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Today I thought I’d share with you all a new review feature today, over the last few weeks I have been branching out and trying different face masks to see which ones best suit my skin at this time of year.

One in particular that I tried was the Dead Sea Facial Mask by company Montagne Jeunesse and I liked it so much in fact I thought I would do a review for you today.

So, if you have skin that feels a little worse for wear due to the changing temperatures and you are looking for something quite calming and soothing this may well be the product for you.

So read on and I hope this review may in turn help some of you who may be suffering from skin woes.



Product Details 

Name: Dead Sea Facial Mask

Price: £1.29

Brand: Montagne Jeunesse

Link: Click here

Manufactures Description: Too busy to take time out? Need to feel pampered and rejuvenated? Let the calming Dead Sea Salt and soothing pressed Seaweed submerge tired, stressed out skin leaving it smooth and re-hydrated.

• Gluten Free
• Nut Derivative Free
• No Added Parabens

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Menthol 

Available: Online, Boots and Claire’s Accessories

Suitable For: All Skin Types

How to Apply: Remove make up and cleanse your skin prior to using the product. Remove the mask from the ache and place the material over the face, patting it down flat to your skin. Leave the mask to work for 5-10 minutes, massage your face and remove any excess product with water.

Cruelty Free? Yes This brand is Leaping Bunny approved and does not test on Animals.

First Impressions

On opening the product I was pleasantly surprised by the delightful, fresh clean sea scent that I was hit by. The scent was fresh and made me reminisce about by gone times by the sea.

The mask itself is a material mask, meaning that the product is soaked onto a piece of think soft material which is in the shape of a face with eye hopes, a nose hole and a mouth hole. Once you have unfolded the mask you will lay it down flat on your face and pat it on. The mask itself means that it is easy to use and does not create any mess from using it.

Whats more, the mask itself is very calming in texture and really helped to soothe my skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and clean once I removed it.

The mask itself contains Dead Sea Salt which is excellent for hydrating and cleaning your skin. But the Menthol in the mask creates a cold sensation on your skin, so for those of you who do not like that feeling of cold tingling skin you may not favour this mask. Particularly if you suffer from rosacea or sensitive skin. But if you need something quite calming or if your skin is feeling aggravated then this mask may really help.

For me personally, on using the mask I experienced not sense of discomfort and once i removed the mask my skin felt smooth and replenished.

Final Scoring

Now for the final verdict

Accessibility: 2.5/5

Whilst I love the brand itself, I cannot give the accessibility scoring anything over 2.5 as the text on the products is quite small and in a calligraphy style handwriting. Making it difficult to see.

Whats more, the brand does not incorporate braille onto their products, so this automatically loses the company a mark. The company could incorporate braille and/or some system whereby you can scan the barcode to find out what the product is to improve.

I also feel that the packaging is indistinctive as all of the face masks have the same packaging and with no way to find out the scent other than to tear open the packet completely means that it is exceedingly difficult to decipher what product your handling if you are sight impaired.

Therefore i recommend assistive technology to help such as the ipHone App known as Tap Tap See.

Ease of Application: 5/5 

The face mask itself is in a material form meaning that there is no risk of spillages, mess, difficult applying or removing the product.

Value for Money: 4/5

The product is relatively cheap for a face mask and works extremely well. The only downside is that you cannot get more than one use out of the product, however this is a product you could use on one particular occasion as it is a real pamper face mask in my opinion and would therefore make an excellent stocking gift.

Overall Quality: 5/5

Overall the product was excellent, it has a great scent, applied easily onto the skin and left my skin feeling clear, replenished and soothed. This is definitely a Winter must have for anyone who wants to use a really luxurious product on a girls night in!

So, that concludes another feature from me today here at, thanks once again for reading today.

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