Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Products: Review

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Today I have another beauty review for you all and it is on some of the lip products by one of my favourite drugstore beauty brands Bourgois.

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Bourjois is one of the oldest beauty brands in the world dating back to 191 and it is still a brand widely used and adored by beauty bloggers, makeup artists and enthusiasts alike. Today, I am going to be reviewing three of their lip products from their Rouge Edition line.

Recently I took a trip into Superdrug to take a look at some of their products and I discovered these new lip colours and thought I would invest in them to give them a try.

They are all pink toned shades in fairly neutral colours and are perfect for people with red hair or of a more paler, English Rose complexion.

The first is called ‘Don’t Pink of It!’, and it is in a light rose pink colour in the Velvet selection. The second is called ‘Viens Si Tu Roses’ and it in a pinkish red colour like that of a rose and it is in the Aqua Laque selection. The third is called Nudist and it is in a lovely nude pink shade although it may seem darker in the images.

Each cost £8.99 and are available in Superdrug and Boots.

The links are listed below

Don’t Pink of It!

Link: Click here

Viens Si Tu Roses

Link: Click here


Link: Click here

Below is an image of what each shade look like on the skin a some of you may be able to tell they are all natural pink shades which would look great on pale skin or redheads. They are also colours you could wear at any time of the year.

The idea of these products is that they act like a lipstick in appearance giving you that dramatic look to the lips in beautiful pigments, but yet they also feel in texture more like a lipgloss making it easy to apply and to use. I thought these would be ideal for people with visual impairments as sometimes applying lipstick can be tricky if you are not well practiced in the art of lip products.

When I first applied each to the lips I noticed that they did feel in texture more like a lipgloss, it is more like a lipgloss in that you get the applicator that i per usually with most lip glosses, the one that comes on a little wand. Thy are also very creamy and light on the lips, they don’t feel sticky in texture like some lip glosses do and yet they don’t dry out the lips or highlight every single crack that they might have.

They are extremely good for pigmentation, considering they are at a lower price point than other lip products of this kind. I have tired out some of the darker red shades as well as these pinks and they all provide incredible pigmentation to the lips that actually lasts for a few hours without wearing off. You can even eat and drink and you will probably find that you still have colour to the lips.

They are relatively easy to apply in that it comes with an applicator like a lipgloss so anyone with a visually impairment can simply apply this like they would a lipgloss and not have to worry about applying it with a brush. I would personally recommend going with a lighter colour like ‘Don’t Pink About It’ if you are a novice to tis kind of thing as although they are like lipgloss in texture the formulation of this is very pigmented so you need to be sure that you are confident when applying them to you lips. I personally use a lip brush to apply mine as it is very defining to the lips and I can build it up a little more gradually, of course if you apply to much you can always blot by kissing a tissue gently to remove any excess product and putting your finger in your mouth and removing it to top any product from getting on your teeth.

close up

These lip products feel extremely comfortable on the lips and leave them feeling smooth and moisturised. They are extremely good quality and they come in so many different colours that these could be the answer to your lipstick woes.

Now, onto the final scoring…


Accessibility: 3/5 

For accessibility there are two main downsides for me, the first and foremost is that there is no braille packaging which is something that will always be taken into account with my reviews. The colour contrast is also to desirable as the lip colours are quite pigmented and then there is black text against them which may not be always easy to see. But, they are easy to open and to access.

Ease of Application: 4/5 

These lip products are very easy to use, they are creamy, rich and smoothing, non sticky and non drying. They feel more like a lipgloss to apply which is great if you are a lipstick novice.

Value for Money: 4/5 

These are good value for money for a drugstore lip product that actually has good pigmentation which can be hard to find when shopping in drugstores. But, these definitely do the trick, having said that these can still be a tad pricey for drugstore especially if there are no offers on. But, if you are a student NUS card holder you can get 10% discount off of Superdrug.

Overall Quality: 5/5 

Finally these products are incredible, they have such a great colour range and the formulation is an absolute dream to work with. All in all an amazing product which I would highly recommend.

So, that sums it up for today!

I really hope you enjoyed it comment below if you have tried these and what you think of them.

And I will see you all next time!

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One thought on “Bourjois Rouge Edition Lip Products: Review

  1. Great post as always! I recently bought the shade ‘Don’t pink of it’ and i love the colour! Alothough i’m not to keen on the scent! It is a very nice lip product to have in your collection! 💗xx

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