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Today I wanted to share with you a recent event that I attended last week, known as the Bloggers Love Pre Party for something called Bloggers Fashion Week or #BLFW which is a number of evens run for bloggers.

So, today I wanted to showcase some of my highlights from the event as well as sharing with you what I wore for the event. 



Outfit of the Day


 Kimono: Light Orange, Green and Cream Paisley Print Kimono

Description: Orange, green and cream paisley print kimono with orange pom pom detailing to the hem. 

Price: £25

From: Amy Lou’s Space (click here to view her Facebook page.

Blouse: White Blouse With Embroidered Detailing 

Description: White sleeveless top with embroidered bottom. 

Price: £18

From: New Look

Jeans: High Waisted Light Wash Jeans

Description: High Waisted Light Wash Jeans In the Demi Curve fit. 

Price: £79

From: Levi 

Necklace: Beaded Coral Bib Statement Necklace

Description: A statement necklace beaded in colours of gold, coral and orange. 

Price: £9.99

From: New Look

Link: Click here 

Earnings: Leap Shaped Earrings

Description: Copper coloured leaf shaped earrings. 

From: Dorothy Perkins (old stock)

Hand Chain: Gold Flower Hand Chain

Description: Flower shaped gold hand chain.

From: New Look (old stock.) 

Bag: Orange Clutch Bag

Description: Large deep orange clutch bag with gold chain and a black own shaped fastening (detachable on the buckle.) 

Price: £85

From: Heidi Sturgess 

Link: Click here

Shoes: Light Cream Heeled Shoes 

Description: Light cream heeled t bar shoes in a soft jelly material. 

From: Vivienne Westwood 







10599569_579837325457935_8161185530314393793_n 10626546_579837265457941_3256386142804967344_n 10649995_579837282124606_6360919539183291280_n



The Beaty Bar 

The beauty bar was an area in which bloggers were able to relax, socialise and partake in a manicure. 

The bar featured an array of nail colours from a new collection by Moran Taylor in colours of golds, greens, blues, pinks, silvers and reds. 

SAM_0339 SAM_0340 SAM_0341


Brands Showcased 

• Eleanor Linden
• Ellie Air
• Rocco Fashion
• Syreeta Badu
• Tinkilove
• Vania Couture

Rocco Fashion

Rocco Fashion, a company that creates beautiful evening gowns and dresses were also showcasing at the event and featured a beautiful deep red, sleeveless evening gown with beading . 

Click here to view their online store. 




An image of a long red evening ball dress

Ellie Air Jewellery

What also struck me was the brand Ellie Air Jewellery which showcased a range of different jewellery designs all in minimalistic, classic designs in clouds of silver and gold. From rings to small chain necklaces and beautiful earrings. The range was very timeless and perfect for those who are searching for something to be paired with anything. 

Click here to view their website.

An image of Ellie Air Jewellery
An image of Ellie Air Jewellery
A close up of Ellie Air Jewellery
A close up of Ellie Air Jewellery

Vania Couture  

Vania Coture, a company that designs dresses using beading, embroidery and lacing was also there to showcase during the event and was a brand that really struck me as its use of attention to detail and tactile detailing was extremely appealing to me as someone with sight loss. 

One dress that really caught my eye was a black semi fitted number made with a beautiful lace floral design fabric.

Click here to view the website 



So, that concludes todays blog post, I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back soon with more news and updates from me here at

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Until Then My Dear Readers!



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