Fashioneyesta’s Guide to Halloween Fashion 2014

Greetings Readers!

Now the time is drawing nearer to one of the most terrifying nights of the entire year! A night that is stooped in traditions of ghosts, witches, vampires, goblins and taking to the streets to seek our tasty treats. You guessed it…its Halloween!


And to celebrate Halloween in true style, today I am going to be giving you my all inclusive, all accessible guide to dreadfully dressing and spookily styling yourself for the festivities.

Todays feature will include a guide to Halloween makeup, my top halloween fashion picks and style tips on how to put together looks for Halloween.

So, for the next half an hour sit back relax and come and join me as we spook up for Halloween!

Read on, if you dare…..

What to Wear?

Now wen it comes to Halloween styling there are lots of different options that you can take, whether its the more fun gimmicky side of Halloween or something a little more darker and romantic. Halloween enables you to take what you like from this long expansive tradition and take what you like from it.

If you are going to something that is more family orientated or just want to present a look that is young and playful I would recommend opting for embellishments, bold colours and patterns.

If you want to convey a look which is more grown up and romantic go for a lot of lace, blacks, dark purples, deep reds, velvets and other such materials. Avoid really bold statement colours and go for something which is striking.

Makeup Tips

When it comes to makeup on Halloween, you can really be adventurous and branch out of your comfort zone without any inhibitions. After all during this occasion you are encouraged to make a statement with your attire and make up.

Top Tips

  1. Go for a very matt foundation, something which is long lasting and gives you a very porcelain appearance to your skin. Avoid dewy foundations as this will spoil the look.
  2. Avoid shine and blush, after all you are trying to convey a look with is haunting and giving yourself a look which is shiny and gives you colour in your cheeks will not convey the look.
  3. Go strong when it comes to eye makeup, go for something like a cat flick or even a smokey look grey pigments.
  4. Rick dark lipsticks like dark maroons and rich reds are the key for Halloween and are sure to make a statement. Be sure to apply them with a lip brush and to blot using a tissue to achieve the perfect finish.
  5. With nails you are spoilt for choice, go for a deep shades like dark purple,  deep blood reds, autumnal oranges or black.

Fashioneyestsa’s Top Fashion Picks

And now we move onto some of my top picks for the festivities, I have searched the internet for the perfect fashions and accessories to adorn for the night.

Below are my top pick complete with links, descriptions and pricing.


Pick One: Black Lace Cat Ears with Veil


Description: A black headpiece which is fashioned to look like two silver cats ears with a beautiful black and silver lace veil. Perfect for any fancy dress party of masked ball.

Price: £12

From: ASOS

Link: Click here


Description: A headscarf in a cream base colour with a cute halloween pumpkin print on it, perfect for something cute, retro and casual.

Price: £6

From: ASOS

Link: Click here

Pick Three: Grey Bat Print Scarf


Description: A grey scarf with a black bat pattern fashioned to look as if they had been sketched onto the scarf.

Price: £10

From: Dorothy Perkins 

Link: Click here


Pick One: Halloween Spiderweb Elbow Jumper


Description: A black round neck jumper with a silver embellished spider web pattern on both elbows. This is a perfect gothic touch for halloween and yet for those with a gothic flare in your wardrobe this could be worn throughout the season.

Price: £22

From: ASOS

Link: Click here

Pick Two: Midnight Trees Dress 


Description: A short sleeved, round necked shift dress with a gothic inspired midnight tree pattern depicted in a photography style on the front. This is the perfect touch of gothic beauty into your wardrobe this Halloween and could be paired with black ankle boots or keels for a more nighttime look.

Price: £49

From: Sugarhill Boutique 

Link: Click here

Pick Three: Pale Blue Haunted House Socks 


Description: A pair if light blue socks with a nighttime Halloween tautened house pattern in black and orange on the front. Depicted to look like a dark haunted house on a hill surrounded by flying bats and grinning pumpkins. Would be a perfect accompaniment to a pair of cute t bar or dolly shoes in black or orange.

Price: £1.99

From: New Look

Link: Click here

Pick Four: Halloween Bat T-Shirt


Description: A white short sleeved, round necked t shirt with a black bat hanging upside down on the front and the words ‘Lets Hang Out’ in thin black handwriting.

Price: £12

From: Blonde & Blonde 

Link: Click here


Pick One: Halloween Nails -Trick or Treat 


Description: A cute assortment of nails in different halloween prints and colours, perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time or the ability to design their own nails. 

Price: £5.30

From: Elegant Touch 

Link: Click here

Pick Two: Lip Polish in Twin


Description: A lipstick in a dark berry colour, very autumnal but when paired with smokey eyes and a matt foundation it would be a great look for Halloween.

Price: £8.00

From: Topshop

Link: Click here

Pick Three:Vamp Collection Lipstick Black Heart


Description: A lipstick in a matt black shade, perfect for Halloween when applied with a lipstick brush to avoid smudging.

Price: £1.00

From: Makeup Revolution

Link: Click here

So, that concludes todays feature for Halloween fashion and beauty, I really hope you enjoyed it and that is has given you some insight as to how to achieve the perfect look this Halloween.

Don’t forget to tweet me your Halloween looks @DavisonEm or on Instagram @fashioneyesta2012 as I would love to see your finished looks.

I will be back very soon with more fashion features!

Until next time my dear readers!

And, sleep tight…if you can…..



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