OPI Hawaii Little Hulas Mini Pack: Review #FashioneyestaCountDownToSummer

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Welcome back to Fashioneyesta.com, I hope you’re Monday is going well so far. But, if you are feeling a little bit blue after the glorious Sunny weekend maybe I can cheer your spirits with a review of a very colourful, summery set of nail polishes launched from OPI which is perfect for the Summer months to come.

Now, this review is part of my Count Down To Summer series here on my blog, the first blog I did was on the Lush Summer Bloggers event which you can view by clicking here.

Now a couple of months ago I was contacted by a lovely PR lady by the name of Daisy who asked if I might be interested in trailing out some nail varnishes from OPI for my blog. Now, for many years I have been a huge fan of OPI nail varnishes, as they are excellent quality especially if you are visually impaired and find it difficult to paint your nails, plus they are a company that do not test on animals which is something I am always keen to promote on my blog. So, of course I said yes, as the colours in this little set looked utterly stunning.

However, before I get into this blog post I would just like to stipulate that I am not being sponsored to do this review, I was sent the products to trial but all views expressed are my own.

So, now that we have got all of the the little details out of the way, lets get on with the review!

So, first I just want to give you a few details about the product and where to purchase it from.

The product is a four piece set of miniature nail polishes, perfect to add to your make up back for a holiday way. There are four colours the first is a light candy pink very much like a tropical flower colour, the second is a mint green colour which is perfect for the Summer, the third is a bright, vibrant red great for evenings and the fourth is a violet shade which is something that I have never before used but none the less enjoyed.


They some in a little box and the set itself is called the Little Hulas Mini Pack.

The et is available from an amazing beauty website called Just My Look that sell things from hair, to make up, to nail products.

See below for full information on the product.

Name: Hawaii Little Hulas Mini Pack

Brand: OPI

Link: Click here 

Price: £9.95 (free UK delivery)

Colours Inside:

Suzi Shops & Island Hops
That’s Hula-rious
Lost my Bikini In Molokini
Aloha from OPI

The nail varnish themselves were extremely easy to apply as the brush was quite small making it less easy for your to make mistakes or to smudge the pigment, I personally would recommend applying three counts with the later shades such as the pink and mint green as this will make the colour look more bolder and less watery. However, with the red and purple I only found that one or two coats was needed because they were so pigmented.

They are the perfect travel essential to take on holiday as they are so compact, so you could even take all four if you wanted to

My personal favourite colour out of all the collection was the mint green as it is very fresh looking and it really pops when you have a tan. It would look perfect with white coloured clothing, mint greens and pinks. The light pink is also a lovely every day colour to wear as it is very subtle and feminine and this colour would look perfect against more neon colours as it is not to bright and yet not too pastel. The red is a very striking colour and would look stunning worn with gold jewellery or darker colours to make a real statement to your outfit. The purple was surprisingly a favourite of mine, I don’t usually wear purples as they can be quite harsh on me, but this one was beautiful as it was not to plum, punk or blue undertones. So, this would look incredible with certain reds or deep greens and for me it just adds a little something different to an outfit.




One of the biggest questions I get from my viewers is do I paint my own nails even though I am severely sight impaired and the answer is yes I dod and OPI nail varnishes are what I swear by. These are of course no caption, they look incredible after a few coats they glide onto the nail and they dry quickly. One tip i would recommend is if you are visually impaired and not used to applying nail varnish is this if you are completely blind go for the lighter shades are they are more subtle and if you make a mistake it is not as noticeable as darker colours. But, if you still have some useful vision use the darker shades like the red and purple as they will make it easier to see what you are doing.




Now…onto the final scoring!

Final Scoring

Accessibility: 2/5

Unfortunately as these nail varnishes are all in the same shape and size and there is no braille on them it is very difficult to tell the colours apart if you are completely blind or colour blind. If you have some vision and can detect colours it will probably be easier to tell the difference. So, in this case you might need to use some assertive technology like a colour indicator app or Tap Tap See to tell them apart or even something like the RNIB pen friend.

Ease of Application: 5/5

These nail varnishes are extremely easy to apply, they glide on and the brush being a nice small size means that you are not going to get nail varnish over your fingers so easily. They dry quickly and do not smudge or scuff easily, especially when you apply a top coat over the top.

Value for Money: 5/5

The price is very reasonable for a set of nail varnishes of this quietly, whats more they would make an excellent birthday gift for someone who is maybe staring out with nail varnish or even someone who is going on holiday this Summer. In theory you get each nail varnish for £2.50 when you spit the cost so even if you don’t like one shade you could always give them to a friend or family member and keep the one you like.

Overall Rating: 5/5 

All in all I really enjoyed using these nail varnishes, they are in some stunning colours and are perfect for the Summer. So OPI well done you have brought out some incredible shades for the Summer.

So, that concedes my blog for today, thank you so much to Just My Look and Daisy for letting me trial out these products.

And to all of you guys thank you all for reading this blog today, don’t forget to follow my blog for future posts and to follow me on twitter @DavisonEm.

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