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Welcome back to my channel, today I have a new blog and YouTube video on RNIB’s Overdrive Service which is a new online library service launched by the charity. Yesterday I caught up with Sarah from the Overdrive team and we talked about the service and answered some of the questions you may have.

Being the fact that I am a complete book worm and have just finished a degree in English Literature I was very keen to talk about this service as I am an avid promotor of accessing literature if you have sight loss and where you can go to find things to help you experience the same joy of reading if you are visually impaired that everyone else does.

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Below I have also answered the questions in text if you prefer to read my blogs.

What Is Overdrive?

Overdrive is a service that allows people to download books from the existing Talking Books catalogue onto their smartphone, computer or tablet. You can browse, download and listen to the books anywhere and everywhere.

Who is for?

It is for people with sight loss, dyslexia or dyspraxia or anyone who considers themselves to have a physical or learning disability that prevents them from reading text from a normal books.

Can family members of the aid visually impaired/disabled people access it on their behalf?

Yes, family member of say older people who may find it a struggle to access the app or the online website can download the books for them onto their preferred listening device for them.

Is there an age limit?

You have to be over the age of 16 to ensure that anyone under the age that cannot access content for over 18s on the library.

How much does it cost? And do you have to fund it yourself or can you access if via other funding schemes? 

The service costs £50 per year and you can either fund it yourself or there are some local authorities that offer funding. Although not al of them do, but it i worth contacting them to find out. Also some blind societies offer funding for the service.

If you are currently a talking book library member and are thinking of changing to Overdrive what is the process?

We encourage everyone to trial it out for a month and then after that period you get in touch with us and say if you like to or not and then we transfer you over to Overdrive.

What kind of material do you offer?

As well as books we have some of the most popular magazines like BBC Good Food and will eventually be having some Insight Radio Podcasts. We have also purchased some books form Overdrive company for people to try out.

How often does the RNIB put new titles on the website?

At the moment we are currently putting all the books from the Talking Book Library onto Overdrive, so there will be a few a month going up for sure. But, we cannot be certain of numbers as yet, so just keeping checking. We also have a featured books section on the app and website where it will give you a list of the newest titles that we have added onto the system.

What devices is Overdrive available on?

You can use a Windows or Mac computer, or an iPhone, iPad, android, a kindle fire. You can access it via the app on a smart device or you can access it via the website. You can also access it via a Victa Stream which is a specialist Daisy Player and stream books from the Overdrive service onto there.

How many book can you get at one time?

You can get up to 6 books at one time, you have as default 14 days borrowing time but you can change that to 21 days. After the 14/21 days is up the book will be returned automatically or you can return it yourself and get another book. So, its basically like a traditional library service, but online!

How many books are there?

22,000, not including the magazines.

If anyone has any more questions how can they get in touch?

They can email telephone the helpline on 0303 123 9999 or consult the F&Q page on the RNIB website by clicking here.

If you would like to purchase a years subscription or are interested in the service click here to be directed to the online shop and don’t forget to check below for the exclusive discount code for my followers.

Discount Code: Quote ‘student30’ in the promo codes to get your exclusive 30% off and say that you found out about the service from fashioneyesta.

So, thats it from me today guys, thank you so much to Sarah for taking part in the video. Be sure to check out this amazing service, comment below with your book recommendations and I will see you all in my next blog!

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