The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Range: Review

Greetings Readers!

Today I thought I would entreat you all to a review of a few new beauty products I have been trailing as I have not done one in ages and I really miss writing up my reviews of new beauty products that I have been trailing.

So, the other week I was in the Body Shop, one of my favourite body and skincare brands next to Lush and I noticed that they had a new range called the Fuji Green Tea Range. Inspired by the Japanese Green Tea Tradition it is a range which incorporates products to cleanse, refresh and renew. This deeply excited me, perhaps a tad more than it should have done and I thought i would get a few new products from the range to trial. I id not buy all of them but I picked three particular things that I was buzzing to try, I selected the exfoliator, the bath tea and the body cream with the intentions of trailing them out so that it I were to like it I would both review it on my blog and go back for more…so now you know where to find me this Saturday.

So, anyway I will proceed into my review and I hope you enjoy!

The smell of each product was equally just as incredible, the only way I can describe the scent of the product if you have never before tried Green Tea it is a very clean, fresh scent. Rather like the smell of Spring Flowers, wet grass and clean cotton, that is what this scent is akin too. It is perfect as a Spring/Summer smell and it is utterly fabulous to use on one of those days where you feel particularly disgusting or just want to freshen up.

Green Tea Image2

Being severely sight impaired I love my scents, I always have and always will and that is one of the things I look for in a beauty product, aside being kind to your skin and so for that reason I was particularly impressed with this range and how realistic the smell was. The Body Shop have truly outdone themselves with this range and in my opinion it is one of their best ranges to date next to the Raspberry range and Satsuma range.

The Fuji Green Tea Range is available in a number of different products including a soap, shower gel, body moisturiser, body spray and more.

Click here to view the full range.

The Bath Tea


Price: £12

Link: Click here

The first product comes in a large metal tin and it is made with real Green Tea Leaves, the idea of the product is that you add some of the tea leaves to a little diffuser you buy separately for £5 from The Body Shop.

You add the diffuser to running water and then it creates a lovely soft bath with a light, fresh scent.

This bath product is perfect for helping to relax and destress yourself,f I used it during the height of my Dissertation writing and I personally found that this was an amazing product to use for it.

It is very gentle and leaves your skin feeling, soft, smooth, and comforted.

Now onto the scoring…

Accessibility: 4/5 The product itself is easy to distinguish as it comes in a large, metal tin with a rounded lid. Th product could be improved on if it had larger print or braille. But as I said, the product itself is easy to tell apart from others.

Ease of Access: 3/5 The tin is slightly difficult to open and it comes in a plastic packet meaning that you have to be careful not to spill to contents when adding it to the diffuser. But apart from that it is easy enough to use.

Value for Money: 5/5 The tin itself is a rather large tin for the price and you only need to use a very small amount of the product on each bath, a little goes a long, long way.

Overall Quality: 5/5 The product smells incredible, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth it is perfect to use on a paper routine if you are in need of some relaxing. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves their bath products.

The Body Scrub

green tea scrub

Price: £15

Link: Click here

This product was very enjoyable to trial out, it is of course a body scrub with very small, fine exfoliating beads in a gel substance. It is extremely gentle for a body scrub but still leaves your skin feeling clean and well exfoliated, this would be a great scrub to use during the Summer months.

Accessibility: 4/5 The product was easy to distinguish with a recognisable scent and texture to the product itself. However, again the product could be improved with either incorporating braille or larger print to the packaging.

Ease of Access: 5/5 It was very easy to open and to apply to the skin, it glides along smoothly and is easy to wash off afterwards.

Value for Money: 3/5 The product is on the pricey side for an exfoliator at £15 a tub, yet it is very good quality and does do an excellent job of exfoliating the skin.

Overall Quality: 5/5 The product smells wonderful, it has a great texture as an exfoliant and it gives great results leaving my skin feeling soft and it is perfect to remove excess fake tan!

The Body Butter


Price: £13

Link: Click here

The Body Shop is renowned for its body butters being 24 hour lasting moisturisers and having great scents, this one is of course no acceptation and being that it is the Green Tea scent it is perfect as a nighttime cream as it will leave a very clean, calming scent on the skin.

Accessibility: 4/5 This product is easy to distinguish again as it has a particular scent, however being that this is in a packaging that the Body Shop stores all of its body butters in. It would be useful it the product incorporated braille and large print text.

Ease of Access: 4/5 The product was easy to open and to use, however it does take a short while to absorb into the skin so I personally would not recommend this as a product you would use if you were in a hurry.

Value for Money: 5/5 The product is reasonable for a body butter of the size and with this you only need to use a small amount of the product.

Overall Quality: 4/5 The product is great as a moisturiser and leaves the skin feeling soft and replenished, although I would personally have liked the cream to have a slightly stronger scent like the other two products I trailed had.

So, that was my review on the Body Shop Fuji Green Tea range, I really hope you enjoyed this review today I have got plenty of other reviews I am going to be doing over the next few weeks so be sure to watch this space if you would like some ideas of new beauty products to try out.

Until Next Time!

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