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Today i have a blog for you on the recent even I went to known as the Vision UK Conference 2015. Now some of you might already know about this if you follow me on twitter (cough @DavisonEm.) Basically for those of you who don’t know Vision UK is a massive conference that takes place in Westminster, London every year and it is one of the biggest conferences for sight loss where charities, speakers and eye health specialists go to take part in the event. I was invited to take part in the event in Stream 4 as a speaker by Blind Children UK. Stream 4 was called A World Without Barriers For Visually impaired Children and Young People. The production company known as UK which are a Cardiff based drama group whose members have visual impairments and they are fantastic group were taking part as they were asked to do a piece around social media and two of the girls from the group (the lovely Mared and Megan) who were two subscribers of mine mentioned me and said about how much they enjoyed my videos after seeing my video on the Top Ten Misconceptions about Visual Impairment. They mentioned about me to the organisers and it just so happened the organisers knew me! And then after a long Skype chat i became chums with Meg and Mared and then we started to work on a piece all about social media.

The girls also have a YouTube channel called Blind Not Bored click here to view it.

The day was truly amazing, fun packed and it was incredible to meet so many amazing and inspiring people like Chris Holmes, Robin Spinx and many others. I learnt so much and got to find out about so many exciting new projects and work that charities are doing to empower young people.

There was lots of different charities and organisations exhibition their work and people from charities such as Guide Dogs, Victa Children and Seebility gave talks throughout the day during the stream.

UCAN also delivered three fantastic pieces in the morning about visual impairment and some of the misconceptions and hardships around being visually impaired.


View the Vlog

Presentation Video

View the presentation video

Any you can subscribe to my YouTube by clicking here.

If you are interested in knowing more about UCAN productions you can visit their website by clicking here.


Below is the transcript of the presentation

Disclaimer: Meg and Mared wrote the scrip for this presentation I just transcribed responses to the questions.

Mared – Social Media! What is it?

Megan – What does it do?

Mared – What’s the point?

Megan – Why does it exist?

Mared – Why are people so obsessed with it?

Megan – Why has it taken over the world?

Mared – These are big questions but here’s our theory!

Megan – Everyone is equal

Mared – You tell the world what you want them to know

Megan – They don’t who you are.

Mared – They can’t see you

Megan – You’re in control.

Mared – Everyone is looking for something

Megan – Something that’s missing

Mared – Friends

Megan – Family

Mared – Support

Megan – Education

Mared – inspiration

Megan – Love

Mared – Internet Dating

Megan – Love

Mared – Thai bride.

Megan – Ideas

Mared – Pintrest

Megan – No that’s just stealing other people’s ideas

Mared – Motivation

Megan – Katie Hopkins

Mared – Gillian Michaels

Megan – The one legged man on ninja warrior UK

Mared – Trends

Megan – Blue and Black

Mared – No, White and Gold

Megan – Role model – Famous blind people

Mared – Did you know Johnny Depp is blind in one eye?

Megan – What’s wrong with me?

Mared – Now’s not the time

Megan – no, I mean medically

Mared – ohh what, like when you google it?

Megan – Yeah!

Mared – NHS Choices

Megan – Advice

Mared – WikiHow

Megan – No, I mean good advice

Mared – ohh, like the old lady doctor on this morning

Megan – Community

Mared – Season 3

Megan – Entertainment

Mared – Netflix

Megan – Youtube

Mared – We went looking for something

Megan – We went looking for something?

Mared – A role model

Megan – Famous blind people?

Mared – Did you know Johnny Depp is blind in one eye?

Megan – A role model, friend

Mared – support

Megan – Inspiration

Mared – Advice

Megan – Someone just like me

Mared – Why?

Megan – Why were we looking for this?

Mared – Growing up I didn’t have a role model

Megan – I Couldn’t find a role model

Mared – No one who represented me

Megan – No one who represented me

Mared – So we went looking

Megan – Online

Mared – Through blogs

Megan – Anything that inspired

Mared – Or connected

Both – Us

Megan – No one represents Disability

Mared – Diversity

Megan – Let alone more specifically

Both – Visual Impairment.

Mared – I don’t see myself on TV

Megan – I’m not the protagonist in any of the books I read

Mared – I’m not the leading lady in any film

Megan – I’m not news worthy

Mared – I’m not the fashionable topic of conversation

Megan – or trends

Mared – BUT it only took ONE thing

Megan – ONE person

Mared – to make us realize

Megan – That change


Megan – Ohh my God have you heard of fashioneyesta

Mared – Yeahh I follow her on twitter

Megan Yeahh I follow her on facebook

Mared – and youtube

Megan – and Instagram

Mared – did you read that article she did?

Megan – The scope one?

Mared – Yeah

Megan – Yeah

Mared – The top ten misconceptions about visual impairment

Megan – Yeah ohh my god it was amazing I felt like she was writing about me

Mared – I literally say the same thing

Megan – You’re so trendy! You don’t look blind!

Megan – Fashioneyesta is an online Fashion and Lifestyle blog for people with sight loss aiming to bridge the gap between fashion and disability and seeks to change people’s perceptions towards disability.

Mared – My name is Emily Davison and-

(At this point Emily barges in)

Emily – No! I’m Emily Davison What are you doing??

Emily-Hi Everyone i’m Emily Davison I’m 20 years of age, I’m a student, writer, blogger and I make YouTube videos. The aim of what I do is to show that disability doesn’t define you it just make you into an even more awesome person than you were before.

(Turns and sees the girls have set up an interview_


Mared – (whispers) whilst you’re here do you mind if we interview you?

Megan – It our dream

Mared – Pleasee!

Emily – Yes

(The interview begins)

Megan: How would you describe your blog?

My blog is a cocktail its a bit of everything. It’s a place for fashion and beauty thing for anyone who loves to look after themselves and see the review on the latest products. But, it’s also a place of things that are less common like videos on living with a visual impairment.

So, yeah its a cocktail.

Mared: Nice we do love a cocktail!

Megan: Why did you start Fashioneyesta?

I started Fashioneyesta after hearing a comment from someone at a tube station who didn’t realise I had a guide dog and when he saw I had one he said ‘Oh I’m sorry you don’t look blind.’ It got me thinking about why people misconceive sight impairments so much and why people always seem to think visually impaired people have to be thrumpy. But not only that I wanted to make a place where people with visual impairments could get advice on fashion and beauty. So, its about helping people as well as changing perceptions towards visual impairment

Mared: What’s the future of Fashioneyesta?

I want to expand and continue to work with people, I want to get bigger and to create a bigger community. But, I a also want to work with new people and continue to do what I do which is to make the content I love

Mared: Choose one social media? Why?

Twitter, because its an interactive forum where people can do lots of things, its accessible and hey everyone loves a good selfie!

Meg: What is your favourite and least favourite thing about social media?

I love the community of social media and how I get to meet so many amazing pope. But’ I hate the trolling on sisal media and how people feel the need to put others down or to be say things but not in a diplomatic way. But, hey you gain more than you loose by being on the web.

Mared: What’s your favourite part/tag in your bolg?

I love the disability videos, like the top ten minscopceptionos of visual impairment, they are so fun and I guess they relate to me quite a lot and thats why people find them so fun. But, i do love filming a lookbook even though they are stressful they are funny because you get so many good bloopers out of it.

Mared: Yeah like when you say its a t shirt and its got Disney on it like no it doesn’t. And then you have to do it all over again.

Emily: (laughs) Yeah or when I say or hit says this and my mum says no Emily it says this or ‘its got a wipe with it and its like no it doesn’t its a glasses case…Thanks mum

Meg: Why are blogs similar to yours important?

Because they show people they are not alone and that if you have something to say then you should ge out there and say it.

Mared: Good answer!

Mared: How would you suggest organization’s reach out to their audience?

Use it in the here and now, social media is about what is in, what is current and whats big. Use it as a place to motivate and inspire don’t dwell on the past, show the youth of today that they can achieve their potetnioal but like social media they need to live in the moment and reach out and take it.

Quick Fire round!

Mared: Who’s your favourite blogger

Emily Charlotte Eades

Meg: Your last tweet?

Emily: A selfie of me coming onto the stage now.

Mared:The last thing you bought?

Emily: A sandwich

Mared: Oh nice!

Meg: The last thing that made you laugh?

Emily: A video on Viral Threads of a montage of clips of animals being silly with the song from Robin Hood in the background. You have to check it out on Facebook

Mared: The last thing that made you cry?

Emily: A tweet from Ricky Gervais on the Stop Yulin Campaign 2015 I won’t say what it is but it really upset me.

Meg: Last places you visited for a holiday?

Emily: Lake District

Meg: Custard or Ice-cream?

Emily: Ice-cream

Mared: Katie Hopkins as your mother or married to Farage?

Married to Farage because at least I can divorce him!

Meg: Mary Berry telling you, you have a soggy bottom or Simon Cowell stopping you mid song?

Emily: Simon Cowell to stop me mid song because I know I can’t sing anyway, so it wouldn’t make any difference to me.

Mared: He’s terrifying!

Emily: Yeah but I have a cute guide dog though and he loves dogs so it would soften the blow.

Mared: You thought that one through didn’t you!

Emily: Yeah I know right!

Mared: Who would you bring back to life?

Emily: Beatrix Potter

Meg: Ideal dinner guest?

Emily: Stephen Hawking.

Mared: Ok so you can only ever watch Game of Thrones or you can watch everything thing else but Game of Thrones?

Emily: Oh my god no Game of Thrones forever, I couldn’t be without Tyrien Lancaster!

Mared: Thats one hard core fan!

Emily: Die hard fan!

(Three of us stand up and stand in a line towards the audience.)

Mared – We have just shown you

Megan – How to engage an audience

Mared – That you want to reach

Megan – Please don’t think that social media

Mared – Equals

Megan – Facebook

Mared – Please don’t write Pages

Megan – and pages

Mared – Of text

Megan – Please don’t think that

Both – One

Megan – Tweet is enough

Both – Please just think outside the box!

Emily – Blog

M – Vlog

M – Podcast

Emily – Wrote an article about living with a visual Impairment

M – Made a video about living with Visual Impairment.

M – Recorded a podcast about living with a Visual impairment.

Emily – Posted it to Blog It.

M – Posted it to Youtube.

M – Posted it to Soundcloud.

Emily – Shared it on Facebook.

M – Tweeted a link.

M – Took a photo while making the podcast to post on Instagram.

Emily – Re-shared on Facebook.

M – Re-tweeted.

M – Liked on Instagram.

Emily – Got more followers.

M – Got more followers.

M – Got more followers.

Emily – Got a comment from someone named Molly in Canada.

M – Made a Youtube friend

M – Listened to by VI people around the world.

Emily – Inspired someone who was recently diagnosed.

M – Inspired someone to start a Youtube channel.

M – Inspired a VI person who’s struggling in school.

Emily – Read by and educated someone who didn’t know anything about Visual Impairment.

M – Helped someone understand his or her friends Visually Impairment.

M – Gave support and reassurance to parents of Vi children.

Emily – I got good feedback and decided to make the article into a Youtube video.

M – Because of the video I was interviewed and it became a podcast.

M – My podcast became an article for sight loss magazine.

All(the 3 of us) – You know what

Mared – Thanks to social media we’re all here today

Megan – Lets show you how.

Emily – I wrote an article and created a video about the Top Ten Misconceptions about living with a Visual Impairment.

Megan – I read that article.

Mared – I watched that video

Megan & Mared – I became a big fan of fashioneyesta.

Megan – We had a meeting with Blind Children UK about the VISION UK 2015 conference.

Mared – Of course we talked about Fashioneyesta

Megan – A lot

Emily – I had an email from Blind Children UK asking me to participate in the VISION UK 2015 conference alongside UCAN Productions.

Mared – Had another meeting with Blind Children UK.

Megan – Read the timetable

Mared – Social Media

Megan – UCAN Productions

Mared – and Fashioneyesta

All 3 – Confirmed

Megan – Had a skype meeting with Emily

Emily – Had a skype meeting with the girls from Ucan Productions

Mared – 2 and half hours later

Megan – First of June

Mared – My birthday

Emily – Travelled to Cardiff for a meeting and rehearsals for the conference.

Megan – and met the girls from UCAN Productions.

Emily – yeah, and met the girls from UCAN.

Mared – Second of June

Megan – rehearsal day

Emily – Vlog my time in Cardiff

Mared – Stared in Fashioneyesta’s latest Vlog

Emily – Posted it to youtube

Megan – We’re on youtube.

Emily – Tweeted the link

Mared – Retweeted

Emily – Shared on Facebook

Megan – Reshared

Emily – Eighteenth of June

All – VISION What I Wore

DSC00927 DSC00930

So, for my outfit to the event I also did a podcast over on my podcast channel that I co run called Fashionability if you are interested it will be embedded down below.

But, if not I will write a little description of my outfit.

So, on my feet I was wearing a pair of mint green suede loafers with faux gem dealing scattered across them and they were from Aldo in the sale last year. I was also wearing a pair of white jeans which were from Sainsbury, my white top with crochet detailing to the bottom was from New Look for £9.99 and it comes in an array of colours. My mint green scalloped edge blazer was from Primark which you may have seen if you saw my recent Primark Haul. My necklace is a white and silver beaded necklace with a white hassle at the end and that was from Monsoon and it was a recent purchase for £25. My watch is a Rose Gold watch and that was from Michael Korrs, my cream leather cuff charm bracelet was from Eternal Charms and it has three sterling silver charms on it one is a sea horse, one is a star fish and one is a little cuff charm. Finally, my bag is a mint green bag with gold dealing and it is the Charlotte Bag from Accessorise which was £39.

Shoes: Mint Green Loafers

From: Aldo (old stock)

Jeans: White Jeans

From: Sainsburys

Blazer: Mint Green Blazer

Price: £14

From: Primark (currently in stock)

Necklace: White Tassel Necklace

Price: £25

From: Monsoon

Link: Click here

Watch: Rose Gold Watch

From: Michael Kors

Bracelet: Ivory Cuff Charm Bracelet

From:Eternal Charms

Bag: Min Green ‘Charlotte Bag’

Price: £39

From: Accessorize

Link: Click here


Everyone was tweeting under the #VisionUK2015 and my twitter went a tad crazy on the day with so many amazing tweets and responses about the presentation that the girls from UCAN and myself did on social media. It was utterly insane.

What else was crazy was that so many people came up to talk to me on the day saying that they followed my blog and liked my work, for me I found this such a stronge thing to grasp that real life people read and liked my work. I mean this was how I got to the conference because Mared and Meg from UCAN had been following my work after my video on the Top Ten Misconceptions about Visual Impairment and wanted to have me a a pat of the event.

So, to any of you who came up to me on the day and complimented my work, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your words of kindness and support you’re comments made my day and it is because of you that I do what I do. So, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.30.34 Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.30.48 Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.31.02 Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.31.14 Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.31.26 Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.31.43 Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.31.54 Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.32.05 Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.32.18

So, anyway I hope you enjoyed this blog today, don’t forget if you are new to this blog you can follow my blog for further updates.

And I will see you all next time!

Until Then!

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