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Over the past few days I have bene working on ideas ver the next few months for blogs and videos both here on my blog and YouTube channel.

One of the series ideas I have come up with for my blog is a new series called Buy of the Day, like outfit of the day, this would be an occasional post in which I feature something I have purchased on my blog with a description of its appearance and pictures. The purpose of this would be to highlight my fashion interests and what is new out there in the world of fashion, crafts and beauty.

To mark the beginning of this segment on my blog i have a beaituul new addition to my Heather Everett brooch and accessory collection.



As sone of you may know i am a huge fan of Heather’s work, she is a very talented artist in the practice of textile who lives in Devon, she is best known for her hand embroidered butterfly brooches in which she calls ‘Hatchlings.’

On her Facebook page she posted an image of a new butterfly she was selling which features beautiful Katie Fasset fabric in colours of purple and indigo.

The brooch is in a small design featuring beautiful leafy green wings made from Velvet which are reminiscent of Spring blooms. The wings also feature an intricate design of blue and inigo fabric sown into the wings to give it a dynamic, lifelike appearance. The brooch also has been sown with a dark torso and finished with pearly white beads around the edges of the wings. And finally Heather has also sown on two delicate pieces of green thread to give the butterfly antennas.

The brooch was £14 including p&p (international shipping may very in price.)

The brooch comes in a little brown package and is wrapped in beautiful butterfly printed tissue paper in colours of purples, blues and reds and is finished with a bow and a tag with the words ‘made with love’ on it. The brooch is mounted on a card with her butterfly logo and her company name on it.

If this brooch takes your fancy you can contact Heather via the information below to enquire with regards to getting your own Hatchling. Check out her Facebook, Easy store Twitter to where she has more beautiful Hatchlings available.

Where To Find Heather


Facebook Page: Click here

Twitter: @heatheremb

Etsy Store: Click here

Website: Click here

And that concludes todays blog, don’t forget to subscribe for more blogs and features.

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