Fashioneyesta’s Glam Advent Calendar 2014 Top Picks: The Countdown Begins!

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Well its November and now all of a sudden supermarkets and stores are stocking decorations, garlands, selection boxes of treats and luxury gift ideas. Our adverts our flooded with adverts full of Winter scenery, bright colours and idyllic music. It can only mean one thing, the countdown to Christmas has begun!

Now I’m not usually one to ride the coattails of a trending topic, however Christmas is a time that I can and will make an acceptation to this rule.

From childhood I have always loved Christmas and everything it brings, from the delicious baking to adorning the tree with lights and beautiful decorations that I have collected over the years. But, one thing I do love is Advent Calendars!

For over a century now Advent Calendars have played a dominant role in christmas festivities and some of the earliest ones that were made in Germany during the 19th Century included chocolates. Whilst others just have pictures in them, but day I am going to be showcasing some of the most luxurious advent careeners on the market.

Forget supermarket echolocate ones and think pure indulgence as we look at one of the newest crazes!

One of the latest and rapidly growing trends for Christmas is cosmetics and high end brand producing advent careeners for their customers. And today i am going to be showing you a few of my top picks here on the blog. So, if your tired of that advent calendar rut and want to start the indulgence for yourself a bit earlier than christmas day read on and prepare to be dazzled.

Please Note: All the calendars are at different price points to ensure that there is something to fit everyones budget this year.

Fashion Themed Advent Candlers 

Freedom Jewellery Advent Calendar

Advent Calender

Description: A black advent calendar, with hot pink lettering and behind each door is a piece of freedom jewellery from rings, to bracelets, to necklaces.

This is the perfect gift to give to any fashion lover!

From: Topshop 

Price: £25

Link: Click here 

Fragrance Themed Advent Calendar 

Yankee Candles Advent Candle 


Description: An adorable advent calendar shaped and depicted to look like a house covered with snow and decorated to look festive in colours of red and green. Behind each door is a different Christmas scented tea light to cheer your home with beautiful a fragrance. Each candle burns for 6 hours.

Also available in other shapes and designs, consult the website for further details.

From: Yankee Candles

Price: £24.99

Link: Click here 


An image of the opened Liberty advent calendar

Description: This is probably one of my most favourite ones out of all the advent calendars I have seen for 2014. But, it is also one of the more steeper ends of the price spectrum too. This beautiful Liberty London advent calendar screams pure luxury featuring a host of different makeup brands from Nars to Espa, along with aromatherapy candles and other beauty treats. And it is designed in a beautiful draw box with Liberty wall paper on the insidious and the exterior is designed to look like the Liberty shop during Christmas times with christmas lights, trees and snow. This is a truly magical calendar and shows individuality. So, if you’ve been especially good this year and can afford to splurge on this amazing calendar why not? Available both in store and online. 

From: Liberty London

Price: £149

Link: Click here 

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 


Description: A red house shaped advent calendar with silver detailing, depicted to look like a house during Christmas with different characters depicted in each window such as an angel and father christmas. Inside is an array of Body Shop Treats from shower gels, to makeup, hand cream, body cream and much more.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves The Body Shop and beautifully scented products.

From: The Body Shop 

Price: £50

Available in store only

Ciatte Mini Mani Manor Nail Polish Advent Calendar


Description: Again one of my favourites and as it happens the one that I will have the pleasure of enjoying this holiday season! Nail polish company Ciatte have designed an amazingly cute advent calendar, depicted to look like a house  with all different window sciences for each day and behind each one is a different coloured nail polish. So never fear! Your nails will never look dull this Christmas!

From: Ciatte

Price: £49

Link: Click here

Primary Beauty Calendar 


Description: A square shaped avent calder in a gold colour with metallic red snowflake shapes on it and behind each door is a different Primark Beauty product to use.

From: Primark

Price: £15

In store only

YOU Beauty Discovery Advent Calendar: Best Value 


Description: Now if you are a bit of a beauty junky, but also like to try before you buy and to get a good bargain. Well then, this is totally the calendar for you this year. A company called You beauty discoveries has developed an advent calendar in a beautiful, sleek gold box a packed with an array of products from different brands such as Rituals and Philip Kingsley for you to try. But, whats more in total this advent calendars contents would together retail at £240 and at a price of £49.95 you save £190. If thats not good value for money I honestly don’t know what is.

From: YOU Beauty

Price: £49.95

Link: Click here

Elemis Advent Candler


Description: A deep red advent calendar featuring a range of Elemis’s different products from the brand from bath and body to skincare products. This advent calendar allows you to try a huge variety of what the brand has to offer.

From: Elemis

Price: £53.55

Link: Click here 

Lush 12 Days of Christmas Gift Set 


Description: Based on storytelling and traditions of folklore, this truly beautiful gift set is a fantastic Christmas gift. Although I admit it is not an advent calendar, this gift set has 12 different products in it from their Christmas line such as Cinders Bath Ballistic and Hot Toddy Shower Gel. So, this would be a great gift to give to someone 12 days in advance of Christmas to get them in the festive mood. So, in a way it is like an advent calendar, it is beautifully designed. Made to look like a jade green book with gold detailing to the edges and a colourful partridge on the front and christmas foliage surrounding it in colours of red, gold and green.

From: Lush

Price: £49.95

Link: Click here 

So, that wraps it up for today folks!

I really hope you enjoyed my guide to some of the most glamorous advent calendars there are on the market. Tweet me @DavisonEm with your favourite advent calendars, even if you have opted for something more traditional. I would love to hear how you are getting ready for the Christmas season.

I am also going to be sharing a blog on my top Christmas Jumpers next week and alongside this I will also be filming a makeup total. So, lots more to come and don’t forget if you have any comments or suggestions please submit them to me at

Plus don’t forget to check out the podcast channel I co found called Fashionability where I will be doing lots of Christmas gift guides over the period and other Christmas features.

As well as this I will also be working alongside podcast channel VI Talk Podcast to bring you some festive fashion ideas!

Don’t forget to tune into Insight Radio tomorrow at 2.15pm where I will be talking advent calendars! I appear on Insight Radio every Friday at 2.15pm.

So, until next time my dear readers I bid you all farewell!

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