Outfit of the Day: Going to the Lush Bromley Bloggers Event #LushBromleySummer

Greetings Readers!

Welcome back to my blog, so today I thought I would do a little blog of an Outfit of the Day which I wore to last nights Lush Bromley Summer Bloggers Event. I am currently working on the blog post for it as well as the haul video which will go up on my YouTube channel on Monday.

But, until then I thought I would share my outfit that I wore on the night as I really love doing these sort of blogs as being the fact that I am severely sight impaired a lot of you guys ask me about how i put my outfits together and how i select clothing so I think these blogs are particularly good for showing that.

So, to start off with I am waring a pair of high waisted, light washed denim jeans from Levi which are my absolute holy grail fashion item and I could not be without them.

On my feet I am wearing a pair of gold 2 inch heel latino style dancing shoes with a t bar and gold buckle and they were from a company called Miss L Fire and they are extremely old but I still utterly adore them. They are very comfortable to wear and the heel is a nice sturdy design and not overly high so they are perfect to wear when I am out with my beloved guide dog.

My top is a dark red coloured semi fitted top with spaghetti straps and crocket detailing to the bottom which makes it really bohemian style which is totally in for this reason and I love the fact it is crochet as it is very tactile. This top again is from last years range at New Look, however New Look have got tops in very similar designs but in different colours.

My kimono is a black kimono with fringing detailing to the bottom in black and pinkish-red roses with bright green stems embroidered to the kimono. The kimono is very sheer and perfect for a night out and the fringing and added detail again makes it very tactile and interesting for me as a sight impaired person to wear. The kimono was from New Look and was reduced to £6 in the sale.

I am also wearing gold Hamsa Hand Necklace, the pendant was from ASOS and I changed the chain around as the previous one was too short for my liking.

I am also sporting a gold faux leather sequin wrap around cuff which was a recent accolade from eBay for £4 and it is again very inkeeping for the Bohemian trends this Spring/Summer/

Finally, I am wearing a black square shaped ring with black gem detailing from Thomas Sabo which was receded to £60 in the January Sale.

So, that sums it up for todays Outfit of the Day, i really hope you enjoyed it, unfortunately there are no links to add to this blog today as a lot of the items were found during sales or were last year items.



DSC00592 DSC00595 DSC00602 DSC00603 DSC00604

Thank you so much for reading, be sure to check out my YouTube channel tomorrow for my new video and come back on Monday to see the Lush Blogger Event Blog.

Until Next Time!

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Emily is a Masters Degree Student, Writer, Journalist, YouTuber and blogger who runs the blog and YouTube channel fashioneyesta.com.

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