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Today I have an exciting review for you all today which I have been meaning to do for a while and is all on teeth whitening and dental hygene products.

Now anyone who knows me will know that i am a big advocate of taking care of your teeth and of having a nice, white set of gnashes for the camera. After all, I believe that one of the biggest impacts of your appearance is your smile and it can really say a lot about you, especially on the dating scene.

Now over a year and a half ago you may recall if you have been following my blog for a while that my lovely male writer and friend Thomas and myself went and had our teeth whitened in the Smile Science booth in Westfield Shopping Centre.

For those of you who don’t know Smile Science is a UK dental care company which specials of delivering good quality teeth whitening services and products to their customers in easy and efficient ways and for reasonable prices.

I would highly recommend this treatment to you, its quick, easy and provides excellent results for a reasonable cost.

If you did not see this review click here to go and check it out.

Now just before Christmas I was contacted by the people over at Smile Science who asked me if I would be interested in trialling some of their home teeth whitening and dental products for a review on my products to review on my blog.

And of course I said yes, as i thought this would be of interest to those of you who want to get good results, but may not necessarily be able to afford the dentist chair prices.

Please Note: Whilst I declare that these products were sent to my to trial, this review is based on thoughts and opinions that are all my own. I have not been sponsored by the company to write any of the following.

Smile Science sent me three different products to trial, all of them being relatively easy to use and to incorporate into your weekly routine, I am going to be reviewing all three of them on the basis of their accessibility (as someone with significant sight loss,) ease of application, value for money and overall quality as well as my opinions whilst using them.

So, sit back relax and read on if yo want to find out more…

Product Details

Product One

Name: Light Activated Whitening Strips

Price: £79.00

Link: Click here

Product Two

Name: Peroxide Free Dual Foam System

Price: £49.00

Link: Click here

Product Three

Name:V-White Whitening Toothpaste

Price: £19.00

Link: Click here

Available in Mint or Orange Flavour

The review will be split into three parts in order for me to give extensive reviews on each individual product.

As a whole I found all of these products to give excellent results and are all exceptionally good for ease of use.


To begin with I will first talk about how i found the products in terms of their affects on my teeth as one of the biggest concerns for a lot of people when using home whitening products is whether or not they will make ones teeth sensitive or not.

On using these products I found that none of them gave me any adverse side affects, I could eat, drink all the things that I did before using these products.

In the past I have been known to have sensitive teeth, however when i used these products i was very pleasantly surprised to find that my teeth did not experience any sharp pains of discomfort.

Of course please do bare in mind that everyone’s teeth are different, so be sure to consult with your dentist before trying out any new teeth whitening products.

So, now that I have addressed this first topic I will begin to move onto talk about the products individually and how I found each of them upon using them over the past few months.

Light Activated Whitening Strips Review

This particular product is a very intensive whitening treatment and is best used before going to bed and it is advised that you refrain from eating or drinking before and after using them.

In the box you are given a packet of whitening strips in little packets, each packet contains two one for the top set of teeth and the other for the bottom.

These are stuck onto a thin piece of plastic which you must peel off and with clean hands apply to your teeth using your tumpline to feel where to apply them. Be aware if you are not confident in using them on your own if you are like me visually impaired then you can always get someone to help you with this first step.

You are also given a silicone teeth tray which you need to place in your moth and bite down on gently when you have applied the strips to your teeth.

You are also given a small home plasma light which you must hold onto the area where the strips are using the front of the tray for a guide. Then you press down on the button in the centre and a blue plasma light will begin to activate the strips and the whitening process begins.

This treatment lasts for around 30 minutes and after using the strips for 30 minutes you can then remove the tray and the strips and wipe any excess gel using some tissue from your teeth.

If at any point you begin to experience any sensitivity or discomfort on your teeth  simply remove the strips and the sensitivity should go way within a couple of hours. If not you are advised to seek help from your dentist.

What I liked most about this first product was its effiecentcy and how you can simply use it before going to bed as part of your month teeth whitening routine. This is also a great treatment to use before an event like a birthday, a wedding or a holiday.

This treatment has definitely brought my teeth up by a few shades and has also helped to improve the appearance of my stains on my teeth that I had from when I used to wear braces.

This is so easy to apply and use, I particularly enjoyed it as I would take to applying this in the evening and use it whilst listening to an audiobook or watching a film.

One thing I will say about this treatment is that the tray may be uncomfortable to some people who dislike having objects in their mouths for long periods of time. But, if you are not opposed to this idea, it is definitely a great treatment to try out and you get great results for a cheaper price than going to a dentist for one session.

Accessibility; 3/5

This brand as a whole would hugely benefit on their services and products if they would incorporate braille onto them. What more I did find that the text was rather difficult to read and the colour contrast of green against white on this product made it difficult to use one my own.

Ease of Application: 4/5

The product was easy to open, the whitening strips are very easy to apply and practically mess free. So you do not have to worry about any product leaking or spilling. It is very quick and efficient to use and it is very easy to use one of the packets of strips and to then dispose of them.

The teeth tray is easy to clean and I would advise washing with hot water and some find of dental cleaning product or leaving it in a cup of diluted mouthwash.

When you have finished using the strips they do not leave a lot of residue on the teeth, so it is merely a case of wiping them over to ensure that all of the product has been removed.

I would say this is a great home whitening product for people with visual impairments and take it from someone who has used a lot of fiddly, fussy whitening products I really did enjoy using this one

Value for Money: 4/5

In this pack you get 14 whitening strip packets with two in each for the upper and lower set of teeth. This equates to you having enough for 14 30 minute sessions at the price of £79 when one treatment could cost anything from £100-£400. So in that sense it is worth the money for what you get, however it is one of the more expensive home whitening products on the market. But as it is such a good quality, easy to use product the reasons for its price are valid.

Overall Quality: 5/5

have used three of these whitening strips and so far I have found them to have given me excellent results, they are a perfect quick fix if your teeth re looking a little dirt discoloured or if you are the sort of person to drink a lot of caffeine or who is a smoker. I would highly recommend this as a product to use maybe once or twice a month or on those occasions where you really want your teeth to look that extra bit whiter and cleaner.

Peroxide Free Dual Foam System Review


 The next treatment that I used was a two part treatment that you need to apply with a brush, either an electric or manual toothbrush will suffice. In the box you get two treatments that are both in the forms of plastic bottles with pump dispensers.The first is a cleansing foam and the second is a whitening foam and you need to use both of these in a particular order.

You first use the dental cleansing foam which acts to remove any bacteria from your teeth and gums, apply a small amount to your toothbrush and use for 1 minute before expectorating and then repeat the same process but with the dental whitening foam which will act to whiten your teeth.

I would advise you to use this treatment once or twice a week at night before going to bed.

Please Note: Do not eat or drink anything for one hour after using this product and do not rise your mouth out with water or mouthwashh. As you will deactivate the foam.

Accessibility: 3/5

Although this product does have a good colour contrast of white text against blue background and non destructible packaging. Wh at is the major downfall of this product is that as it does not have trial and both the bitter are of the exact shape and size there is no way of telling them apart other than to use assistive technology such as the Tap Tap see app.

Ease of Application: 4/5

This product is relatively quick and easy to use and only involves two steps into your routine, the products are easy to dispense from the pump and when applied onto your teeth begin to foam up very well especially with the use of an electric toothbrush for a deeper clean.

The one thing I will say that after using this product you do get a slightly bitter taste in your mouth. Other than that this product is a dream to work with and I use this religiously every week now during my pamper routine.

Value for Money: 4/5

This product is definitely great value for money and the bottles will last you I would guess for  good six to eight months as you only need to use a small amount every week. This product gives you great results at an affordable price which works out a lot cheaper as opposed to some dental treatments that dentists have to offer.

Overall Quality: 4/5

I absolutely loved this dental whitening treatment, it really helped to reduce the appearance of the stains on my teeth from drinking caffeine. This product is also very gentle on the teeth and I personally found that after I had used it I did not experience any discomfort or sensitivity.

Overall I think this treatment would be perfect for anyone who needs to have a weekly intensive clean if you are one to smoke, et foods that are prone to staining or just generally get discolouration on your teeth.

V-White Whitening Toothpaste Review


Now the last product I am going to be talking about is perhaps my most favourite from the products that I got to try and this is their whitening toothpaste with added vitamins A, B and C to help strengthen and whiten teeth and to improve the health of your gums.

This comes in a long tube with the light blue liquid on the inside, this does come also in the flavour of orange.

The way that you use this is as you would any other toothpaste, you simply brush your teeth with this twice a day once in the morning and once at night.

I personally loved this product as it made my teeth feel so clean that when I rubbed a finger against them they actually made a squeaking noise. Whats more, before using this toothpaste I had always had a problem with bleeding gums, sorry if this is too much information for some of my readers. However, upon using this for bout two weeks I noticed not only that my teeth were looking whiter and cleaner but that my gums were a lot less sore and that I did not get any bleeding gums when brushing them.

Out of all the products that i have trailed in this review, this will be the one that I repurchase again as I think that it is absolutely incredible and so worth the money.

Accessibility: 4/5

This product is fairly accessible with an easy to open package, good colour contrast of white background and black text and the liquid has a distinctive minty scent. Again the one let down of this product is the lack of braille on it, but this product is a little more easy to distinguish and so for that reason I think that the lack of braille is not as much of an issue.

Ease of Application: 5/5

This product was easy to use, you extract some of it using a pump making it easy to control the amount you get on your brush. You only need a very small amount of this product to see the results.

Value for Money: 5/5

Although this product is probably one of the more pricey toothpastes on the market it is well worth the extra cost as it has the added benefits of acting as a teeth whitening treatment and I don’t believe I’ve ever come across one with added vitamins before. You get a very large amount for what you pay and a little of this product goes a long way. What I also like about the design of the product is that it is in a large cylinder shaped bottle as opposed to a tube that always looks disgusting by the end of its use and yo can never get the full amount of product out of. However, with this as you use it there is a mechanism inside that pushed upwards so that the liquid rises as you use it, rather like a syringe. So, that you will be sure to get every last drop from this product from start to finish.

Overall Quality: 5/5

Overall this has to be, to date, my all time favourite dental care product, i have seen table differences to my teeth after using this and the total health of my gums seems to have also improved drastically upon using it. This is a great product for anyone who has struggled to find the right whitening toothpaste whether that be due to sensitivity, bleeding gums or staining. I would highly recommend this toothpaste for anyone who wants to trial a whitening treatment, but who doesn’t know what to try or who doesn’t want to us anything to drastic.

So, that concludes for today my review on some of the amazing Smile Science products, I really hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.

To finish, I would like to extend a massive thank you to the lovely people over at Smile Science for sending me these amazing products to try.

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