How To Curl Your Hair When You Are Blind or Partially Sighted Using Babyliss Curl Secret Styler

Well hello to everyone on this fine Sunday morning!

Today I have my latest YouTube video for you all, accompanied by a blog post. Now for those of you who have followedd my blog ever since it began in 2012 you will probably know that one of the biggest challenges i have faced as someone who is a sighted impaired beauty blogger is the ability to be able to curl my hair.

For years I trailed may different curling tools, hair products and non heat curling methods in an attempt to learn how to curl my hair despite being sight impaired. But, alas! Nothing ever worked until I found one product that has been raved about for the last couple of year in the beauty world and that is the Babyliss Curl Secret Styler.

Now before I get into this blog I would first of all like to say that I am in no way sponsored by the company to talk about this product, this review and tutorial video is off my off my own back and I have taken the initiative to do it.

So, to begin with I will first of all present you with the video and then i will give you a bit of information about the product, a review and some of my top tips for curling your hair with sight loss.


Watch The Video Below 

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Name: Babyliss Curl Secret Styler

Price: £100-£150

The device is particularly meant for hair that is no longer than below your cleavage area, you should start with clean hair that has no product in it like hair spray. You should also thoroughly brush your hair before you begin to ensure that you do not have any tangles which may get caught in the device.

You will then section your hair off, I personally recommend using one clip so that your hair does not get in the way. But you may want to work with two if you wish.

As I describe in the tutorial the curling iron has an inner chamber with rotates and feeds the curl into the chamber in a spiral direction. So, the way you use it is to simply lay a small section of hair no bigger than an inch vertically across the tool with where the chamber is, making sure that the chamber is at all times facing the towards your head and not away from it otherwise your hair will get caught in the device. Don’t panic! I know it sounds a bit intimidating at first, but believe me it isn’t once you start to use it.You then clamp down on the device so that the hair will be taken into the chamber and it will begin to bleep. Depending on how long you have set your timer for it will bleep and then the concession of bleeps means that you can remove it just by simply opening the device and letting the hair fall. One thing to also note is that the device has a sensor built into it so that if you should add to much hair or it is tangled the device will pick up on it and give you a warning bleep and will not take the hair into the chamber. The device is also set to auto meaning that it will change the direction of your hair each time so that you get a nice, natural curl and that it will not turn into a ringlet hair style.

The device has two different heat settings of medium and high het and three different timer settings of 8, 10 and, 12 seconds depending on the length and hair type you may want to play around with this and experiment to see which setting works best for you. Another thing also noting is that it is near on impossible to burn yourself with this device as the curling chamber is in the device and you never actually touch it when you curl the hair.

Work from the back to the front of your hair so that you can push each section out of the way so that you know which sections of hair you have curled and which you haven’t.

Of course if you are nervous about using this device you can use heat protective gloves available on eBay or Boots, but in all honestly with this particular device you don’t need them.

You can start off from the top of your hair or lower down depending on the length of your hair and the thickness of it, one tip I would also recommend is to run your fingers down the length of the section of hair you are curling to ensure that it is tangle free and that it is all from the same section of your head. Being visually impaired this technique always comes in particular use for me when curling or straightening my hair.

Things To Remember

-Have clean and well brushed hair.

-NEVER have the chamber facing away from the hair.

-Always ensure that you remove the hair from the device after the concession of bleeps.

-Take small sections of hair no bigger than an inch.

-Always section off your hair so that you don’t get confused.

-Work from the back to front so that you can push sections of of the way and you won’t get confused with which bits you have curled and which you haven’t.

-Finish off with a bit of hairspray.

Now, onto the final scoring for my review….

Accessibility: 5/5

The product is extremely easy to distinguish and to hold, the device is very tactile and easy to get to grips with so you should’t worry about not being able to know how to use it or which section needs to face your hair.

The device is also very user friendly in the sense that it is built in with a sensor and has the auto curl hair mode making it easy for someone with sight loss or who has unsteady hands to curl their hair as it basically does all the hard work for you. As well as the fact that the device has the curling chamber on the inner part of the tool so that you can’t burn yourself when using it.

The device also has an easy layout with two switch buttons on the side so that you can easily change the settings to the curl you wish to have.

Ease of Application: 5/5

The tool is simplistic to use and it is merely a case of taking a small section of hair and laying it vertically across the camber, it is so simply that someone who has had no experience of hair styling could use it and get amazing curls.

Value for Money: 5/5 

The tool is in the £100 region but it is available on places like Boots, Superdrug, Argos and so on so I am sure that if you look you will be able to find an excellent deal or if nothing else get a lot of points on your advantage card.

Whats more, this tool is a godsend for people with sight loss who still want to curl their hair so in my opinion it is money well spent.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

All in all this product is absolutely incredible, I did have my worries to begin with. But, in all honesty it is extremely easy and safe to use and it makes like so much easier if you have sight loss or other mobility impairments.

So, I hope you enjoyed this blog today, don’t forget tomorrow i will be showcasing my blog on the Lush Bromley Blogger event that I went to.

Please comment below with any other tutorials you would like to see and if you have used this product what you think of it.

I will be talking about this product further on my regular slot on Insight Radio at 2.15pm.

Until next time!


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