Beneath The Depths of the Sea

photo 1

In your wildest dreams you see imagine yourself to be.

No longer in human form but with a glistening tail.

Where you too will swim amidst the sea.

Where dolphins frolic, seabirds fly and where Seamen reveal their wildest tales.

Take a chance and be brave.

Come, take my hand!

Hear those gentle waves…

As they lap against the sand.

Come dive into the waters with me!

Where shoals of fish and the creatures of the deep come to play.

Allow yourself to become a part of the sea.

Your dream is to be a mermaid and I will show you the way.

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to fashioneyesta,com where I reveal to you all a very special fashion feature today which will kick start future ones like it.

Now i’m sure many of you readers will have at one point in your life heard of the classic fairy tale ‘The Little Mermaid’ by Hans Christian Anderson or seen the Disney Adaptation in 1989.


The folklore traditions that surround the mythical beings that are half human and half mer can be traced from all comers of the world for hundreds of years. These beautiful, legendary creatures that have taken centre stage of the fantasies of many children and are on of the icons of fairy takes are they are known today.


As a child I was engrossed with the whole idea of mermaids and the prospect of swimming in the sea amongst dolphins, shoals of fish and mighty wales. Free to search for pearls and beautiful treasures in ship wrecks like Ariel herself. To be honest, even now at the age of 20 I have never stopped dreaming of this. I guess it must be something in relation to the fact that my height has never changed that rapidly. Which is why I still have childhood fantasies.


When I was in school I distinctly remember my old troll of a teacher whom I distinctly remember to have had a huge wart on her face, ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up.

I raised my hand and my answer was ‘to be a mermaid.’ She simply chided my for being so ridiculous and that was the last we spoke of it. I think she always saw me as the dreamer of the class. indeed I was always daydreaming of adventures rather than being forced to endure the tortures of Primary School.

Anyway, thats enough of an autobiography for today, what I am here to talk to you all about today is how you too can look like a mermaid. After all, there is a huge misconception that the mermaid look is confined merely to fancy dress and children under the age of eight. However, I am here today to prove that this is wrong, the mermaid look is one of the most beautiful looks that you can achieve and it is one that you can make as refined or as daring as you choose.

Over the Summer there has been a huge revival of the mermaid inspired launch from Tatty Devine releasing their own sea inspired collection to aspects of the fishtail dress being seen on the catwalk.

From maxi skirts, to pearlescent materials, to shells, I am here with my extensive guide on how you can create your own mermaid look. I will be sharing my top looks with you, showcasing some top picks of mermaid inspired fashion and giving my top tips on how to shop and dress around the mermaid look. With full descriptions for my visually impaired readers, to make it accessible for everyone to enjoy!

So come with me and lets take a dive into the waves!

Key Looks

So, today I have two of my key looks for how I personally dress for the mermaid look both are different but have some key aspects that you would expect a mermaid to have. Remember, you can tailor your mermaid look to whatever specification you choose.

Look One

photo 1

Top: White lose fitting sleeveless top with the words ‘I Heart Mermaids’ on the front. But the heart is instead a shell detailed with pink, blue and turquoise sequins.

Please not this was from the Children’s Section.

From: Matalan (now only available in store.)

Price: £4 (was £7)

Image of my Mermaid Inspired top
Image of my Mermaid Inspired top

Leggings: Suba Mermaid Leggings 

Description: Turquoise scuba material leggings with a Mermaid scale pattern design on them.

From: TopShop (now only available in store.)

Price: £7

An image of me wearing my Mermaid inspired shoes
An image of me wearing my Mermaid inspired shoes

Shoes: Homewood Heeled Sandels Muli Coloured 

Description: Pearlescent, faux snakeskin material sandals with chunky white heel and straps. They are designed to reflect different colours when the light hits them giving them the allusion of the sea or a pearl. Perfect for any mermaid inspired look!

From: ASOS

Price: £21 (was £28)

Link: Click here

photo 4

Necklace: Gold Mermaid Necklace

Description: Gold perspex mermaid necklace which is depicted to be swimming along, tail flexed, clutching a shell with her hair drifting around her.

From: Tatty Devine (no loner available on the Tatty Devine Website but may be available in store and still available via the link below.)

Price: £45

Link: Click here

An image of me wearing my shell shaped ring
An image of me wearing my shell shaped ring

Ring: Scallop Shell Ring

Description: Pearlescent shell shaped adjustable ring.

From: Tatty Devine (no longer available online, but may still be amiable in store.)

Hair Clip: Starfish Hair Clip

Description: Real starfish with a hair clip fastened to the back.

From: eBay

Look Two

An image of me in my full mermaid look
An image of me in my full mermaid look

Top: Cream Crochet Trim Waistcoat

Description: Cream draped waistcoat with crocket detailing to the top area , with a dipped hem and designed to have a waterfall effect in a very soft fabric. I personally wore this tucked into my skirt in the fashion of a top, but if your not feeling as daring you could always pair a little bandeau underneath.

From: New Look

Price: Showing up as £17.99 online, but in store I payed £10

Link: Click here 

An image of myself looking downwards. My starfish hair clip on show.
An image of myself looking downwards. My starfish hair clip on show.

Skirt: Coral Maxi Knife Pleat Skirt

Description: A coral coloured maxi skirt with knife pleats and elasticated hem. Its cut, combined with its fluid movement gives the allusion of it being like a mermaid tail.

From: Primark (Old Stock)

Price: £8

photo 3


Necklace: Sea inspired Necklace

Description: A necklace with sea inspired objects such as star fish and shells on it. With gold detailing on the chain.

From: eBay

Hair Clip: Star Fish Hair Clip

Description: A genuine star fish with a hair clip attached.

From: eBay

Ring: Scalloped Sea Shell Ring

Description: Pearlescent adjustable sea shell shaped ring.

From: Tatty Devine (no longer available online, but may still be available in store.)

Make Up and Hair

For the images  I chose to go for something that represented Mermaids in action. So, I deeply conditioned my hair to give it that glossy sheen to mimic being in the see and then I curled my hair in a lose wave. As my hair is rather long anyway I didn’t opt for extensions, but it is always something that you can incorporate into the look.

For my make up I choose something that made my skin look, clear and natural. But made my eyes look bold to make a statement with gold pigments and black eyeliner. i also chose a deep coloured lip for the look.

Top Tips For How To Recreate the Mermaid Look 

And now, moving on, I will now share with you some of my top tips for how you can create your very own mermaid inspired look.


  • When wearing dresses or skirts for the look, always go for something long and flowing to create the allusion of a tale. Anything from maxi skirts to maxi dresses with knife pleats or an aline design. Always make sure the material is breathable and moves fluidly lie the waves of the sea. Never go for anything that reveals a large portion of your legs.
  • When choosing colours go for colours such as blues, turquoise, green, corals, nudes, and purples to great the colours of the sea. Always choose colours that complement your natural skin tone.
  • Go for things that have some theme of the sea, whether it be a print, colour, pattern or embellishment. Think shells, seagulls, fish, pearls, sequins and anything that sparkles. The sea is a beautiful place and your clothing should reflect that.
  • When choosing accessories always go for things that almost appear as if they were plucked from the sea or have some simulation of being a mermaid. Again shells, sea flowers and starfish accessorise are great, but also things with hints of gold and turquoise and teams and beads that could appear to be from a treasure trove that you as a mermaid have untied out.
  • For shoes always go for things that are flat or have a block heel.
  • Always remember to look out for pearl like accessories or anything that reflects the light, after all a mermaid will most probably have a pearl!

Make Up and Hair

  • When choosing a hairstyle choose something that is wavy or has a lose. Never choose a hairstyle that is too concise, something that is wild and has  a lot of movement is always the better option when creating a mermaid look. Things such as heated hair curls,  curling irons, crimpers or large GHD’s are perfect for achieving a lose natural curl. But, don’t forget to add a she shell, starfish or flower for that finishing touch!
  • It is important that you keep your skin clear and fresh looking for a mermaid look, make sure that you cleanse, exfoliate and tone your skin before applying your make up to give the appearance of being free from the sea.
  • Go for make up that is very natural looking. Liquid foundations, light blushers and illuminators are a perfect way to achieve this look.
  • When choosing eye makeup colours, go for pigments such as gold, turquoise, corals and pinks. Go for pigments that have glitter in them for that extra effect. I personally would recommend brands such as Nars and Urban Decay to create this look. Particularly the Naked Palette by Urban Decay due to its many natural colours with shimmer in them to choose from.

Top Picks

And now we move onto top picks, the part of the blog where I share with you some of the key items that i have picked out to recreate the mermaid look.


Pick One: Ariel Mermaid Sweatshirt 


Description: A long sleeved, round necked sweatshirt in lilac and light pink ombre effect from light pink into the bottom to lilac at the top. With an image of Princess Ariel’s face and long red hair with her sporting a green flower. The worlds ‘Ariel’ printed at the bottom.

From: ASOS

Price: £30

Link: Click here

Pick Two: Petite Pink Mermaid Top


Description: A light pink semi fitted T Shirt with the word ‘mermaid’ on the front. Accept the ‘e,’ ‘a.’ and ‘i’ of the letters are different shapes such as a shell and a star fish.

From: ASOS Petitie 

Price: £8 (was £16)

Link: Click here

Pick Three: Light Blue Knife Pleat Maxi Skirt


Description: A light blue maxi skirt with a knife pleat, making this skirt perfect for the look. Also available in Tall and Petite.

From: Alice and You

Price: £29.99

Link: Click here

Pick Four: Mother of Pearl Flower Necklace 


Description: A gold chain necklace with delicate little white pearly flowers on it which appear in the fashion of sea flowers.

Also available in a bracelet.

From: Accessorize 

Price: £17

LinkClick here

Pick Five: Stone Embellished Bar Sandals 


Description: A stone coloured pair of sandals with a bar strap detailed with embellishment. In a beautiful colour similar to coral.

Also available in black, pink and silver.

From: New Look

Price: £17 (was £22)

Link: Click here

Pick Six: Underwater Print Scarf 


Description: A long scarf with a vibrant underwater scene of a coral reef with starfish, plants, fish and a lot more. Colours from orange, turquoise, blue and pink. green

Price: £15

Link: Click here

Pick Seven: White Shell Top


Description: A white short sleeved top with two shells depicted on the chest area to mimic the seashell bikini.

In a range of colours

From: Etsy 

Price: £12

Link: Click here

Pick Eight: Mermaid Brooches

Description: A beautiful brooch (available in a mirrored affect or sea blue) depicting the outline of a long haired mermaid siting down. Classic and timeless and so easy to work with other outfits for the mermaid look.

From: Etsy

Price: £3.50

Link: Click here

Pick Nine: Oyster Drop Earrings 

Picture 10704

Description: Small silver oyster shaped dangle earrings.

Also available in a necklace.

From: Lady Muck of Whitstable

Price: £8.00

Link: Click here 

Brand Focus: Santoro London’s ‘Mergil’ Range

277ec01 394EC01(b) 398EC01(a)

A brand that I am personally fond of is one called ‘Santoro London’ who make a range of different items from clothing, accessories to stationary all with different themes and designs.

One of the best ranges that I have sen from their collections is the ‘Mergirl’ range which depicts a cartoon image of a mermaid with long blond hair, a red tail and a matching starfish in her hair holding a conch shell. She is surrounded by flowers and the colours are very muted and easy to wear on a daily basis.

The range comes in a variety of different things, from shoppers, to totes, to cross body bags, to clothing to stationary.

Click here to be directed to the Santoro website to find out more.

Brand Focus: Hairy Growler

Recently, I discovered this amazing craftsmen based in Cambridge who hand designs beautiful necklaces out of old coins and unwanted metal materials. Turning them into beautiful works of art beyond your wildest dreams. Whats more, they are very tactile and so they are enjoyable for everyone, regardless of sight.

Believe you me, when I have my next pay check i myself shall be making a purchase, he makes a wide range of items from animals, to mermaids to fairies he will certainly have the piece of special jewellery for you or that special someone.

Below is a silver mermaid necklace which he makes from old joins. You can order yours too and change it to your specifications such as engraving and chain size.


Description: A necklace depicting a beautiful mermaid with long curling hair and a flower nestled in the crown of it. Swimming along, tail flexed her long arms extended up and out holding a gold star.

Price: £188

Link: Click here


The Barry M Aquarian Range Nail Polish

Barry M has launched a range of amazing nail polishes for the Summer, all in colours that are akin to the sea or that have some sea related theme that are perfect for the mermaid look.

They are currently available to order on ASOS for the discounted price of £2.50-£3.00 reduced from £3.99.


Below are a list of the colours

Arabian-Turquoise Colour

Caspian-Light Coral

Mediterranean: Gold/ Deep coral

Mermaid: A deep blue  glitter nail varnish

Pacific-A clear sea blue

Treasure Chest-A gold colour glitter nail varnish

Click here to view

An image of me holding as shell to my ear
An image of me holding as shell to my ear

So, that concludes yet another feature from me here at

I really hope you enjoyed reading todays blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Don’t forget to subscribe to me on my blog and YouTube by searching ‘fashioneyesta’ and find me on twitter @DavisonEm.

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Farewell my readers I will now dive back into the depths of the ocean and I hope you will to with your new found ideas on how to create your own mermaid images.

And from me here at fashioneyesta i bid you adieu and I will see you all next time!

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