A Day in Greenwich and a Review of Biscuit Ceramics Cafe

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Now I realise that for a while i have not been writing as many blog posts as I used to and making a lot more YouTube videos. Whilst I still love making YouTube videos and interacting on social media I have been hugely missing writing blogs. As this is what I started to do long before I began my YouTube channel.

So, today I thought seeing as I am taking a break from my Dissertation this afternoon, I thought that I would write a blog on the other day when I went for a day to Greenwich with my friend and we went to the market and had a stint at Ceramic painting in a local ceramic cafe.

So, I thought I would write a bit about the day, a brief review of the cafe as well as a side serving of an Outfit of the Day.

So carry on reading and I hope you enjoy!

Outfit of the Day

For my outfit i went for something Vintage inspired, but I also wanted my colours to co ordinate so I stuck with a classic red and navy blue colour scheme. My outffit consists of a pair of red patent flat loafers, a vintage 50s dress with a floral print, a classic cut navy blue coat and finished off with a cherry red tote bag.


Dress: The ‘Vivi’ Dress a navy blue dress with a wrap around torso, 3/4 length sleeves and a circle skirt. In a classic 50s style.

From: Lindy Bop

Price: £34.99

Link: Click here

Coat: A navy blue blazer style coat with gold button detailing.

From: Whistles (Old Stock)

Tights: Plain black tights

From: Primark 

Shoes: Patent red loafers with gold detailing

From: Dune (old stock)

Bag: Red 15′ Jet Set tote with gold detailing. It is a tote bag, very large and structured.

From: Michael Korrs (apple collaboration made for Macbook users)

Price: £260

Guide Dog: Labrador Goldren Retriever Cross by the name of Unity

From: Guide Dogs 

The Market







Greenwich market is always known for having a range of different stalls, stall holders, crafters and traders each weekend this wekeend there was quite a lot of different crafters selling their creations.

In particular I encountered quite a few stalls that I loved, there was one selling a range of different Vintage inspired dresses in classic 50s designs many of which were in a shirt dress design in a range of colours and prints. Many of which had polka dots and heart patterns. I bought one which took my fancy that was in a royal blue colour, in a classic shirt dress design, with an underskirt and white polka dots.

There were also a number of different stalls such as one selling hand painted stain glass to hang on your windows so that when the light from the sun filters through it it will reflect through the stain glass and enhance the rich colours of the glass. There were many different designs but one in particular that I thought very striking was a stain glass window which featured Springtime flowers on it such as Tulips and Daffodils in rich shades of red, yellow and green.

There were also stalls selling perspex keyring and brooches in a range of different colours and designs which would be very appealing to someone with limited vision as the shapes are very tactile and distinctive.

Review of Biscuit Cafe



So, after a little stroll around the market myself and my friend went to a local Ceramics Cafe in the area known as Biscuit. The idea of the cafe is that you can go in pick out a ceramics piece you want to paint like a teacup, a bowl, plate, money box and so on. You then pay for it at the till, choose the paints you want to use, buy yourself a beverage and a something to nibble on as you go and then you can get painting.

The cafe was very spacious, airy and colourful. There was such a buzz to the palce on entering full of couples, friends children and parents and families. I personally found the staff to be extremely friendly toward me and my guide dog and they even brought her a bowl of water to drink and brought our food and drinks to the table. The food was simply delectable and there was a variety to choose from, from cakes and tea, cold drinks and sandwiches, chocolate, crisps anything you fancied for a snack during your work.

There was a variety of different paint colours to choose from and what I loved about the paint and supplies area was that everything had a palce and everything was in its place making it easy for me to access what I needed to use.

In the end I painted a teacup and saucer in a Springtime design with tulips, grass and a blue sky. On the saucer I painted the words ‘Begin Again’ because that is what I feel Spring is truly the time for as the animals return form their slumber and little heads of flowers begin to poke their heads from the ground it is the time to make new plans, spring clean, start up new goals and to feel as if anything is possible.

One thing I will say about the cafe is that you do have to return to pick up your items after they are glossed and put the paint is finished. You will be given a card as proof of purchase so that when you return in a week to pick your item or items up they can identify which are yours.

Now onto the scoring of the venue..

Accessibility: 4/5

The venue was very spacious and the staff very hospitable towards Guide Dogs and their owners. The only draw back as far as I could see was that part of the venue required you to take one small step down to access the other half of the cafe where the paints were, so this may be something a wheelchair user might need to consider. However, the other half of the venue was accessible and there were seats on the other side of the venue.

Hospitality: 5/5
The staff were all very friendly, informative and welcoming and were very aware of how to assist me being that I was sight impaired.

Quality of Service: 5/5

The variety of things to paint and paints were very promising, the food was homemade on sight and there was a variety to choose from. All in all it was a very relaxing, fun and enjoyable day out and one that I would recommend to anyone in the South East London area looking for something to do this Easter.

Venue Details

Name: Biscuit Ceramics Cafe

Address: 3-4 Nelson Road,London SE10 9JB

Telephone: 020 8853 8588

Website: www.biscuit-biscuit.com

Email: crumbs@biscuit-biscuit.com

So, that wraps it up for today folks, don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel tomorrow for a new video. To find it search fashioneyesta on YouTube or click here.

And most importantly have a very Happy Easter!


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