Fashioneyesta at the RNIB Talking Books 80th Anniversary

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This week has been rather a busy one for me so far and will continue to be and when it is a busy week I always blog about all of the things I get up to as I am sure some of you know i am a big advocate of sight loss charities and organisations such as Guide Dogs and the RNIB.

This week I went to the RNIB’s Talking Books 80th Anniversary this year in the RNIB’s Talking Book recording studios where I met Julien Fellows, Steven Berkoff, and A S Byatt.

I was also asked to deliver a speech for the event due to the fact that I am visually impaired and have been a user of the talking books service ever since I was a very young child right up to the age I am now as a University student.

Below is the video of my speech that you can watch…

Below is also a copy of what I said during the speech, of course it is not the same word for word, but this is so any of you with hearing loss can get an idea of what I said during the speech.

Hello everyone!

Now before I begin I would like to call upon you all to take a trip back to your childhood and imagine something that stands out to you with clarity. And I want you to all imagine this moment to gradually fade out of existence and how that would make you feel in real life.


! My name is Emily Davison I’m 20 years of age and I just recently (finally) concluded my 3 years of studying for an English Degree at University. You’d think by now I’d be running from the hills at the prospect of writing another essay but no, as I’m going in for another round of studying for my Masters Degree in Children’s Literature.


As you can probably imagine, books for me have and always will hold a very special place in my heart. Growing up with a condition known as Septo Optic Dysplasia which has left me severely sight impaired books were a window into the world. I used the rhymes of poetry books and the tales about talking animals and adventures as a way to understand my changing world.


But, it wasn’t a simple case of me opening a book like most young readers do. Growing up I found it a real saga to find books in accessible formats. Having a school that refused to provide me with titles due to the fact that I was the only sight impaired student I began to miss out on all the incredible stories my friends were reading and it did leave me feeling very estranged and isolated.


Well…until the RNIB, when I first found out about the RNIB they were able to provide me with a whole host of book via their talking book library and there I was every single night a new book on the go and that was when my thirst for reading began.


Now I’m in my 20s and an avid reader and a English Literature student I have hugely benefited from what the RNIB has to offer for passionate readers. Recently I moved from the talking book library to the Overdrive service which is an online service that people with sight loss can gain full access to the RNIB’s talking book library. I am utterly amazed at how the RNIB has progressed and can now offer readers a whole host of books just like it would be if you were to set foot into Waterstones or your local library.


The RNIB has been my saving grace both when I started my reading journey as a young child and now as a University student that recently had 3 new books to read each and every week and I am utterly indebted to the RNIB for what they have given me. Because of them they were able to awaken my passion for literature and writing and help me on the road which would lead me to become a University Student, blogger and a journalist.


Because of the RNIB I tumbled down the rabbit hole with Alice and I flew to Neverland with Peter and clambered aboard the Hogwarts Express with Harry Ron and Hermione.


Authors will continue to create new doors into their literary worlds for children to explore and discover and because of this it is so impotent that RNIB as a charity to be able to continue to guide children with sight loss to these doors so that they too can partake in one of the most special things about being a child, and that is reading.


So please give what you can to help the RNIB help children and young people like myself embark on their reading journey, after all the gift you will be giving is truly priceless.

Now I want you to all turn to the person next to you and tell them what you thought of and what moment began to fade away.

Fashioneyesta with Julien Fellows (writer of Downton Abbey)

Fashioneyesta with Julien Fellows (writer of Downton Abbey

The Studios 

We were also then taken on a tour of the studios were new titles are recorded to appear on the RNIB’s talking boo k book service, as you can see from the images below the studios are al sound proofed and I had a stint of pretending to be a professional voice over (in my dreams.)


So, that concludes todays blog I really hope you enjoyed it, if you would like to know more about the RNIB and the services that they offer you can find their website at

Thank you for reading and I will see you all next time!

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