My Fake Tan Disaster and Advice on How Not To Have One


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Today I am here with a blog post on something which is very relevant to the holiday season, now many of us all have a shared love for that bronzed skin. Whether it be from a bottle, a spot of sunbathing or being sprayed at you from a distance we all have a love for tanning ourselves for events, social days out and holidays.

But, there are times when they can go terribly wrong, whether it do through a beauty therapist having used the wrong shade of colour, or a tan thats gone exceedingly patchy. We have all experienced something which is known as ‘The Spray Tan Apocolypse’ a beauty disaster unlike any other. One that sends both girls and guys screaming in shock as they see their orange coloured skin and realise that they have experienced the beauty scenario that we all know and dread.

But, today with this blog post I hope to give you some tips and tricks on how to avoid a fake tanning apocalypse, I have had many fake tan disasters in my life and I hope that you learn from my experiences on how to achieve the perfect holiday tan.

So, let us begin….

The Dos 

  • Wax 24 hours before your spray tan appointment.
  • Always remember to exfoliate and shave thoroughly prior to a spray tan.
  • Aways apply a light body lotion.
  • Have your spray tan early in the morning or after a shower to avoid sweat incurred patchiness.
  • Wear light clothing such as palazzo pants, a tracksuit or anything loose fitting to avoid patchiness.
  • Always seek advice on what colour to go for depending on your natural skin tone and hair colour.
  • Seek advice by word of mouth to find out some of the best salons for spray tan in the area.
  • Always! Get a lift home: to avoid getting patches due to rain and in general your tan will be very dark.
  • When home always use older bed sheets to sleep on and cover your sofa or chair with an old blanket to avoid staining to your upholstery.

The Don’ts 

  • Never get your spray tan wet.
  • Do not put on deodorant before a spray tan
  • Do not wear clothes that will make you sweat, avoid materials such as polyester.
  • Never wear socks or tight fitting shoes that will case patchiness to the feet.
  • Never wear your more expensive items of underwear when having a spray tan.
  • Do not wear white clothing when having a spray tan as it will most likely stain your clothing.

What To Do if It Goes Wrong

So, you haven’t followed the advice have you? Of course you wouldn’t be reading this section of the blog if you had. You made a mistake and now your spray tan has made you look like something akin to a deck chair?

Well, all I can reply on this is that we learn from our mistakes and I hope that you have learned what a disaster a spray tan can be if it is not applied well or if you don’t follow the standard procedures beforehand.

But, never fear here are some of my top tips for removing your spray tan disaster…

  1. Take a lemon, sliced in half and apply it to the affected areas to remove the tan. But, don’t apply it where there are cuts, razes or broken skin.
  2. Exfoliate, you must exfoliate if you get a fake tan disaster use one in which the exfoliator is made up of finely ground particles to make the tan fade quicker. You should exfoliate and moisturise as much as possible to remove the dead skin and gradually fade the spray tan.
  3. Use a bronzing cream to help cover up the streaks or patchiness.
  4. Cover up with things such as palazzo pants, kimonos, maxi dresses and jackets. If it is hot weather find garments that will disguise any fake tan marks.

So I hope this gives you some insight as to what to do and what not to do when experimenting with fake tan. But, remember if things do result in a disaster you are not the only one who has ever made that mistake.

So, by following my guide get yourself bronzed and ready to enjoy flaunting your new tan!

Until next time my dear readers!


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