The Blind Children UK Whats On Offer Campaign Hand In

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Today I wanted to join you all to tell you about an event i went to earlier this week which relates to things I do in my life outside of the world of fashion and studying for my degree.

So, as some of you may know I was born and grew up with sight loss which has always proved to have its difficulties in the past. And although I was able to obtain good grades in my school life, one thing I never felt that I was able to accomplish was a full sense of mobility and freedom of movement that my fully sighted peers were enabled to.

That was not until I had the support of my habilitation workers and later on Guide Dogs Uk, for those of you who don’t know a habitation worker is someone who supports people with sight loss to learn valuable life skills such as mobility, cookery and general independence.

But so many children who grow up with sight loss around the UK are not granted this same privilege that I was, so many local councils do have the information readily available for the families of sight impaired children to benefit from. During a blind or partially sighted child’s younger years it is imperative that they are given the same opportunities and skills that their peers will be given to enable them to become autonomous individuals with the choices to live their life as they please.

Without it they may never be able to live the life that they want and deserve.

The charity known as Blind Children Uk (a part of the Guide Dogs group) launched the campaign called the ‘Whats On Offer?’campaign.

 it is a national campaign calling on campaigners to lobby their local councils to provide more information on services available to blind and partially sighted youths under their care.

This week I attended the petition hand in with the Guide Dogs Campaigns team in the Education Department based in London, Westminster.

Overall 7084 people signed the petition in support of the campaign, meaning that the charity is one step closer to helping young people with sight loss to realise their petiole and achieve their dreams.

Too find out more information on the Blind Children Uk ‘Whats On Offer?’ campaign click here to be directed to their webpage or visit

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