Living Paintings Launch Their New Fashion Discovery Hub & Fashion Ambassador

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Apologies if my characteristics seem to be somewhat akin to the Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carole’s Alice In Wonderland of late. I am working very hard to produce the new Autumn Lookbook themed around folklore fashion and am also working on a secret new project, do not w

Living Paintings Logo
Living Paintings Logo

orry both will be revealed very soon!

But, for now I have some very exciting news to announce to all of your fashion lovers and especially for you fashion lovers who are visually impaired!

As some of you may know over the past year and a half I have been working closely alongside the charity Living Paintings to produce blog content and to advise them on there projects. Living Paintings is a Uk based charity with the goal of making the visual world accessible to visually impaired people through the format of tactile images and audio guides. The mounds for the images are produced with care by commissioned artists, the images are them produced using a specialised thermopress technique to be then painted and finished by a team of volunteers. This is them accompanied with a CD which is recorded by different individuals in the professional industry of audio description, acting, lecturing and narrating.

Click here to find out more about how to become a Library member and use their Free service which enables you to loan different books and packs. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 21.17.19
An image of the Fashion Discovery Hub

One of the current projects they are working on is there upcoming fashion pack, which is designed for visually impaired teenagers to give them the ability to experience some of the definitive concepts of fashion such as the 50s new look dress and the Teddy Boy style.

Alongside this they have created and launched their Fashion Discovery Hub, this is an online forum whereby you can access different materials related to fashion and beauty for people with sight loss, from videos, tutorials, blogs on fashion themed topics and of course some of my own work appears on the hub to. The blog has been designed in a fun, but user friendly interface and using striking shades of hot pink and white.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 21.17.41 

The Hub showcases different blog posts written by Living Paintings supporters and members, along with myself and other professionals in fashion. Living Paintings have also incorporated links to recommended stores such as TopShop, ASOS and oh… fashioneyesta!

The Hub also includes different top places to vista for fashion and style, from the V&A in London to The Fashion Museum in bath. 

An image of the discovery hub
An image of the discovery hub

The hub is a place that anyone can access and enjoy and hosts a whole variety of different aspects of fashion, cosmetics and style. The team at Living paintings have done a truly marvellous job of creating this hub and it is a great mixture of practicality and fun! Just as fashion should be.

An image of the Discovery Hub
An image of the Discovery Hub

Click here to view the Discovery Hub.

Go on! Theres lots to explore….

But, thats not it, Living Paintings and I too have some more news to impart on you.


Fashioneyesta Is Living Paintings New Fashion Ambassador

Yet, tis true my readers, I have now been officially declared as the new fashion ambassador for Living Paintings. I will be contribution specific features to Living Paintings and will continue to work with them on their fashion hub and blog.

An image of me
An image of me

Click here to read the article.

So, that concludes another blog from me at!

Don’t forget to check out their new hub and their website in full via the social links below.


Social Links

Website: Click here

Twitter: @LivingPaintings 

Facebook: Click here

YouTube: Click here

Telephone: 01635 299 771





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