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Greetings My Dear Readers!

Mygod! I have been on a role this week with blog posts if i do say so myself, my creative juices re certainly flowing and it of course helps that i have been going to lots of places to be able to blog about them.

This blog is part of a new series i am rolling out called Fashioneyesta’s Count Down To Summer and will consist of different blogs in the lead up to the warmer weather and some of my top fashion and beauty essentials. Over the course of a few weeks I will be sharing reviews on particular products, tutorials and more all around the Summer theme.

Today marks my first one.

Some of you may have already seen if you follow me on my Twitter or Facebook Page (winks at a cheeky self promotion) on Friday evening I attended my local Lush (Bromley) Bloggers Summer Event for 2015. Myself and a group of other bloggers were invited to the event to be shown a selection of products selected for particular holidays like city breaks, festival weekends and so on. Alongside this we were also able to turn our hand to making a bath bomb, do some shopping and ask questions about the Summer products.

We were particularly shown the Sun care range from Lush and some of the products that they had to offer for protecting your skin when the Sun begin to beat down its harsher UVA and UVB rays o our skin.

So, without further adieu I will get into the blog today and talk you through everything we were shown so that you are all ready for your Summer hols wherever you might be venturing off to.


Below are an assortment of images taken from the Lush Shop of the different bath products, haircare, body care, massage bars and soaps.






We were first of all welcomed into the store by the lovely staff all dressed in Summery attire to befit the theme of the night and were encouraged to mingle with the other bloggers and to partake in some cocktails and treats like fruit, little cakes and chocolate…which of course I did.

The mortals also had there little decorative touch with little Umbrellas in them to make us feel as if we were sunning it up in the tropics.





The Adventure Holiday

The first demonstration of the evening was a selection of different products designed for the adventure holidays, the ones where you find yourself back packing in Disneyland with the family or at some theme park and you find yourself really hot and bothered and you only want to take, light, portable products with you. In fact, the whole idea of the night was that these products were selected as they were portable, small, easy to use and convenient.

There were an assortment of different products that were selected for this particular holiday essentials guy, the first one that we were shown was the Sunblock which is from Lush’s sun care range. The idea of it is is that you use it in the shower after using your soap or shower gel, it conditions your skin as it is made with calamine powder, rose absolute and cocoa butter. You use one third of the bar in the shower and that will at as your sun protection throughout the day. The beauty of all of Lush’s sun care range is that Lush is one of the first companies to ever make sun care SPF products without products derived from harmful chemicals or that have been tested on animals. The sunblock is a great addition if you are wanting to just basically wash and go and not have to keep adding sunblock all the time.

The next product which was mentioned was the Sandstone Soap which is perfect as a soap and exfoliator in one as it has a great texture that feels slightly sandy and is inspired by the beaches of Brazil the soap is also enriched with notes of Litsea to give it an uplifting cent for those hot Summer mornings.

The next thing that was demonstrated was the Fun items from Lush, these are inspired by Japanese played and what they basically are is a dough like product in different colours and scents and you can use them as bubble bars, soaps or solid shampoos. They are a very versatile product to use and they come in lots of different scents, the one that was demonstrated was the Pink one which has a sweet caramel scent made with Tonca absolute and Benzoin and is reminiscent of Fun fairs and British Summer. This would be a great product to use if you don’t want to have to take a soap and a hair shampoo, so great if you are traveling light.

The next thing we were presented with was the Ultrabalm which is basically the all purpose balm, a organic, cruelty free version of Vaseline if you will. This is made with Rose Wax, Jojoba Oil and Candella Wax. You can put it on your feet if you are experiencing any blisters or sores, your elbows, your lips, its good for sunburn, your hands. It’s the all purpose product and perfect to have in your travel kit, especially if you are going to be doing lots of waking in your holiday.

Now, of course whilst you are on holiday it is also important to look after our locks so that they can look shiny and sleek in the Sumer breeze. We were shown two solid hair products-a solid shampoo and a solid conditioner. I have used solid hair shampoos from lush before like the Lullaby one and Jason and the Argan Oil and they are all equally lovely. But, the one we were recommended for a backpacking holiday was the Squeaky Green which is basically a solid shampoo made with Rosemary, Nettle, Tea Tree and Chamomile to stimulate and soothe the scalp and to condition the hair. The conditioner was called Jungle which is supposed to tame wild hair, it is packed with moisturising ingredients like Advocado, Cocoa Butter, Fresh Figs and Ylang Ylang Oil.Being that it is a solid conditioner this is ideal for holidays where you only want to take a handful of things as it is small and it dries out quickly.

The British Nanny was also another product recommended for this kind of holiday made with Cocoa Butter, Tiger Lilly Infusions, Almond and Fresh Apple juice and having a SPF 30 this is a great product to use to keep your skin soothed, fresh and protected against the Sun.

So, now that we have covered the adventure holiday I shall now move onto talking about the festival breaks, which I am sure will be prudent for some of you who are going to Glastonbury this year.




Products Mentioned

The Sunblock: Click here 

Sandstone Soap: Click here 

Pink Fun: Click here 

Ultrabalm: Click here

Squeaky Green: Click here 

Jungle Solid Conditioner: Click here 

British Nanny Moisturiser: Click here

The Festival Essentials

The next session of the evening was all themed around festival essentials, now this range was particularly focused on making sure that you stay as clean, sun protected and odour free as humanly possible. The range also incorporated a lot of products that lad lemon scents in them to ensure that one is not bothered by the horrid wasp during a festival as they utterly loathe lemon.

So, the first product that we were shown is the Toothy Tabs which are basically Lush’s organic and cruelty free version of a toothpaste, the way they work is that you pop one in your mouth and they are made with Sodium Bicarbonate and other ingredients like spearmint to ensure that your teeth are as clean as possible. You basically bite don on them so that the product can disperse and you don’t even have to use a toothbrush is you are unable to access water like at a festival. They come in a very small box and you get 20 (or more) for a £2 box. So, they are great to add to your pouch bag at a festival.

The next essential is the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion from Lush made with Almond Oil, Dove Orchid Extract and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and it is very light and comes in two sizes, so perfect for traveling. It is great for removing make up and works very well with things like eye makeup and you don’t even need water to use this product. So, again another great, easy to sue product if you do not have the luxury of showers like at a festival.

Now, one thing that comes part and parcel with festivals is that hot and sweaty feeling you get when mashing it with the best of them and so that is where the Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree Body Spray comes in useful. Like I said previously the lemon scent is good as it will prevent the attack of the wasps. But, this body spray is great to help you good down and stay fresh for the time that you are at a festival.

The next essential is called Powdered Sunshine and what this basically is is it is a SPF 15 powder to help keep your skin protected for the sun and it would work particularly well to keep you dry and feeling fresh when at a festival. Made with Sesame Oil, Lemon, and Patchouli Oil so this will also mean that it is a nice, crisp, clean scent to have at a festival.

Ton continue with powdered products also on offer was the foot powder called T for Toes, it is an antibacterial powder to keep your feet, dry, clean and stink free. It is made with Tea Tree Oil and Lime it is extremely clean smelling and sharp so your feet will remain totally pong free as you prance around in your Hunter Wellies.

So, when you are at a festival you also want to add a touch of glam to your look, the Shimmy Shimmy shimmer bar which is great to eventuate your fake tan, add a touch of summer and keep your skin moisturised. It is made with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vanilla, and Clary Sage to give your skin a touch of moisture.

Then of course you have to remember to keep your hair as grease free and as clean as possible, the No Drought Hair powder comes in perfectly for this and it is much better than using a dry shampoo because it has no harsh chemicals in it. You simply take a small amount onto your palm and work it into the roots of your hair. Made with Talc, Grapefruit, and Lime this is a great product to use when you are at festivals and don’t have the luxury to climb into a shot shower.

The final product is the Emotional Brilliance range which is Lush’s own range of organic make up, we were recommended their lipstick tints as they are great as both lip and cheek tint and they are very moisturising made with Rose Wax, Jojoba Oil, and Candella Wax.



Products Mentioned

Dirty Toothy Tabs: Click here

9 to 5 Cleanser: Click here 

Dad’s Lemon Tree Body Spray: Click here

Powdered Sunshine: Click here 

Shimmy Shimmy Body Tint: Click here 

T for Toes: Click here

Passionate Lipstick: Click here 

Summer in the City

The next session was themed around Summer Holidays, so this mainly consists of things to calm and soothe your feet, body and skin after a long day of walking and seeing the sights of a busy, thriving metropolis.

The first two products that we were shown was the Stepping Stone Foot Scrub which is a solid scrub in the shape of a foot made with Fine Sea Salt, Lemongrass Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Pumice Powder. This is great to give your feet a little pampering after a long day of being on your feet and is great to ensure that your feet remain smooth and free of any revolting scaly patches. The next is a foot mask called Volcano a starchy paste made with Pumice, Tomato, Papaya, and Lemon to sooth and condition your tired feet.

You’re body will also be in need of a good pampering session and there were quite a few amazing products on offer to cleanse, moisturise and calm the skin.

The first is a body lotion called the Sesame Suntan Lotion with SPF 10 made with Sesame, Walnut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Cocoa Butter and this is great to help develop your tan but still to keep your skin moisturised and protected from the Sun.

Next is a shower gel called the Grass shower gel made with Wheatgrass and Neroli, it is a very relaxing and perfect to use after a long day of sightseeing.

When you have of course cleansed yourself, then the best thing to use is an in shower body moisturiser which is the Ro’s Argan Body condoler a light floral scent made with Argan Oil, Rose Extract, Goji Berry Juice, and Cupacu Butter. This is great to condition your skin and if you use fake tan it is superb to help to maintain it.

Then you may choose to give your tired arms and legs a massage using the Tender in the Night Massage Bar made with Organic Shea Butter, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, and Murumu Butter. This is a lovely, sweet scent and it is perfect to use if you want to wind down after a long day.

Being in a fast paced city with lots of bars, restaurants and events you may also want to venture out for the evening and thus a little bit of shimmer is in order. The Lush Lustre powder is perfect for this, it is made using Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang, and Gold Lustre. This is great to add a bit of glamour for a night out on the town.

Finally, in order to keep your makeup looking lovely all day the Full of Grace Serum Bar is fantastic to use underneath your skincare before makeup so that you have an even, smooth finish to your face. It is made using coming Rose, Calmine Powder, and Murumu Powder. This compact little serum bar is great to add to your makeup bag and can even work as a moisturiser on its own if you are conscious about how many lotions and potions you are going to be taking on your trip.


Products Mentioned 

Volcano Foot Mask: Click here

Stepping Stone Foot Scrub: Click here

Full of Grace Serum Bar: Click here 

Grass Shower Gel: Click here 

Tender in the Night Massage Bar: Click here

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner: Click here

Sesame Suntan Lotion: Click here 

Lustre Dusting Powder: Click here 

The Beach Holiday

The final session of the event was based round the beach holidays, when its all about sun, sand, cocktails and the sea. So, this hugely incorporated things on how to get that perfect beachy hair, clear skin and a perfect Summer scent.

The first few products were based around that lovely mermaid, bohemian hair look that is ideal for the beach holiday. The first product was the Seanik shampoo bar made with Nori Seaweed, Irish Moss Gel, Fine Sea Salt, and Lemon Oil. This is perfect for cleansing your hair and giving you texture and volume to your hair as the Seaweed will help give it that little bit extra. The next product to add to this equation was the R&B hair moisturiser made with Oat Milk, Avocado, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and Orange Flower Absolute. This gives your hair a little moisture and helps to condition it after all that time in the sea and sun. Then of course what would a sea holiday be without a little sea salt spray, the one from Lush is great for adding a little bit of texture but it doesn’t seriously dry your hair out. The Sea Spray is made with Fine Sea Salt, Neroli, Grapefruit, and Carrageenan to make your hair smell and feel fresh and light like a Summer breeze.

Another very important thing about a beach holiday is to have clear, glowing skin and the Lush Ocean Salt sea Scrub is brilliant for this as it is made with Hand Harvested Sea Salt, Avocado, Lime, and Grapefruit Oil. I have used this in the past and this is amazing for getting rid of spots or if you have combination skin and it smells just like the seaside, so this is great for a product that you can smell to remember fond Summer memories.

Then one other thing to remember is to condition your skin after your day at the beach ready for an evening out and the thing that was recommended is the Breath of Fresh Air Toning water. This is made with Rose Water, Aloe Vera, and Seaweed Absolute. Making it the perfect thing to use to condition and cool down your skin if it is feeling a bit sensitive after sunburn. You can of course also use it to remove any excess makeup or after cleansing.

For moisturiser, the one that was highly recommended is the Million Dollar Moisturiser and this is from the Lush Sun Care range made with Honey, Shea Butter, Rosewood, and Sesame Oil and it has an SPF 30. Making this moisturiser hugely beneficial to your skin during the hot Summer months when your skin is faced with the battle again the UV rays of the sun. It feels very soothing on the skin and the honey gives it added moisture.

The final product is a fragrance product and it is one of my new favourite Lush products, it is called the Sun perfume and is inspired by a trip to America that the founder Mark Constantine took when and he remembered looking up at the Sun during his time on a road trip to an Orange farm. He had what is known as a ‘Mirage’ and instead of seeing the Sun all he could see was a lolly and he came up with the idea to create a perfume inspired by the scent of oranges and the way the heat made the smell so sharp and pungent.

The perfume is made with notes of Sandalwood, Mimosa and Brazilian Orange Oil and smells just like what you would smell when you first peel open an orange…have I convinced you?

And that my friends covers any holiday you might be going on this Summer…



Products Mentioned 

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub: Click here 

Million Dollar Moisturiser: Click here

Seanik Shampoo Bar: Click here

Sea Spray: Click here

No Drought: Click here

R&B Hair Cream: Click here 

Breath of Fresh Air: Click here 

Sun Perfume: Click here

Making The Butterball Bath Bomb

The other really fun part of the evening is that we all got to make a Butterball bath bomb, the buterball bath bomb is one of Lushes most favoured products. It is simply a circular bath bomb made with Cocoa Butter to soften the skin and Ylang Ylang to soothe the spirits mixed with ingredients to make the bath bomb fizz up in the bath.

We all had to adorn the blue gloves that the factory workers in Lush’s factory have to wear and we got to mix the ingredients together in a big bowl. They asked for someone to volunteer to mix the ingredients together and of course I put my hand up to do this task.

We then each got a turn of putting the ingredients into a cold which was in two halves, we had to scoop a large amount into each and then shake of the excess before tightly pressing together to get the round shape.

It was really fun to see the process of how they make the bath bombs and how they put them into holds to give them their shape, we were then able to take the one we had made home with us along with 3 other products of our choosing.



Haul Video

So, I also wanted to show you my recent Haul Video that I made featuring the Lush products that I got whilst I was there, you can find below.

If you enjoyed this video be sure to click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.

Watch My Haul Video Below

Products Bought

9-5 Cleansing Lotion
Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner
The Sun Perfume
Cupcake Fresh Face Mask
Pop In the Bath
Blackberry Bath Bomb
The French Kiss
The Green Bubbleroon
Tender in the Night Massage Bar
Herbalism Face Scrub
Butterball (handmade)


Below are the links to the other bloggers who I met at the event, you should totally check out each of their blogs because they are amazing.

Note to bloggers: If I have left out anyone please comment below with your blog link and I will be sure to add your link.

Lauren Andrews: Click here

Emily: Click here

Kerry: Click here

Emma: Click here

Ondo Lady: Click here

Hollie: Click here

So, that sums it up for this post today, I really hope you enjoyed reading it s much as I enjoyed writing it. A massive thank you to Lush Bromley for inviting me and my guide dog and for kindly letting me choose three items to keep.

Please comment below or tweet me @DavisonEm with your Lush Summer essentials and where you are planning to head off to this Sumer.

Thank you all so much for reading, don’t forget to like this blog post if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my other social links like YouTube and my Audioboom channel.

Take care and I will see you all next time!

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