description: A vibrant, fun sweatshirt for anyone who likes to be a little more flamboyant with their clothing. This colourful sweatshirt has a brightly coloured sweet pattern in colours of yellow, green, pink and purple and is perfect with a causal pair of jeans or short. This would make a great addition to your wardrobe for those days where you need a little bit of colour.

Price: £38 (reduced from £60)

From: Mr GuGu and  Miss Go

Link: Click here

Pick Eight


Description: Topshop presents the classic ‘Joni’ jeans a pair of tight skinny jeans but in a light pink colour which is very similar to the colour of candy floss. This is a great way of incorporating an element of candy coloured fashion to your wardrobe which is akin to the pastel trend.

Price: £36

From: Topshop

Link: Click here

Pick Nine: Fashioneyesta loves


Description: Another classic masterpiece from the queen of bags herself, fashion designer OBE Lulu Guinness created a seasonal bag in which she designs a different shop bag for every season. For the Summer she has created this wonderful sweet shop tote bag. The scene depicts a bright yellow shop with two windows displaying a temping array of treats in yellow and white, pink and white, blue and white and black and white bottles with little swirled lollies in the windows too. The door also depicts an open sigh with a pick and mix sign below it. The bag is edged with black detailing  and the worlds ‘LuLu’s Sweet Shop’ at the top in multi coloured lettering. This bag marks one of the classic styles of lulu Guinness, it is so well made and these days do eventually become collectors items in years to come. So, if you are brave enough and want to invest in a truly beautiful bag that represents your love of all things sweet look no further than this creation from Lulu Guinness.

Price: £150 (was £375)

From: Lulu Guinness

Link: Click here

Pick One


Description: A light Pink strawberry coloured nail polish in the shade ‘Strawberry Ice Cream.’ A fun, feminine colour perfect for anyone who loves the pastel trends we have been seeing this season.

Price: £2.99

From: Barry M

Link: Click here

Pick Two

lrgscaleBarry M Nail Paint Polish 10Ml - 308 Berry Ice Cream

Description: A lilac coloured nail varnish known as the shade ‘Berry Ice Cream.’ This is the perfect nail varnish for anyone who wants to spice up their nail collection this Summer!

Price: £2.99

From: Barry M

Link: Click here

Pick Three: Fashioneyesta Loves


Description: This has to be one of the most famous makeup products on the current market, the cruelty free brand Too Faced has created a very unique eyemake up pallet. The outer casing has been designed to appear like a glossy chocolate bar with the ‘Too Faced’ name in pink lettering. When you open it you find a delicious array of 16 shades of eye colours in warm chocolate tones some being glittery and some being matte. For anyone who likes having a luxury palette in their collection that is god for holidays and when you are on the go i would recommend this amazing p and did you know the eye shadows are made from cocoa powder! I don’t believe you could get something ever more themed around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Price: £45

From: Too Faced

Link: Click here

So, there you have it those are my top picks for how you too can salute 50 years of the world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. i hope this feature today inspires you to enter the world of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and re experience your childhood memories of delights beyond your wildest dreams. So, remember thing pastel colours, bold prints and have as much fun as you wish!

If you recreate any of these looks today or are inspired to create your own sweet inspired look please tweet them to me @DavisonEm under #candyfashion 

And with that I shall see you all next time!

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