Tom’s Roacutane Skincare Journey: Jack Black Skincare and Bodycare Products Review

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome back to Fashioneyesta, apologies that I have been away for a while I have been very sick with flu the last couple of weeks and haven’t really been up to posting any videos or blogs. But, now I am recovering i have got lots planned for the Summer.

But, for now I have something for any of the men who might be following Fashioneyesta, as I do often get guys messaging me to say that they like my blog and would like to see more male reviews and features. So, today my sidekick who goes by the name of Thomas Ankin will be kicking off a new series on my blog which is a male skincare series aimed a people with problem skin. Thomas himself has battled acne for many years and ha been searching for products to help with this, however to no avail. Recently Thomas started to take Roaccutane which is a drug prescribed to help with severe acne and thus Thomas found that he had to stop using a lot of products with certain oils, butters and ingredients and he also had to start a rigorous sincere routine and so his whole skincare routine has changed.

4 Weeks After Starting Roaccutane

4 Weeks After Starting Roaccutane

So, for the benefit of the men of Fashioneyesta or as I now call them my Fashioneyesta Knights, Tom has agreed to start a skincare series in which he will be testing out products for you all and rating them as someone who is on this drug and has dryer skin. Recently, Thomas has been trailing out a number of products by a brand called Jack Black. The brand was founded in 2008 by three people to create a brand that used the best natural ingredients to create a range of top quality products that was the best fried to males. The brand uses a lot of Botanical and herb extracts and many of the products are Vegan friendly and incorporate SPFs of over 25. The products are made for their ease of use and are also Allergen-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, colourant-free and dermatologically tested. So, this brand is completely natural and non harmful on sensitive skin.

Jack Black is currently sold by a website called Mankind specialising in selling male skincare, haircare and other growing products.

Click heree to view the Jack Black range of Mankind’s website.

Click here to view the Jack Black website.

Tom will be talking about four products today the Intensive Therapy Black Tea Lip Balm, the Post Shave Cooling Gel, the Sun Guard Sunscreen and the Cool Moisture Body Lotion.  Tom will be rating them on their accessibility, ease of use, value for money and how good they are for helping his skin during the time of taking Roaccutane which is a drug renown for drying out your skin and can generally make you skin feel a bit depleted of moisture if you do not use the right products.


So, if this takes your fancy carry on reading and enjoy!

So, Thomas will take it from here!

The Intensive Therapy Black Tea Lip Balm SPF 25


Price: £7.25

Link: Click here


  •  UVA and UVB absorbers
  • Shea butter and avocado oil to condition the lips. Vitamin E, black tea and green tea extract, anti-oxidants to help to repair the skin from sun damage.


This lip balm is amazing, it is extremely moisturising and conditioning to the lips. Which I started to notice were getting very dry as a result of using the Roaccutane.  The fact that it was SPF 25 is amazing and the company are so good at promoting the fact that it has an SPF. I need a lip balm with a high SPF to protect my skin during the time that I will be on the Roaccutane. It tastes incredible and there is no bitter aftertaste which I love. It comes in a tube which you basically press and the balm comes out of the slanted applicator. The product didn’t make my lips feel greasy and it didn’t feel like I had a layer of lip bam on my lips it did absorb into the skin.

Accessibility: 4/5 

In term os accessibility as a whole it is good as it does have a distinct scent and the colour the product is in a very deep blue colour which is good if you have some sight. The text contrast is black again white background which is again good. However, there is no braille on this product which looses it a mark and the bottom of the product is slightly sharp to the touch.

Ease of Application: 4.5/5

As a whole the product is easy to apply, but you do have to ensure that you don’t squeeze too much out of the tube otherwise you run the risk of wasting it.

Value for Money: 5/5

It isn’t overly expensive for a lip balm and it is effective.

Overall Quality: 5/5

All in all this is an amazing lip product, it leaves your skin feeling amazing, it is sensitive on the skin and it smells incredible. And whats more its all natural, so there aren’t any nasties in it to damage your skin.

Post Shave Cooling Gel


Price: £20 Link: Click here Ingredients:

  • Sage, Rosemary and Lavender fight bacteria and stimulate the skins’s healing process.
  • Aloe Leaf Extract, Chamomile and Witch Hazel soothe and calm the skin.
  • Balm Mint, an anti-oxidant, helps prevent UV damage.
  • Allantoin and Glycerin soften and hydrate the skin..

Comments: This balm is the only and I genuinely mean the only post shaving balm that has ever actually calmed and soothed my skin. It is back with natural ingredients that are known for preventing UV damage and cooling the skin after you have tackled the stubble like Aloe Leaf Extract, Chamomile and Witch Hazel as well as Sage, Rosemary and Lavender to prevent Bacteria and the help heal any cuts or nicks to your face after shaving. The way you use this is after you have shaved your skin you pat your face dry with a towel and then apply a small amount of this on one hand, rub it between your palms and then gently but firmly pat this into your face. This stuff is trying incredible! It does not sting which is such an amazing feeling especially when your skin is feeling a bit tender to begin with and it smells incredible, it smells like a garden with all of those plant extracts and you can really smell the Lavender and Rosemary in it. But, combined with the sage it doesn’t make the product to feminine in scent. Accessibility: 4/5  Again like the previous product this product does have a distinct scent and colour to the package in the deep blue. it also has good colour contrast of white text against a black background. However, again the lack of braille does loose it out on a mark. But the good think about this is that is comes in a squeamish shaped bottle and the lid is one you click down to open it making it easy to use and so you can control how much you apply so you don’t waste any of the product. Ease of Application: 5/5  It is very easy to use and skins into the skin quickly. Value for Money: 5/5 Even though this is pricey at £20 it is made with all natural ingredient and it cruelty free and eco friendly so I can justify spending a little more on something and know that it is from an ethical brand. Also, I found that this is one of those rare brands that actually fill their bottles up to the brim, because when i first used this I found that the bottle was completely full. So, you are getting your money’s worth. Overall Quality: 5/5 This product is incredible, it is the only post shaving balm where I can see and feel actual results that have helped to soothe my skin and make it feel more comfortable. I will definitely be repurchasing this again.

It has also really helped my confidence, because now I feel like when I apply this it reduces redness and makes me feel better about leaving the house in the morning…well that and the fact that I am now on a drug that is getting rid of the acne that has plagued my skin for years!

Sun Guard Sunscreen Oil Free SPF 45


Price: $21 (4oz tube) (this one is not currently listed on the Makind website and is only available on Jack Black’s website) Link: Click here Ingredients:

  • UVA and UVB absorbers – Octinoxate, Octisalate and Zinc Oxide.
  • Vitamin C .
  • Organic Calendula Flower which is a natural anti-inflametraty.

Comments: Now this is a sunblock to rival all sun blocks, it is absolutely amazing and take it from me who needs all the sun protection in the world at the moment that is saying something. It’s oil free which I absolutely love, it’s got an incredibly high SPF of 45 and it is water resistant for 80 minutes. Making this perfect for a holiday or if like me you are currently on Roaccutane and therefore need a very high SPF sunscreen to prevent and serious damage to your skin. It’s got ingredients to help boost the skin’s deafness against those harmful UVA and UVB rays (as Emily keeps on nagging me about) and I just think this is a truly amazing sunscreen to use. It gives you immediate and easy to read safety information which is great for someone who wants to protect their skin. Accessibility: 3.5/5 This product is accessible in a similar way to the other products, a good colour distinction and colour contrast of white background and black text. However, this does not have a distinctive scent and the SPF text is in yellow which can be difficult to see if you suffer from colour blindness. What’s more there is again no braille on this item which i personally think is very important especially for SPF products. So, this is why I have scored it a little lower for accessibility. As well as that again, like the lip balm it does have a sharper edge. Ease of Application: 4.5/5 On the whole it is easy to use, but you do have to pay attention to the beard area when you are applying it and rub it in well to ensure you don’t get any white marks on your face. Value for Money: 5/5 It is great value for money and works extremely well and considering it is SPF 45 which is a really high SPF and that it doesn’t test on animals which in the world of sincere is something that many big brands do, the price is amazing for that. Overall Quality: 5/5  Overall it is an amazing product and something that I would highly recommend for this Summer. I will definitely be suing this throughout my time on Roaccutane.

The Cool Moisture Body Lotion 


Price: £22 (475ML) Link: Click here Ingredients:

  • Macadamia Nut Oil, rich in palmitaleic acid, replenishes dry skin and helps to retain moisture in the skin.
  • Vitamin E, an anti-oxident and helps to prevent damage to the skin.
  • Jojoba Oil penetrates below the upper layer of skin to keep skin hydrated.
  • Glycerin maintains skin’s natural moisture balance in the skin.

Comments: This moisturiser is absolutely incredible, it smells great and is very gentle on my skin. My skin did not react to this at all and the smell stays with you throughout the day so you get these bursts of a nutty scent throughout the day with is great because i find with so many body lotions the smell just evaporates. Whats more the nitty scent makes this great if you want to wear an aftershave over the top in a scent to compliment it. This product is absolutely amazing for putting moisture back into the skin, especially mind which can feel very dry and tight at the moment which is a side affect from the medication. So, I absolutely love this product and love the way it makes my skin feel. Accessibility: 4/5 Again, like the other products it has a diminutive scent, good colour contrast of black text against a white background and the bottle is in the deep blue colour. But, again the lack of braille does loose it out on a mark. But, the good thing about this is that it uses a pump dispenser meaning you can control how much of the product you want to use so you don’t waste it. You can also urn the pump over clockwise so that it locks into place so if you knock it by accident you don’t pump anything out. Ease of Application: 5/5  This is very easy to apply and it absorbs quickly int the skin. Value for Money: 5/5 This is an excellent product and it is packed with amazing natural ingredients so I can justify the price of this. Overall Quality: 5/5 This is just an all around great moisturiser, especially if you suffer with dry skin or are on medication which can make your skin dry.

All in all, I have absolutely loved using these products and have noticed me major improvements into my skin that have really boosted my confidence. I would love to try out more from the Jack Black company a I think it is an incredible company for guys and it is nice to find a company that make such a wide range of products from haircare, skincare and fragrance that are all natural, cruelty free and free from any harmful chemicals.

So, Jack Black you have yourself a new fan!

Back to you Emily!

So, I think a huge thank are in order to Tom for the first of what I hope will be many reviews over the coming months.

Don’t forget you can also find Thomas on Twitter and Instagram and he also has a blog which will be linked below. Tom will also be appearing in a new video very soon so keep a look out for that and if you liked this review be sure to like and follow the blog for more and send Tom a tweet with any of your skincare recommendations.

Tom’s Blog: Click here

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Tom’s Go Fund Me Page: Click here

So, I really hope you enjoyed this blog today and I will see you all in my next one.

Until Next Time!


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