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Well what do you know, November has come around so quickly! And so the mark the first day of the month I have some very exciting news to share with you all today.

As it is the 1st of November today marks the launch of a brand new social media campaign run by the Charity RNIB, over two month ago I was contacted by the charity who asked if I would be happy to work with them on this campaign which promotes eye confidence and eye health.

And of course I said yes!

So, today I am here to share with you the news of the launch of this very exciting new campaign and everything you need to know about it.

Read on to find out more…

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What Is the RNIB?

The RNIB stands for the Royal National Institute for Blind People and is a UK based charity providing support and services to people living with sight loss of all ages and abilities.

Growing up the charity helped me in a number of ways from providing me with assistive technology to equipping me with books and materials in accessible formats that enabled me to develop my reading skills from a child and because of that I am now at a point in my life where I am studying for a degree in English Literature at Goldsmiths University with aspirations of becoming an author myself one day.


What Is The Campaign?

The campaign is called the#LoveYourEyes campaign and will be running through November to raise awareness of eye health and the importance of eyes eyes, particularly in the young peoples community.

Did you know that over 50 % of sight loss is avoidable? The RNIB want you to get behind this social campaign to raise awareness of how important it is the love your eyes.

The campaign is designed to act like a social media campaign akin to the Ice Bucket Challenge and is essentially all about loving your eyes.

All the have to do is…


Beatify Your Eyes: Using whatever eye makeup or products you like.

Take An Eye Selfie: In whatever way you like.

Share and Nominate: Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram under the #LoveYourEyes. Nominate friends, colleagues and family members to do the same and tell people how to donate.

Donate: Text EYES to 70007 to donate £3 to #LoveYourEyes.

What Eye Makeup Means to Me?

photo 1

Eye makeup for me is profoundly significant to my daily routine, they say that ones eyes are the windows to your soul and I believe they should make a lasting impact on everyone you meet.

For those of you who do not know I was born with a medical condition called Septo Optic Dysplasia which affects 1 in 10,000 people. My optic nerves that connect the eye to the brain are severely damaged leaving me with a severe lack of vision in my left eye and no vision at all in my right. I am registered as Severely Sight Impaired and have had this sight since birth. However, as many of you may know it has never stopped me from wanting to look and feel good about myself and to be able to access fashion and cosmetics.

From a young age I was surrounded by opticians and eye health specialists telling me that my eye were deficient in areas and performing less than average. After years of being in some  way indoctrinated by medical terminology and eye charts I finally realised a way that I could deflect this negativity and make my eyes something more positive to perceive.

And from that point onwards eye makeup become my best friend and most trusted ally, I began to delve into fashion magazines to look for the latest eye makeup looks, experiment with tutorials online and shop for new eye pallets, mascaras and eyeshadows.

Now at the age of 20, eye makeup is one of the thing I love the most and it is something that you will see a lot of if you ever raided my makeup collection. From Urban Decay pallets to Barry M eye liners, eye makeup is something that equips me with a sense of security.

I know to some makeup can seem like a triviality and insignificant, whilst I grant that it isn’t the most important thing to living. It is something that I believe has profound phycological importance to a lot of people, because it itself embodies confidence.

I choose to wear eye makeup, because it gives me a sense of control and empowerment over my eyes that I had not had whilst growing up.

I  am able to conjure my eyes into what ever image I choose and for me that is a blessing of its own. Confidence is key to happiness and every single person accesses that inner confidence differently. For some its by finding their perfect partner, for others its from wearing that certain lucky scarf and for others its applying makeup every morning.

So, in fact eye makeup for me is in a sense giving me the power to take control over my own life and go out into the world to pursue my goals and ambitions.

Be confident, be bold and most importantly be happy! And you are the only person who can find out what you need to do to achieve that happiness.

Check Out My YouTube Video Below

In the video I discuss why I love eye makeup, what it means to me to be confident in my eyes and how you can get involved.

Like what you see? Well then click here to view my full channel and to subscribe to it for more videos like this one.

View My Blog for the RNIB


I also recently wrote a blog for the RNIB on what eye makeup means to me for self confidence.

Here is an extract…

‘I believe that looking your best can only enhance your confidence and thus your confidence will show to those around you. Having the power to choose your own style is like a language, you are saying to someone who you are inside. You are conveying a unique message and that is something that I believe everyone should have the ability to do.’

Click here to view the full post or click the image below to be directed to it.

Screen Shot of my RNIB Blog Post

Screen Shot of my RNIB Blog Post

How To Get Involved


We would love you go get involved with this campaign by sharing close up images of your eyes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (to @RNIB.) Share them under #loveyoureyes, if you are tweeting them tweet them to the @RNIB. And don’t forget to nominate your friends and family to do the same!

Donate by texting EYES to 70007 and the amount (e.g £3.)

See the tweet below for an example….

Tag me on Instagram @fashioneyesta2012 with your images or tweet me on Twitter @DavisonEm.

Click here to view the RNIB Page for further information.

Don’t forget!

You can also check out my YouTube channel where I will be making videos on eye makeup related topics throughout the month of November!

Find me by searching ‘fashioneyesta’ on YouTube!

So  that concludes it for today folks, thank you so much for reading and I really hope to see some of you get on board this amazing campaign.

Remember, your eyes are sacred, so love them and encourage everyone else to do the same and together under#LoveYourEyes we can and will help to defeat this avoidable sight loss.

So, go fourth and Love Your Eyes!

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