Cruelty Free International Limited Edition T Shirts: Fashioneyesta’s Top Picks

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Today I wanted to do a brief blog post on a topic in which interest and inspires me and that is Cruelty Free Cosmetics.

Now for any of you who reads my blog will know that I am a big advocate of using Cruelty Free products that are approved by the leaping bunny logo or some other approved animal rights organisation.

Cruelty Free international is an organisation that are aiming to raise awareness of animal testing in products that still occurs throughout the world and put an end to the daily suffering of animals in labourites.

To find out more about Cruelty Free International click here.

Recently, Cruelty Free International have launched a new range of T Shirts designed by artists and illustrators in which you can buy to help raise money and awareness of cruelty free international and the importance of fighting animal testing.

So today I wanted to share with you my top picks of the Cruelty Free T Shirt range.

So, if you, like me, are a person who loves to raise awareness of worthy causes through amazingly designed T Shirts then read on to find out more…

Disclaimer: I am not attempting to enforce my opinions on any of my readers, here at I believe i the power of making an educated decision on what products you use.

T Shirt One: Alex T. Smith for Cruelty Free International T-shirt


Description: A white short sleeved, t shirt with a deep pink cartoon character of bunny with perked up ears, surrounding the rabbit are little cartoon characterised mice depicted i different poses some sitting and some standing. Beneath in scrawled handwriting are the worlds ‘Cruelty Free International.’

Also available in black.

Available for men and women.

Price: £17.50

Link: Click here 

T Shirt Two: Paper Panda for Cruelty Free International T Shirt 


Description: A black shirt sleeved t shirt with a bold pattern of rabbits in different poses, in colours of yellow, red, pink, blue, green and orange.

Some fitting, some waving and some standing to the side.

Also available in white

Available for both men and women.

Price: £17.50

Link: Click here 

T Shirt Three: Wet Paint Art for Cruelty Free International T Shirt

wet_paint_art_for_cruelty_free_international_tshirt-rcb53f8674e404ef1bbaba6ee656be5db_8nhmi_324Description: A white short sleeved t shirt showing a cartoon depiction rabbit at a sideways view as the rabbit sniffs a pink flower that appears to be a rose as tall as the rabbit. The rabbit is also surrounded by other fowlers and the bulk of the artwork is in light pink and light green.

Also available in black

Available for both men and women.

Price: £17.50

Link: Click here

And that concludes todays feature on fashioneyesta,com!

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And I will be back very soon with more of the latest fashion news!

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