A New Year, A New Start: Fashioneyesta’s New Years Resolutions Ideas

2015 New Year celebration

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to Fashioneyesta.com and a very Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you all had a truly wonderful Christmas and now as we head into the arms of 2015 here it comes the time that we begin to make our resolutions for the new year that we are in.

Now, some of you may be finding it difficult to come up with a new years resolution this year and it is true sometimes we get bogged down with the same ones we resign ourselves to every year.

Which is why I have decided to write a blog with some of my top ideas for New Years Resolutions all themed around the topic of beauty, fashion and lifestyle, but with a twist that would benefit both yourself and others.

In my next blog (or possibly YouTube video) i will be revealing my own new years resolutions, as this year i would like to do more for others and try things that i have always wanted to do. But, today this blog is all about inspiring you, my lovely readers to go out and pursue a New Years Resolution that may inspire others.

So read on and enjoy!

Go Green With Beauty and Fashion


One thing that you may want to consider as a New Years Resolution is to try beauty and fashion brands that are kind to the environment or that fund projects that support local communities and help with recycling and conserving the Environment.

Brands like People Tree, Bibico and Kailique are all brands based in the UK that are committed to creating clothing that is made from eco friendly materials that are kind to the enviroment. Whats more, there are plenty of different beauty brands such as Lush, Neal/s Yard Remedies, Liz Earle and many more are all brands that use natuaral ingedients that are fair trade and soruced in ways that are kind for the planet.

To find more information on how to go green with your fashion and beauty consult the websites below.



Go Cruelty Free


Another New Years Resolution idea is to try out buying from beauty companies that are cruelty free and by this i mean brands who do not test on animals during the production of their products from start to finish and instead test out their products using alternative methods.

There are lots of brands out there that do not test on animals and that are committed to raising awareness of the importance of ging curelty free to the public brands like Lush, Dr Organics, Too Faced Beauty, Urban Decay, Superdrugs Own Range, Dermatologica and Gosh are just some of the examples of brands that do not test on animals.

If you would like to find out more information on how to go Cruelty Free and to find out which brands do and do not test on animals below are a list of useful websites.




Try Brands That Give Back 

When you buy from a fashion or beauty company, I believe its nice to know that your money is being put towards worthy causes that will help change the lives of people and to good for the environment.

So, why not make one of your New Years Resolutions to shop with brands that ensure that a portion of your money as the comsumer is put towards good causes. Brands such as accessory brand Toms who put money towards helping people from poverty stricken communities to improve the quality of their lives is one example of a brand that does good for others.

Again Lush is another brand that puts money towards different charities and projects who help with things such as conservation, animal welfare and human rights.

If you want to find out more about companies that help with charity projects be sure to consult their website for further information.

Ditch The Real Tan for Fake 

Now another good idea for a New Years Resolution this Summer is that instead of resorting to sun beds and sun loungers why not try getting your tan from a bottle.

There are plenty of good tans both gradual and instant on the market to choose from and in the long run using a fake tan will be more beneficial for your skin and will prevent your skin from premature ageing.

So, for 2015 why not try being kinder to your skin?

Start a Blog 


The final suggestion for a 2015 New Years Resolution is to start a blog, many people always talk of their wish to get into writing and to develop a hobby. A blog is a great way of getting your writing skills in shape and it will enable you to network with a large group of people and find out what it is you are interested in. Everyone has something interesting to say, whether that is fashion, lifestyle, technology, culture, cookery and more. With blogging the world is your Oyster and all you need to do is get typing.

For more ideas on how to start a blog click here to view a blog i wrote on my top tips for starting a blog.

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