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Today I have a brand new review for you all and it is not something I usually review on this blog, however i’m always one to try something new.

The other week I was contacted by the lovely Daisy who works as a PR representative working with different brands to link then with bloggers and she asked me if I would like to trial some products one of which would be Beanies The Flavour Co instant coffee. I always like trying new products because it means that I am able to present new products to my readers who might find it difficult to access them like people with sight loss. Thus I said yes, this is one of the reviews you will be seeing on my blog.

Please not though that the products that have been sent have been sent to me on the basis that I review them and give them my honest opinion and therefore all views expressed are my own. This is not a sponsored blog, I am merely reviewing them and talking to you about my feedback on the products.

So with the technicalities out of the way I will dive straight into the review.

So i hope you enjoy!

Caffeine for me is an essential ingredient as a writer and as a current University student on the last leg of my Degree. So as you can imagine I have been practically swimming in anything with a tiny bit of caffeine in it, although I don’t advocate you do this…well unless you are a University student of course or someone who works a lot like a Doctor or Vet.

Having said that however, we as a nation are workoholics and we do enjoy a hot beverage during mornings and breaks. But sometimes this can be a tad unhealthy when you are drinking several cups a day and thus finding a nice type of coffee that does not make you balloon can be a real challenge.

Which is why I was excited to try out this instant coffee as one of the best parts of it is that it comes in an array of different flavours and they are only 2 calories a cup! Perfect for anyone trying to cut down on their calorie intake, like me (here I bite into a slice of cake.)

So to give you a bit of background on the company it began in 2009 and is based on blending a variety of coffees using the finest minerals infused with different flavours to suit anyone.

So it varies from nutty flavours, chocolate, toffee and more they also do seasonal flavours for Autumn and Christmas.

They are currently being sold by a number of retails but the most easy to access would be Tesco.

A 50g jar is sold from £2,50.

They are also 100% sugar free and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Click here to view their website.

The three flavours of coffee I was sent was the Very Vanilla flavour, the Double Chocolate flavour, and the Nutty Hazelnut flavour.

I was not the only one who trailed these products i also recruited my father and Grandmother into sampling these coffees as they are both avid coffee drinkers.

Accessibility: 4/5

The jars were very accessible in a sturdy material and the jar is easy to pen, whats more as each flavour is scented differently you will be sure to be able to tell the difference just by scent alone.

The text is in vvery big bold text and each flavour is attributed with a different colour, however one way that the brand could improve on accessibility is to have a kind of QR or barcode which you can scan via your smartphone to give you more information on it like ingredients and dietary information as well as which coffee it is.

I will review each coffee individually as I found them.

Very Vanilla

Price: £2.50

Link: Click here 

The text on this coffee is in a bright yellow colour from an Accessibility note so if you have colour perception you will be able to spot this one relatively clearly.

This coffee was pleasantly mild, the taste of vanilla is only very slight so this would be a great starter coffee for someone who maybe does not want to be too adventurous.

Yet it is quite a sweet taste so it would be an option for those of you who maybe are not overly keen on coffee but want to begin to try it. The flavour acts rather like a natural sweetener so again a good option for those of you who cant have sugar.

The consistency of the coffee itself was very smooth and easy to make, the fact that it is an instant coffee means that it is quick and convenient .

Double Chocolate 

Price: £2.50

Link: Click here

This coffee was personally a little to strong for my palette it tasted more like dark chocolate and I myself do not usually tend to eat that kind.

But, for those of you who like that kind of taste would probably enjoy this, although you perhaps could sweeten this with some almond milk or something of that nature.

My grandmother mostly trialled this and she said that it was a little more stronger than the Vanilla flavour but it would be a good option for Espresso lovers or anyone who tends to gravitate towards the coffees with a little extra kick. But if you are like me drink Mocha’s then this might not be the one for you.

But again it was a smooth blend and easy to make.

Nutty Hazelnut

Price: £2.50

Link: Click here

The final one has to be my personal favourite, if you are not a fan of nuts this one might not be to your liking but if like me you go for quite a lot of nutty chocolates at Christmas you will be Nuts about this coffee (I know a rather redundant pun, but I am half deranged at present from writing a dissertation so I think you will forgive that one.)

But it is a very creamy, flavour, it reminds me of eating hazelnut chocolates during the Autumn/Winter times and you might like this if you eat things like Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut Chocolate.

This one was a different taste of coffee to what i am used to, but a welcome one at that. It was very smooth, again easy to prepare and did not leave a bitter aftertaste like some coffees can do.

So all in all a fantastic coffee and one that i personally would repurchase.

So that concludes this little review for you today, I really hope you enjoyed it. please comment below if you have ever tried any of these coffees or any of other flavours they offer and what you thought of them.

A big thank you to Daisy and the company for allowing me to trial these coffees.

So, I will depart for now and I will see you all next time.

Until them!

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