The Elephant Parade Comes To the UK

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Now it has been quite a while since I wrote a feature relation to something to do with interiors or animal rights related matters.

But, what I love most about blogging is when designers, celebrities and artists and animal welfare campaigns combine to create something truly amazing that everyone can enjoy.

Today I am going to be talking to you all about a truly amazing campaign which incorporates art and animal conservation together and has become exceedingly popular over the past few years across the Globe.

photo 5
An image of the tiger elephant

The Elephant Parade is an international campaign in which designers, artists,  celebrities and other individuals have come together to design and paint an elephant with their own personal touch in order to spread awareness and raise money for a cause that is dedicated to conserving elephants in Asia.

Their slogan is to ‘Paint a Brighter Future’ and the painted elephants symbolise not only the passions and personalities of their designers but also show a united representation of how conservation of endangered animals such as elephants due to things such as the ivory trade is so imperative for the future of these beautiful animals.

The parade fears a variety of different animals from large ones that can be viewed and will later be available for auction. To smaller ones which can be purchased now. The parade has been on a national tour and can currently be seen for a few more days in Intu Bromley-a local shopping centure in which I have been lucky enough to see the amazing artwork on offer.

So, today i will be telling you all about the concept of the brand, what they offer, the current UK tour, some of the amazing elephant designs, the current competition and how and where you can buy your own elephant.

And don’t worry! For any of my visually impaired readers I will be sure to describe every elephant design that I mention in detail so you will not be short of a mental image of their sheer brilliance and beauty.

So if your intrigued and want to know more about this innovative concept please read on, I can assure you by the end of this feature you will want to own your own elephant to!

About The Cause

An image of Mosha
An image of Mosha

Elephant Parade was founded in 2006 by father and son Mark and Mike Spits. During a holiday in Thailand they met a young elephant called Mosha who had severely damaged a leg after stepping on a landline. After this encounter that started The Elephant Parade which aimed to raise funds and awareness for the elephants of Asia which would be a long term source to provide for these elephants.

The parade first toured in the Neverlands back in 2007 and has now reached global success and has been endorsed by a large number of celebrities like Katy Perry, Paul Smith and the Prince of Denmark.

The Elephant Parade is in support of the Asian Elephant Foundation.

The icon of the parade is that elephant shape which can be found in different designs from patriotic colours, beautiful butterfly, designer logos and a lot more. The parade truly endorses the arts as a way of providing for the future generations of Asian Elpehants. This was a campaign that has truly touched my hurt in so many ways and it is one that I feel extremely passionate about.

It has one many awards such as the London Lifestyle Awards and The Marketing Events Awards. 

The money raised through large auctions of the larger elephants that have been on exhibition or the smaller ones that have been available to buy by the public are donated to the conservation programme.

Watch the video below

So, how it works is that different designers, artists and celebrities like Leona Lewis, Lulu Guinness and Charlotte Brown are approached to design different scenes to paint on these elephants that are then developed into large elephants as high as you and me which are displayed during the course of the parade and are then available for auction.

Image of a light silver large elephant
Image of a light silver large elephant

Click here to view the auction for the UK Tour.

They are also developed into little elephants that come in a range of sizes for different prices which you can buy online or at the parade venue. They are currently available to buy for a limited time at Bromley centre and will then be moving on for the Hong Kong tour. But, you will still be able to find them online. What I love most about the brand is that these elephants are completely unique, there is only a limited number of each elephant ever made in the world. it is not mass produced they are crated with love and when they are gone they are gone they will not be reproduced. So, when you buy one you will have something completely individual and will become something of a family treasure in years to come.

How You Can Get Involved

Image of a deep orange elephant with black leaf detailing
Image of a deep orange elephant with black leaf detailing

There are many ways that you can get involved in raising awareness of the conservation of asian elephants and The Elephant Parade itself.

From the most simplest such as spreading the world of the parade itself via world of mouth or by social media spaces like twitter, Facebook and so on. You could even, like me, blog about the Parade or enter in their current competition the details of which we will get to shortly.

Or of course you can invest in one of the beautiful smaller elephants that are on sale both on the webshop by clicking here.

And believe me i will be next showcasing some of my top picks for the elephants on offer and like i said you will own a work of art that only an exclusive number of people in the world will own.

Fashioneyesta’s Picks

So next up I will be sharing with you some of my personal favourite elephants that I saw during my trip to Intu Bromley.

Sizes and Prices

The prices range depending on which elephant it is, how rare it is and who has designed it. But there will always be an elephant and a size that will be within your price range whether that may be £30 or £100.

Pick One: Than Ying

photo 2-1

Description: A dark purple elephant with light pink feet pink ankle bracelet and cute pink painted tutu with matching pink headdress detailing and light blue eyes. Giving it a real in indian glamour inspired feel.  This elephant is positioned to be walking.

Designed By: Karina Choudhire

Price: from £39.99-£1959 different sizes

Webshop Link: Click here

Pick Two: Ice Creamy 

Image of the Ice Creamy elephant
Image of the Ice Creamy elephant

Description: A elephant sitting down which has been painted in the colour and pattern of a strawberry ice cream with a light pink half with painted hundreds and thousands and painted to look like the texture of ice cream until down to the mid drift. Where a brown cone like pattern takes its place. The artist has even painted a small cherry on the elephants head and a strawberry has been painted on the left arm. This elephant is positioned to be sitting down and has brown eyes.

Designed By:  Karina Choudhire

Price: £54.95-£1959

Webshop Link: Click here 

Pick Three: Little Sweetie 

photo 5-1

Description:  A white elephant standing up with a vibrant pattern of different sweets such as love hearts, dolly mixtures, cola bottles, humbugs and boiled sweets in colours of red, pink brown, green blue and more. This style is classic and ever so pretty, the elephants eyes are depicted to be closed.

Designed by: Charlotte Brown

Price: £29.99-£1959

Link: Click here

Pick Four: Kissed

Image of the Kiss elephant
Image of the Kissed elephant

Description: A white elephant with the trademark Lulu Guinness red kiss mark on the body and smaller ones on the trunk of the elephant. The elephant is depicted to be standing up and its eyes are closed with very long back eyelashes. Lulu Gunness has also signed it off with her signature ‘Love Lulu’ and two x mars next to it.

Designed by: Lulu Guinness 

Price: £79.95-£229

Link: Click here

Pick Five: Free Spirit 


Description: This is without a doubt my all time favourite one of the entire parade and in fact this was the one after much browsing on the stall that I chose to purchase. Leona Lewis has designed a beautiful elephant which depicts a light blue background with different animals depicted in a cartoon style. Animals such as dolphins, rabbits, horses, butterflies and many more with the peace sign and plats and flowers depicted on the design. This elephant has a host of different colours and animals on it and represents nature and animals begin free. As someone who advocates the rights of animals on my blog it is something that I was immediately drawn to. The elephant is standing up and it is depicted to have crimson eyes which stands out against the light blue.

Designed by: Leona Lewis

Price: £54.95-£74.95

Link: Click here

Pick Six: Tigerphant

photo 5

Description: This is one of the most striking elephants of the collection and in my opinion is an example of how some artists use the imagination so effectively. This elephant is depicted to be standing up amber tiger eyes and striking tiger markings in the shades of deep orange, white and black. It is a true beauty and a real work of art.

Designed by: Dominique Salm

Price: £29.95-£299

Webshop Link: Click here

Pick Seven: The Butterfly Effect


Description: This is a truly remarkable elephant with a light blue and white background in a gradient effect with yellow detailing to the feet and wide expressive eyes in a jungle red colour. The elephant is depicted to be sitting down and the designer has painted an array of beautiful butterflies of different shapes and colours such as red, blue, green and orange with little flowers and greenery also added to the elephant. This is a beautiful piece of work and the attention to detail is truly incredible.

Designed by: Jane Veveris Callan

Price:  £74.95-£2690

Webshop Link: Click here

Tour Details

photo 4-1

Current Competition 

Do you fancy your chances of being a budding artist?

Well why not enter the competition by buying a paint your own elephant kit and designing an elephant. If your elephant wins you could be in which the chance of having your elephant made into a larger one and added to the international parade and will also be flown to Bangkok for the ultimate luxury of visiting a spa and having access to the VIP party brushing shoulders with the artists and celebrities.

The 2nd and 3rd prizes also include a holiday in Bangkok with spa access.

Click here to purchase the artbox for £29.95

Click here for further competition details.

photo 3

Get Social

Website: Click here

Twitter: Clcik here

Facebook:  Click here

YouTube: Click here


So I hope this has inspired you all today to go and check out this amazing cause and what if offers for the future of such a majestic animal.

Conservation is one of the most important things for the future of animals across the world and i hope this this blog post that I have written today has gone some small way towards raising awareness of not only The Elephant Parade but also the conservation of elephants as a widespread issue.

So I strongly encourage you to check out their website, follow them on any social link that you are able to and please spread the world of this amazing project!

And with that my dear readers I will see you all next time!

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