Fashioneyesta Stars in Guide Dogs Uk’s Latest Video On The Safe and Sound Campaign #safeandsound

Greetings Readers!

I hope everyone is doing well today?

I wanted to share with you all some very exciting news on about my work with the charity Guide Dogs and their campaigns team.

Recently i filmed for a brand new video for the Guide Dogs charity all about traveling and the importance of having cars that can emit a sound.

in the video i talk about having a guide dog, the freedom she gives me and the dangers that electronic and hybrid cars pose to my independence.

Although electronic and hybrid cars are fantastic for helping us to converse our environment there is a great risk to pedestrians in the sense that they are not audible to someone when out on the streets which makes it very dangerous for people with sight loss, people who walk in the dark and to all pedestrians in general.

The Safe and Sound Campaign is one that is calling for car companies to incorporate a piece of equipment in their engines that will emit a sound for people with sight loss and any other pedestrians to be able to hear them coming and thus be safe and independent when walking on a road.

Both the voiceover version and non voiceover version have been liked to this blog so you can view whichever one you please.

Disclaimer: In the footage some people have expressed concern over the fact that I cross between two parked cars. Please be aware that this is NOT Something that I do on an everyday basis, i was instructed to do this by the filming company on the day of filming. Please remember that I am NOT responsible for the content in the video and anything you wish to query please take up with the Guide Dogs press team and not myself.

Voiceover Version

Non-Voiceover Version 


Sound means life

With sound I can map whats going on around me, so I know where things are.

Before i met my guide dog my life was pretty difficult.

I didn’t really have the confidence or the ability to be able to go out.

She enabled me to live everyday in the way that I choose.

She lets me be spontaneous.

But, now I have worries that the current freedom i enjoy is under serious threat.

Quite vehicles are actually dangerous for everyone you know you don’t necessarily see a car in time.

Its not just people with sight loss everyone should be concerned about quiet vehicles.

I think that electric and hybrid cars are very important to allowing us converse and look after our environment, the risk factor is something that needs to be re assessed.

This is such an easy problem to solve, these cars in question need to be able to emit a sound when their driving just so that i am able to hear it and people like me as well.

There is no reason why it shouldn’t be done.

So i hope you enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to support the campaign and find out more by visiting

Don’t forget to like, comment and share this video on your social media to spread the word about the safe and sound campaign.

Also if you do share anything related to this don’t forget to use the #safeandsound so that Guide Dogs can see your posts.

Thanks for listening!

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