Outfit of the Day: A Wet Day in May

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to my blog, today I thought I would share with you all a little Outfit of the Day post as I have not done one in a while and yesterday my outfit was sporting a few of my recent Primark finds so I thought it might be nice to share them with you all seeing as Primark to people with sight loss like myself can be a bit of a labyrinth.

So, anyone who resides in Britain I am sure you know that our weather can be rather turbulent at times and so this outfit is prepared for the torrent of rain we had yesterday.

The main accolade of my outfit is a lovely blue rain mac from Primark for £18 that I discovered when watching one of my favourite YouTuber’s (Rebeca Cocoa’s) haul. It is a light blue and has a hood, it is perfect for a wet and rainy day during the Spring/Summer Months. Paired with this is a pair of light wash levi high rise jeans, on my feet I am wearing a pair of tall light blue matt wellington boots from Hunter. I am also wearing a light blue sweater with the Cinderella Glass Slipper on the front studied with silver sequins and outlined with black sequins. I am also wearing a blue flower statement necklace with silver metallic detailing to the chain.

For my hair I went for a relaxed look with lose curls and minimal make up using the new Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream and nude lipstick.

So, I will leave the information and links to the items below if

photo 2 photo

Rain Mac: Blue Rain Mac

From: Primark

Price: £18

Jumper: Light Blue Glass Slipper Jumper

(I am unsure of the details as it was a present)

Wellington Boots: Blue Wellington Boots

From: Hunter

Price: £90

Necklace: Blue Floral Necklace

From: Primark

Price: £4

Jeans: Light Wash Levi Jeans

From: Levi

Thank you so much for checking out this blog today, let me know what your rainy day essentials are in the comments. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @DavisonEm.

I’ll be back soon with some more exciting blogs, I have got some creative writing work that I have written to share with you all and I’ll also be doing a blog on a Lush Bloggers event I shall be attending today.

Until next time!

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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