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Today I join you with some very excited news that I have been practically itching to reveal to you all for a whole month now.

Now over the past nine months I have been working on a very exciting new project that I hope will change the way that the fashion industry currently receives and aids people with disables, but also to aid people with disabilities to develop their own sense of style by aiding them to access fashion.

As many of you know if you follow me on my blog, Audioboo, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter for the past two years i have been writing about fashion, style, cosmetics, culture and personal identity for the sight loss community. The thesis of my blog has and always will be to encourage people with sight loss and other disabilities to access fashion and to continue to lobby the fashion industry to continue to improve their accessibility and awareness for people with disabilities. The integral message of my blog is about equipping people with knowledge and choice to experiment with their own style to express their own personality. In other words, I want a persons fashion to represent a person and not their disability.

Over the last two years of writing my blog I have cross networked online and in person with a variety of truly inspirational and amazing people who share my views and are trying to improve the fashion and cosmetics resources for people with disabilities. And so it go me to truly thinking about how I could expand upon my blog to make a space that enables people with varying abilities to access fashion.

Little did I know that this opportunity was soon about to knock on my door earlier this year. In early January I began talking to a very inspirational, driven and articulate individual over on audioboo called Laura Legendary.

Some of you may know her, but for those of you who do not Laura Legendary is a speaker, educator and author who advocates disability awareness and accessibility awareness. She is best known for her braille jewellery company known as Elegant Insights Braille Creations. She is a style enthusiast with a particular interest in focusing on how to dress in the career world.

if you would like to see and interview I did with her in full click here to be directed to it.

If you are interested in writing a feature or article on fashionability please email us at to receive a press release.


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