The Makeup Revolution #SELFIE Palette Review

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Today I have a very exciting review for you all which I have been so eager to share with you all.

Recently I was contacted by a UK company known as Makeup Revolution who asked me to review their palette known as the #SELFIE palette. After spotting me on twitter in a victorious selfie image taken post exam results. They were very kind to send the the palette for me to review and trial for the benefit of you lovely readers.

photo 1

So, I now finally have a review on the product to showcase for you all today.

So, if you are in search for a new makeup palette or are unsure about what eye shadow pigments would best suit you carry on reading for my review on this fantastic product that should be an essential part of every woman’s make up kit.


Product Details 

Name: #Selfie Palette

Brand: Makeup Revolution 

Price: £4.99

Link: Click here

Comes with a free eye primer.

My First Thoughts

photo 3

When the palette first arrived all encased in bubble wrap, I found that I was delighted with how compact it was. I had been looking for a small makeup palette to take on my travels with me, should I ever seek to touch up my eye makeup. And finally here it was!

When i opened the very eye catching packaging i was pleased to find a small additional eye primer inside and the palette itself. The palette has a very remarkable, eye packing packaging. The actual front part of the casing itself has a holographic affect giving it this really cool appearance of flashing lights. The pink background and bold text reading #SELFIE changes next to black background and white text and in other lights other pigments. It is very eye catching and not something i have come across before, even in more high end products.

When i opened the palette itself (with ease) I find that the mirror in it was pleasantly large for such a small palette and it also came with a thin plastic covering for the eye shadows which told you what each individual shade was called. This I must admit I was very impressed with as the shades themselves were all very warm shades of nude with very creative names that related to social media terminology.

Of course I know this would be a given fact due to its title as The #SELFIE palette, names like share this and #chocfix are some creative terms for the colours that I was soon to use.

What I Used

An image of my eye with the pigments I used
An image of my eye with the pigments I used

Shade 1: Check Me In (a light nude colour) on the entire eye from lash to underneath the orbital bone.

Shade 2: ME ME ME (a light shimmery colour) To act as a highlighter underneath the eyebrow and a tiny amount underneath on the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them.

Shade 5: Awks (a light rose pink colour) On the lids to give the look a bit of warmth for the Summer.

Shade 7: Share This (a dark brown) on the corners to give it a smokey affect and a bit of drama. Although you could always leave the latter out of the equation for a more casual, daytime look.

Watch My First Impressions Video Below…

Top Tips For Application 

photo 4

  • Start by prepping your eyes with a small amount of the included eye primer.
  • Always be sure to pick colours for the occasion. The first six shades make great day time shades. Where as the last four can be added to create a more dramatic look.
  • Always be sure to blend the colours in well.
  • Choose the colours that best suit your skin tone.
  • Never overload the brush.

Favourite Shades

An image of my hand with the swatches of the different shades
An image of my hand with the swatches of the different shades

Shade 1: Check Me In-For it’s versatility and ease of application.

Shade 2: ME ME ME-For the fact that it makes such a great higliter.

Shade Three: #Chocfix– As it is such a warm comforting colour.

Shade Five: #Awks-It is the perfect colour for my blue eyes, red hair and delicate skin tone. It really compliments my colouring and is an easy to wear colour.


photo 4

Accessibility: 4/5

The packaging was easy to open and easy to navigate around. The mirror was considerably large and easy to see as you apply the make up. The hoe graphic texture on the packaging gave it a distinctive feel to anyone with sight loss and the hard plastic casing, combined with its compact structure meant that it is a sturdy palette that I wager would not easily break. There was also good colour contrast on the palette itself and the pigments were all divided meaning that it would be easier to nagivate around the different shades.

The only thing that the brand could improve on is to incorporate braille onto the product.

Ease of Application: 5/5 

The eye shadows were all easy to apply and I did not experience any fall out during the application. The colours bended in very well, provided that it is blended in gentle motions with a blending brush. The shades are all very easy to wear and combine for different looks. I would recommend the first six shades for someone who is visually impaired and attempting to apply the palette without someone to consult for a second opinion. The last four shades are very dark and are more to add for evening looks.

Value for Money: 5/5

Excellent value for money, considering that you get 10 eye shadows in a well presented palette with a free eye primer.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

Overall I really enjoyed using this palette, the accessibility was very promising and the product was quick and easy to apply without any fall out or smudging. The colours are in very warm shades and work with with my natural colouring. I found this palette to be very user friendly and anyone could apply it whether they are a pro at using makeup or somewhat of a novice.

If you are searching for a small, easy to use nude coloured palette to wear for any occasion to take on holiday or to fit into an everyday makeup bag then this is absolutely the product destined for your makeup bag!

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