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Today I am delighted to be bringing you a fashion and style feature that I have been wanting to do for a long time and one that a lot of my readers and people who follow my Facebook page (which I would love for you guys to follow too) have expressed interest in.

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A painting of a Bohemian girl
A painting of a Bohemian girl


Bohemianism emerged in France during the rely part of the 19th century, adopted by artists, aristocrats, scholars and philosophers alike it was a movement that endorsed living an unorthodox lifestyle full of passion, art music and literature.

The fashion of Bohemianism has been one of the most iconic aspects of Western style and the trademarks of the movement not just in fashion, but in music, theatre and art have shaped the way that we view society today.


Trademarked by its use of beautiful patterns, deep colours, maxi dresses, casual hairstyles and flat footwear. it is a look that depicts living a life of adventure and being free to express your own individuality. Which is why it remains to be one of my personal favourite styles to wear no matter what season.

So do you to be an adventurer, do you want to dress in the attire of a vagabond? Well then join me today as I give you my guide on how to dress like a Bohemian. From fashion, hairstyles to accessories. It will all be covered here, so read on and lets travel to the wonderful world of Bohemianism.

And don’t worry! There will be fully descriptions for my sight impaired readers so that you all can enjoy the world of Boho.


What Is Boho Style?


Bohemian style is very much an aspect of fashion that is unconventional, undogmatic and very free in all senses of the word.

From tribal print trousers, paisley print skirts and kimonos, colours of deep green, amber and gold. It is a fashion that is causal, relaxed, bold and designed to allow people to express their own individuality. It is designed to allow freedom of movement with clothing that is both pragmatic and adventurous, but it also represents the massive inclination towards the arts with its sue of colours, design and pattern.

Think floral prints, nature inspired designs, butterflies, floral browns, flowing dresses, floppy hats, kimonos  sandals and bandeau dresses,


Fashioneyesta’s Top Looks 

Below are a selection of my top outfits for how I would personally recreate the bohemian look.

Look One

photo 3 photo 4 photo 1

Kimono: Pink and White Kimono 

Description: Pink and white paisley print lose fitting kimono with two different patterns. The first on the main body and the second on the edges of the kimono.

From: New Look

Price: £19.99

Link: Click here

T Shirt: Beige T Shirt

Description: Beige lose fitting round necked t shirt.

From: Dorothy Perkins

Price: £7

Skirt: Pink and White Paisley Print Skirt

Description: A line, knee length skirt in a pink and white paisley print (in the same pattern as the Kimono.)

From: New Look (Only available in store.)

Price: £19.99

From: New Look (Only available in store.)

Shoes: Tan Flat Sandels 

Description: Tan flat gladiator style sandals with gold detailing.

From: Primark 

Price: £8

Belt: Ran Rope Style Belt 

Description: Tan rope style waist belt.

From: New Look (Comes with the skirt.)

Hair and Make Up 

Hair: Half up, half down hair that has been curled.

Makeup: Natural, minimalistic makeup with plum coloured lips and nude coloured eyeshadows.

Look Two



photo 1

photo 2

Dress: Paisley Print Dress

Description: A cream and amber coloured paisley print dress. Knee length, with long sleeves and a button up front.

Price: £42

From: TopShop (Not yet available online.)

Boots: Tan Long Leather Boots

Description: Flat tan, long leather boots with zip up fastening and buckles.

Price: £40

From: Sainsburys 

Brooch: Hand Embroidered Amber and Gold Moth Brooch

Description: A moth brooch in colours of deep amber and gold, embroidered with beading and exquisite stitching.

Price: £20

From: Heather Everitt Embroidery 

Hair Band: Amber Coloured Hairband 

Description: An alice band designed with a bow on it in an amber colour.

From: eBay

Belt: Tan Belt 

Description: Tan, leather waist belt.

Price: £5

From: Next 

Hair and Makeup

Hair: Curled in a lose wave

Makeup: Nude eye makeup and plum coloured lipstick.

Look Three

photo 2 photo 3 photo 1

Dress: Deep Red A line Dress With Multi Coloured Paisley Print 

Description: A deep red a line dress with cap sleeves with red pom pom detailing on the trims. With a beautiful multi coloured paisley pattern in alternating designs in shapes in colours of deep blue, dark bleu, green and yellow.

From: Ruby Rocks (No Longer Available.)

Boots: White Boots With Light Pink Flower Pattern 

Description: A white pair of Dr Martins with a delicate pink rose pattern on it with delicate green leaves. It is finished off with brown souls and white laces.

Whilst these ones are no longer available I have found a pair very similar but with dark coloured laces.

Price: £49

From: Dr Martins

Link: Click here 

Alice Band: Red Alice Band

Description: A thin cherry red alice band with additional bow in a plastic shiny material.

Price: £2

From: Primark 

Bag: The Guide, Santoro’s Willow Large Shopper Bag 

Description: A large shopper bag depicting a scene on one side of a girl with pale skin and curly red hair looking eerily like me, wearing a long green maxi dress standing next to a fox in the middle of a woodland setting. On the other side there is a close u p of the same girl.. It is a remarkably mystical looking scene.

Price: £12.99

From: Santoro London

Link: Click here

Hair and Makeup

Hair: Half up, half down hairstyle that has been curled.

Makeup: Plum coloured lipstick, with natural face colour and nude coloured eyeshadow.

Look Four

photo 2 photo 3 10500240_10152368799209794_6400539344615702970_n
photo 2 photo 3

Dress: Gold, Yellow, Turquoise and Cream Paisley Print Bandeau Dress

Description: A cream bandeau dress reaching to knee length. With two alternating paisley patterns on it in shades of amber, yellow, gold, red and turquoise. It is very eye catching especially on the hem area where the pattern is at its most colourful and striking.

Price: £6

From: Primark 

Waistcoat: White Lace Waistcoat 

Description: White lace waistcoat with a delicate hanging lace detailing to the trim.

Price: £8

From: Primark

Sandels: Patent Stone Chunky Sandels 

Description: Chunky sandals with white souls and patent, stone coloured fastenings with three straps and gold detailing.

Price £19

From: New Look

Link: Click here 

Bracelet: Gold, Red and Coral Beaded Bangle 

Description: Gold, red and coral coloured woven style beaded bangle.

Price: £10

From: Dorothy Perkins (Only available in store)

Headband: Floral and Butterfly Headband 

Description: A headband with turquoise roses, light pink roses and purple butterflies on it.

From: River Island (Old stock)

Hair and Makeup

Hair: Loosely curled hair which i backcombed to create volume an a rather measly look which is quintessentially bohemian.

Makeup: Nude eyeshadows with a light gloss to the lips.

Look Five

photo 2

Dress: Blue Willow Pattern Bandeau Dress

Description: A white, knee length bandeau dress with a light blue willow pattern on it.

Price: £6

From: Primark 

Waistcoat: White Lace Waistcoat

Description: White lace waistcoat with detailing to the trim.

Price: £8

From: Primark 

Cuff: Blue Butterfly Cuff

Description: Deep blue embroidered cuff with a blue butterfly on it.

Price: £25

From: Heather Everitt Embroidery 

Alice Band: Navy Blue Material Alice Band 

Description: Navy blue alice band with bow detailing.

Price: £2.95

From: New Look 

Link: Click here

Brooch: Blue Swallowtail Butterfly Brooch 

Description: A Deep blue hand embroidered butterfly brooch with dark tips. Fashioned to look like the Swallowtail Butterfly native to the Amazon Rainforest’s of America. With silver and blue sequin detailing.

Only I added it to my headband to create a dramatic affect.

Price: £20

From: Heather Everitt Embroidery 

Hair and Makeup

Hair: Loosely curled hair

Makeup: A light plum lipstick combined with brown coloured eyeshadow.

Fashioneyesta’s Top Tips For Dressing Bohemian


Top Tips

  1. Look at what your personal style is. What colours do you like? What is your body shape? What do you currently wear? This will give you some idea of what aspect of the Bohemian look will suit you.
  2. If you are going to a festival the Bohemian look is a very popular one to recreate, with floral crowns, kimonos, fringing, loose fitting clothing and a real messy, carefree look.
  3. When you are styling yourself always remember that a true Boho chick is very much someone who does not try to hard. Do not be to meticulous or neat with what you are wearing, be creative and ave fun mixing patterns and messing up your hair.
  4. You will be surprised that you yourself can recreate a boho look from what you may have in your wardrobe from smoothing as simple as a pair of jeans and a kimonos to a long floral maxi dress with a floral crown or a floppy hat. The bohemian look is prominent in a number of high street stores today and it is still one of the most admired looks in fashion. So, don’t automatically think that you must buy new items to recreate this look.
  5. Do not go for anything to light fitting on in a clingy material, Bohemian looks are about being casual and comfortable. Go for breathable materials or clothes that are semi fitted or lose to create an image of someone who loves to be spirited and free.

Top Things to Look Out For

  • Bandeau Dresses
  • Butterfly Patterns
  • Casual joggers, leggings and lose fitting trousers.
  • Floral Prints
  • Floppy Hats
  • Kimonos and Kaftans
  • Maxi Dresses and Skirts
  • A line skirts
  • Nature Inspired Patterns
  • Paisley Prints
  • Shift Dresses
  • Sandels
  • Tribal and Exotic Prints
  • Wedges

Key Colours 

  • Green
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Coral
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Red

Make Up

Now when it comes to choosing makeup for the bohemian look it is all about a look that is both dramatic and natural in vibe.

Go for a natural complexion using liquid foundations to create a dewy affect combined with subtle blushers in corals or peaches depending on your natural skin tone. Combine this with eyes using colours such deep green, , nude, browns, corals, pinks  and chocolate colours.

Combine this with either lip glosses in subtle pink or sheer colours or lipsticks or lip pens in colours such as plum, coral or peach.

Of course make up does depend on your natural skin tone and what time of the year it is. During the Winter your Bohemian makeup will be entirely different to how it will be during the Summer. But, the best piece of advice i can give it to seek advice from a makeup specialist via a brand counter if you are unsure about what to go for. As they will be specially trained to advise you on what makeup will be best for you.


With hairstyles for the bohemian look it is all about being a little more causal and messy with the look. But, not to the extent of something that can be classed as more of a rock or grunge look. No, what I mean is that boho hairstyles are very much looks that should be a kind of ordered chaos. Cute little plats, loose waves, gentle curls, messy buns, half up half down hairstyle. Anything that you think is more causal than what you would usually wear and is a bit on the hippie side is the kind of thing you would be best to recreate for this look.

Below are some key looks that you can recreate…

The Waterfall Braid

The Lace Fishtail Braid 

The Knotted Headband 

The Milkmaid Braid 

And that my friends concludes todays feature!

I really hope you found this enjoyable and useful and that you have learnt to some extent how you can create this fun look and tailor it to your own personal style. Should you desire anymore information please submit your comments below or tweet me at @DavisonEm.

Want to hear more on Boho style? Well then tune into Insight Radio this Friday at 2.15pm to hear Jill Daley and yours truly talk all about how to create the boho look@

Until then readers i bid you all adieu and thank you for reading!

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