The Blind Girl Beauty Tag (Collaboration With Molly Burke) #blindgirlbeauty

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Welcome back to my third video of the week and this is going to be my first ever collaboration, it is a union between myself and Molly Burke who is a truly inspirational person she is a motivation speaker, youtube and is blind. Both myself and Molly found each other here on YouTube and we wanted to create a tag video themed around the topi of beauty and sight loss and then the Blind Girl Beauty Tag was born.

Being a fashion and beauty blogger and youtube for the last 3 years and as someone who has lived with sight loss since birth I was very keen to do this tag as it answers a lot of questions that some people who want to get into beauty who have sight loss may ask.

But, I would just like to say that even if you are not fully blind you can still do this tag video you could be partially sighted, colour blind, short sighted, long sighted….I am sure you get my drift.

 So, this is my tag video and Molly will be uploading her video on the same day as me so be sure to check out her channel via the links below so that you can check it out.

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I have also answered the questions in written form for anyone who has hearing impairments or prefers to read my blogs.


1. What is the hardest makeup product to apply as a person who is blind or visually impaired?

Eye liner that you apply with a brush as I have Congenital Nystagmus as well as Optic Nerve Hypoplasia so my eyes wobble quite a lot making liquid eye liners a very tricky business.

2.What is your #1 tip for shopping with vision loss?

Take someone with you, shopping itself is a social thing and its more fun to go with other people. But, especially when your visually impaired, take a friend who knows you and knows your style so that they are able to help you to make good choices for things to buy and will be able to spend more time with you to help you during your shipping trip

3. What is one beauty item you stay away from due to vision loss?

Liquid eye liner, due to my Nystagmus, its tricky to correct

4. What tips would you give to a young girl struggling with vision loss who wants to get into makeup?

Have a good skincare routine as your basis, skincare is so much more important than beauty or clothing as it will be the one thing that will always say so much about you. Invest in a good cleanser, exfoliator, serum and moisturiser that is appropriate for your skin type and age group. Also make sure that you know the fundamentals of applying make up like foundation, eye brow care and blusher. Know what colours work best for your skin tone, go to a make up consolation or a class and ask about colour matching, applying the things you find most tricky. Make your life easier by going to get your eyebrows tinted and threaded regularly as well as your lashes so that you don’t have to apply mascara so much or too much brow product.

That way you will have more time to spend on other things in the morning

5. How did you learn how to apply makeup as someone who is blind or visually impaired?

I learnt from my mother, she was a make up consultant/artist she had worked for Este Lauder make up companies for 9 years and she was able to teach me everything i would need to know about make up.

6. What is one thing you think every girl should be able to do without looking?

Cream foundations, tinted moisturiser, or a bb cream. Its a simple case of using your fingers to apply it from the centre of your face and blending it outwards into the hair line. As long as you blend it in well and don’t overload the amount of makeup you use you shouldn’t need to use a mirror. It’s a simple case of applying a cream product just as you would apply a moisturiser.

7.Do you think not being able to see yourself affects your self confidence?

No, because I think that self confidence comes from within, its all about looking good and feeling good. So, having nice, clean hair, well groomed skin, clean teeth, a good diet and just feeling good in yourself. Most of how we feel ourselves comes from how we feel physically in our bodies and there a small things that we can do without having to see ourselves that honestly make all the difference.

8. Name one thing you need help with when it comes to makeup or fashion.

Liquid eye liner. But also sheer materials on clothing if a material feels quite silky, sheer or thin I usually need someone to help me by telling me if it looks opaque. After all, I don’t want the world being able to see my underwear

9. What is a blind girl beauty or fashion essential?

My Babyliss Secret Styler, its a curling device that does all the hard work of curling your hair for you. You place a section of hair in the tool vertically clamp down and it will take up the hair in the chamber and curl it.

I did a tutorial using the product which you can view below..

10. What is the best part about applying makeup as person with vision loss?

Applying tinted moisturisers and cream foundation, because it makes my skin feel so fresh, comforted, clean and new. Which is the best part for me. I love the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Gel Foundation Cream as it feels so cooling and refreshing on the skin. I also love the feeling of lip glosses, especially the ones from Bare Minerals which are made with  menthol and spearmint ingredients which makes your lips feel cool and tingly when you first apply them. They are prefect for the Summer.

11. Have you ever experienced any major fashion or makeup disasters in the past that are due to having vision loss?

Yes, I once used a very dark contour skit and I honestly looked like a chimney sweep. So, now I just used bronzing powders to contour.

12. Do you ever have people commenting that you ‘don’t look blind/visually impaired.’?

Yes, all the time…maybe once a day. In fact it was the reason I started my blog three years ago.

13. Do you use any pieces of assistive technology or apps to help you when putting outfits together or doing your makeup?

I use a number of apple on my iPhone as well as my iPhones accessibility features. I use Voice Over, Speak Selection, Speak screen, and Zoom when I am online shopping for clothes or reading fashion or beauty blogs or searching for new products.

I also use a virtual closet app so that I am able to categorise my clothing, give it a description, take an image of it so that I can keep a record of all my clothing and accessories I have so that I can plan outfits.

I finally use my Looky from the RNIB which is an electronic magnifier so that I am able to read small print on makeup or clothing labels if it is too small to see.

So, that concludes my side of the tag, be sure to share your videos/blog posts under the #blindgirlbeauty so that we can both see them.

 Below are Molly’s social links…

Molly’s Channel: Click here

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Molly’s Website: Click here

People Tagged

So, these are the people I have tagged to do the video all who have a visual impairment, check out their blogs/channels because they are all equally pretty awesome.

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 That concludes todays blog, please do feel free to tag any other blind or partially sighted bloggers or you tubers to do this tag. The more the merrier!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you all in my next blog!

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